Coffee with Friends (And Love Does … What??)

P31 Radio Ministry Lysa & ReneeHey there!

Not sure about you, but the cooler temperatures of autumn in the air bring sweet memories of getting together with friends and lingering over hot cider and pumpkin spice coffee.  Something about that connecting time that … sigh … is just soo good for my soul!  (And if you’re in a climate without four seasons then … well … I’ll try to have pity. Hee hee!) :)

Speaking of connecting with friends … in today’s Thankful Thursday post, we wanted to let you know a little bit more about our Radio Ministry, hosted by Lysa TerKeurst and Renee Swope, and our speaker teams who connect everyday life encouragement and inspiration.

First, a few fun facts!  Did you know …

  • Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee, a one-minute radio show, airs on more than 1,400 stations around the U.S.
  • You don’t even have to have  a radio to listen to the show? (You can listen online, 24/7!) It’s like a mini-devotion! You can also search to find a Christian radio station near you.
  • There are 13 speakers who are personally trained by Lysa TerKeurst and can speak to most any size group or budget.
  • That our P31 speakers have a great heart! Our devotions ministry was born out of our speaker team returning from events, and hearing from women who wanted to be mentored!

Karen Christian, who handles the details on booking our speakers, has a knack for talking event planners through their needs for each event to give it a personalized touch with just the right person and topic.

On a personal note, I’m excited to talk about these ministries because I’ve been listening to Lysa TerKeurst & Renee Swope for years! Via radio, podcasts and online. And now as my youngest two kids fall asleep many a night listening to K-LOVE Radio, they love that I work for Proverbs 31, as they listen to Lysa and Renee’s voices all the time!

Finally, as a former women’s ministry director I’ve also booked speakers for church events and believe me … sadly, there are a a few pretty well-known speakers who really don’t make it easy to work with them!  But that’s sooo not the case for Proverbs 31 speakers. Super professional, kind, courteous, smart, timely … I could go on and on. :) And the speakers themselves? Fantastically personal. Spiritually encouraging. Biblically solid. Funny. And amazingly down-to-earth.  So, let me just say, if you’re looking for a heart-felt endorsement, here’s mine!

Love Does What ….? Conference Call Details! Bob Goff Balloon
TODAY is the day! We’re live this Thurs., Oct. 2 at 12:30 p.m. EDT ~

We can’t wait to talk with Bob Goff, The New York Times bestselling author of Love Does.  As P31 Executive Director for Training Lisa J. Allen said to our staff last week, “He is a DELIGHT, a TREASURE, a GIFT.  Our audience is going to be BLOWN AWAY by him.”

There’s still time to join the optional 6-Call Series with special guests Lysa TerKeurst, Angie Smith, Jeff Shinabarger and more! Every call is recorded for you to join live or at your leisure, and the private Facebook group is open for added discussion throughout the week! As I often say, at just $4.67 a call, it’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper than therapy, but equally great for the heart and soul!  Learn more or sign up, HERE.

More Thursday Fun!
Join us TONIGHT for Proverbs 31 Bible Study Live — a fast-paced, FREE Facebook event that’ll connect the themes of The Best Yes in a way like no other!  RSVP to be there LIVE, or join us after the fact, at your convenience.

What to bring:

  • Your Bible
  • The Best Yes book
  • Note cards (5, just in case)
  • Pen
  • Paper/Journal

Let’s Chat: We’d Love to Hear From You!
Comment today and you’ll be entered to win a Conference Call series! (If you’re already signed up for this current series, you can pick a past one of your choice.)  We’ll randomly select three winners and notify you via email by Monday, Oct. 6.

Share your thoughts on any one of these topics ~

  1. Do you listen to our Proverbs 31 radio show?  If so, how and where?
  2. Why would you want to win the Conference Call series?
  3. What’s a topic you’d love to see covered in a future P31 speaker’s event or radio show?




Wisdom in Ordinary Moments and Chasing Down That Decision

Sweet, sweet friends. I know that sometimes this online thing can seem a little impersonal, but, oh my goodness, how God is knitting our hearts together this week! I have been praying for you today as I’ve read through your comments, and I am amazed at what God is already doing here.


Yesterday, we talked a little about how being overwhelmed and stressed affects our ability to make wise decisions. We were also supposed to show a short video clip from The Best Yes DVD series, but due to some technical issues we were unable to do so. After reading through so many of your comments, I believe God saved it for YOU today. His timing is always perfect. Watch below and see if you can relate to what Lysa shares. (Click HERE if you can’t view the video in your email.)

Ragged. Worn out. Stretched to the max. Running on fumes. Too many irons in the fire. Can’t think straight.

