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Our Am I Messing Up My Kids? Online Bible Study begins tomorrow!

Make sure to check your email tomorrow or visit the study blog for an overview of the week, and a message from your study leaders!

Also, I hope you will take advantage of our SUH-WEEET deal we have going on for just one more week!

For just $24.99 you can get the Am I Messing Up My Kids? Conference Call Series AND the Made to Crave Series (our most popular call series EVER — featuring Abby Rike from NBC’s hit show, The Biggest Loser, Lysa TerKeurst & more!). This is a $52.98 value for more than half off!

Combined, you receive 10 Messages, 1 Webinar, and connect with some pretty amazing (not to mention famous) guests. You can also join our private Facebook Community just for conference call participants. These messages are great to listen to in your car, while working out, at your computer … or really anywhere.

MUK Conf Call AdMadetoCraveBook

This deal is good through July 19, so go ahead and order now! Just think, you can gain encouragement on being a better mom, getting healthy, and growing closer to God (not that any of us need to do all this!) all at the same time — and for a a great price!

Click here for this limited time deal.

Are you ready to get started?  I want to hear from you! Are you ready? Because this study begins TOMORROW!  

Finally, for anyone wondering how we actually do this … To learn more about how OBS (Online Bible Studies) works, click here.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!  Any World Cup fans out there?  Argentina or Germany? Tell us in the comments below!



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Ever Wish We Could All Get Together?

We can. And we really want you here.

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If you can’t see the video above, click here. 

For more information and to sign up, click here.

We know not everyone can make it, but we hope many of you can! Real Life Dreams and your OBS friends are waiting for you!

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Monday Funday {and a REALLY BIG announcement!}

Well, HAPPY MONDAY to you. 🙂 It’s Nicki here with you today and guess what?

I get to hang with you ALL week! 🙂

And, oh my goodness, what a fun Monday this is going to be for us! We are wrapping up this amazing study with all kinds of goodness.

First up today, we are have our amazing video session with Lysa TerKeurst and Dr. Chilton!

So go ahead and watch today’s session.

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If you don’t see the video above, click here to view it!

Tomorrow, we’ll have a great discussion about this session right here on the blog. So be sure to come back tomorrow.

Now friends, my heart is just fluttering with excitement to tell you about something. A “few” of you already know about this, but there’s a ton of you who don’t and I’m just itching to tell you!

This Fall, Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Studies is hosting our FIRST in real life retreat! Ahh!!

You, Me, Melissa, and MANY of our  incredible volunteers are coming together for 3 days/2 nights of the most FUN we could possibly dream of! 🙂

And speaking of dreams…well that’s what this weekend is all about. Our vision here at OBS is to offer women Real Hope For Real Life. And so, we’re going to talk about what Real Life Dreams look like. We’re going to be inspired by the teaching of God’s word and led to the heart of God in beautiful, corporate worship. Together. For the first time! IN PERSON! Squeal!

But I’m going to hush now because I could go ON and ON about this. 🙂

We have a whole webpage created just for you with all the information and details about the retreat.

But, before I send you there, I do want to tell you something really important though…space is limited. And we’ve already had a huge response from our Facebook community. So hurry!

Click here to head to the Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Study Retreat page and get signed up today. 



And friends, if this year you are not going to be able to join us, will you join us in spirit? We’d love for EVERYONE to come, that would be OUR DREAM. 🙂 We realize it might not be possible for everyone. But stay tuned because we’ll have something special planned for those who can’t join us live this weekend!

Okay, here’s to a courage-filled week! See you tomorrow. 🙂

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MTC Victories & Prayers ~ Week 6

Online Bible Study Ladies ~ This is Melissa. Before you read Ginny’s post today, I want to say a few words. Ginny has served faithfully in this ministry for two years. As you’ll read below, she is moving on and listening to God for His purpose for her. We celebrate all God has done through Ginny here at OBS. She has blessed as a group leader, OBS Social Media Coordinator, and as you know so well, our Prayer & Praises leader each Saturday here on the blog. We are so grateful that God brought Ginny to us for a season and we are grateful for all she will do as she says “yes to God” and serves her family and local church. I’m not gonna lie…this is a tough one! We are happy for Ginny, but we will also miss her so much.

Ginny~ I love you. I’m thankful for your friendship and service here in OBS. Thank you sweet friend for loving and caring so much for our OBS ladies and for serving sacrificially in this ministry. I love you, your OBS sisters love you, and we will miss the heck out of you!

And now, here’s Ginny~

We made it!  As I type that I keep hearing the chorus of “We are the Champions” in my head. {smile}  Six weeks ago, is this where you thought you would be?  It wasn’t where I thought I would be.  I was picturing BIG weight loss along with a closer walk with Jesus.  Instead I’m sitting here writing to you with 6.2 lbs gone and a much more humble, thankful heart because I better understand my relationship with Jesus.  As a result of that better understanding, we have worked out a few issues (all mine, I must admit), smoothed over some rough patches (that I created), and have grown much closer.  So while I may not be where I thought I would be, the place I am in is better than I imagined it would be.  Funny how He works that for us sometimes.

A lot of things have changed for me over the last six weeks.  Some I expected, but some have come as a surprise.  Can I share with you?  In December, my family made the decision to begin homeschooling my middle school daughter.  I have been homeschooling our 5 year old this year, but we had no intentions of pulling our older children out of school as they wished to remain in public school with their friends.  However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, we really felt like it was in our daughter’s best interest for her to homeschool the rest of this year.  That has been a BIG adjustment for all of us.  Some days are really, really great.  Some……not so much.

In January, I found out from my oldest daughter that I am going to be a grandma….at 40.  It came as a surprise to everyone.  She has miscarried twice before, but she has now reached a point in the pregnancy that we are hopefully expectant.  Still, there are a lot of concerns and fears.  Could you please pray for her?

And the final thing that is changing is my position here with Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies.  I have been with these wonderful women for two years and served in various positions since joining them.  The women I have served with are some of the most God-honoring people I have known.  Their hearts long to share God’s love with the world and they really do care about each and every one of you.  If only you knew how many times we have prayed for you, how many times we have read one of your emails or comments and our hearts have broken or rejoiced with you.  When one of them tells you that they love you, you can believe it.  I’ve seen it.  That is why it breaks my heart to step away.  This is my last post.

God is calling me to devote more time to my family and to the needs of my local church.  I have wrestled with it and, to be honest, I even tried to get Him to change His mind.  But I trust that He knows better than I.  Just as He knew this M2C journey wouldn’t end with a huge weight loss, but a better reward of a deeper closer relationship with Him, I believe that He has a plan that is good for me in this, as well.  And I know that He has a plan that is good for this ministry, and you, too.

Father, my heart is breaking as I say goodbye to all of these wonderful people, but I am trusting in Your plan for my life.  Please continue to bless this ministry and to use these awesome women to reach out with Your love to this world that is so desperate for it.  I pray for those who have been participating in this study, Lord, that they continue to grow closer to You every day.  That their hearts never stop craving You above all.  I pray that you bless Melissa and continue to give her Your words to share.  Protect them for all that may rise against them.  In your Son’s name.  Amen.

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Live as an Overcomer

Real Hope for Real Life…pause and reflect what that looks like in your life.

Today as I prepared to write our last study post for Made to Crave: Satisfying Your Deepest Desire With God, Not Food, I became a little emotional. Especially as I typed the title Live as an Overcomer. All of a sudden, the word overcomer became scary to me. I haven’t had that feeling until today. And I think it’s because I’m not sure I can live as an overcomer. That’s not natural for me.

From Day 1, way back when this was Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Studies to today and moving forward as Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies, I’ve always kept the same focus & purpose. The style might have changed. The mode of operation has changed. The volunteers and staff of OBS have sometimes changed, too. But one thing has never and will never change, and that’s our purpose~ to bring real hope to real life. The real hope of Jesus Christ to my real life and your real life. And today in my real life, I’m not sure I can be an overcomer. That seems way too big to me.

Overruled right?  (to see our Overruled video from Week 3, click here)

I think one of the reasons living as an overcomer seems impossible is because that’s never been a name I’ve given myself.

Names I’ve Given Myself

  • Kind
  • Compassionate
  • Encouraging
  • Caring
  • Determined
  • Believer
  • Problem Solver
  • And so on…

When I look at this list, it’s all good, but it’s also so focused on what I do for others. Being an overcomer is personal. It might not benefit anyone else. And I think that’s why I’m struggling. It’s easy for me to encourage you. I love you even if we’ve never met. It’s true, I do. But to focus on me…and name myself Overcomer?  Lord help me.

Yes yes yes!!! That’s what it’s gonna take. “Lord help me.” 

As we wrap up our study of Made to Crave, let’s all say, “Lord help me.” 

So, God has sent His Word and throughout the pages of this book (Made to Crave), I’ve felt called to really examine God’s truths from the vantage point of a girl needing help to get healthy. Not just so all of us can get healthy physically, but so we reach a place of health spiritually and live as overcomers, not victims. ~Lysa TerKeurst, Made to Crave

“Lord help me.”

Virtually everyone who overcomes will tell you their victory is the sum total of a whole lot of wise decisions they made day by day. ~ Lysa TerKeurst, Made to Crave

“Lord help me.”

As you read the final chapters of Made to Crave, insert “Lord help me” where you need His help. With His help, we can all live as overcomers!

Just because this study is over doesn’t mean that your journey is over. I hope you will join us for our next study, Made to Crave ACTION Plan.

MTC Action Plan Banner

Action! Check out our promo for the Made to Crave Action Plan beginning March 2nd. You can still sign up! (And, yes, we know the book and Action clapper are backwards…what did you expect?)

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Reading this in your email or on your phone? If you can’t see the Action Plan video above, click here.

Order materials for the study here.

Sign up for the study here. (The sign up button about half-way down the page. It’s bright red!)

And now, here we have our very own Made to Crave OBS sister, Mandisa singing and reminding us that yes we are overcomers! Thanks Mandisa, we love you and we love your music. This song has really helped us believe that with God, we are indeed overcomers! (So glad you are joining us again for the study and the conference calls!)

Sing it loud…you know you want to!

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Click here if you can’t see Overcomer by Mandisa.

Have a great day!

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