My heart tenderly remembers a season in my own life when each of these words and phrases described how I felt every single day. Sometimes, I still go there. Maybe this description illustrates how your life looks and feels right now? If so, God has a message for you.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28-30, NIV)

Back in Chapter 4, Lysa says, “Life has such a habit of stripping the feelings of power and significance right out of our scope with its constant daily demands.”

And that is so true, isn’t it?

But then she says something so powerful, life-changing, really. Did you catch it?

“That daily stuff – those responsibilities that seem more like distractions – those things we want to rush and just get through to get on with the better and bigger assignments of life – those things that are unnoticed places of service? They are the very experiences from which we unlock the riches of wisdom.”

She challenges us to “unwrap” the mundane – those daily, ordinary things that fill our days in a season of mothering toddlers or finishing school or wherever you happen to be in this moment.

Yep. “We can learn right here, right now, in the midst of all that’s daily how to become wise.”

Because chances are, most of us are not in the middle of some GREAT assignment — standing on the wall of our city and bravely calling out to the commander of an invading army on behalf of our people – or are we? Could it be that protecting our children and serving our husbands and caring for our homes and being faithful in the workplace and volunteering at our church ARE those GREAT assignments? Could it be that the very place of service our feet currently stand is the exact platform from which God is inviting us to walk in wisdom and call out on behalf of those He has entrusted to our care?

I say yes.

Seek wisdom for this ordinary moment and be brave there, too, sweet friend.

As we move on to Chapter 6, we continue building on what we’ve learned in previous chapters. Lysa reiterates the importance of every single decision we make.

“Today’s choices become tomorrow’s circumstances.”

“Your decisions will determine direction. Your direction will determine destination.”

Let’s read that again. Decisions determine direction. Direction determines destination.

Every decision we make matters.

We have to “chase down that decision.

We have to consider and evaluate and then take appropriate action based on the wisdom we find as we seek God for our best yes decisions.

Let’s Chat:

  • Can you relate to what Lysa shared in the video?
  • In Chapter 6, Lysa says, “Our decisions point our lives in the direction we’re about to head.” Is there a decision you are struggling with? What steps can you take today that will help you put your heart in a place to receive God’s truth in your situation?
  • What’s your favorite takeaway from Chapter 6?

What’s Next:

  • We read quickly through Chapters 4-6 so if you got a little behind, now is a great time to catch up!
  • Tomorrow Steph Raquel will be on the blog highlighting an exciting area of Proverbs 31 Ministries.
  • Friday, I’ll be back right here with a personal Week 2 Wrap-up video from yours truly to review the wisdom we’ve found this week and give you all a great big long-distance hug from Texas!

Special Events Reminders:

  • Thursday, 12:30 p.m. (ET) – Conference Call with BOB GOFF, bestselling author of Love Does. Click HERE for more info.
  • Thursday, 8 p.m. (ET) – Proverbs 31 Bible Study LIVE – Click HERE to join. Even if you can’t be on live, you can always go back and check it out later! :)

Y’all come back now, ya hear?! ;)



A Divine Invitation (and a Twitter Party!)

Hi friends!

It’s Shelly again … or “Big Shelly from Texas” as Melissa introduced me on the video yesterday. Ha ha! Sorry, Melissa. Couldn’t resist. ;)

Speaking of Melissa, I had the honor of spending the week with her, Nicki, and lots of other amazing P31 OBS friends as we gathered for the Real Life Dreams Retreat two weekends ago. I also had a few moments with the author of our current study (and President of Proverbs 31 Ministries), Lysa TerKeurst, at The Best Yes Webcast. Being the self-appointed, over-posting photo journalist that I am (and all my Instagram followers said AMEN), I made sure to get a picture to share. Best Yes Webast - me Nicki Melissa Lysa

(My heart explodes with gratitude for these women!)

Now, I hope you’ve already started digging into Chapters 4-6 for the week. (I know some of you have because of the awesome comments and discussion on the blog yesterday!) But if you haven’t, dig in, girls! You do NOT want to miss this. The words in these chapters have marched right up next to me and parked in my personal space. Anybody know what I mean?

In Chapter 5, we continue reading about the importance of our decisions and those sneaky little obstacles and distractions that keep us from our Best Yes. Stress, busyness, misguided opinions, unrealistic expectations and weariness are just a few of the things that can rob us, limiting our ability and capacity to find wisdom. If we are emotionally, physically and spiritually spent, our life will reflect it.

Lysa talks about how too many activities and commitments can leave us bankrupt and overdrawn. Especially those that have not been specifically assigned to us. And when we feel depleted, empty, with nothing left to give? Our attitude often stinks. Our approach to life in general can be a little less than lovely (ahem).

As one of my Pastors says, “I am a terrible version of myself apart from Jesus.” Terrible.

Our Best Yes always makes room for time with God. No appointment can replace an appointment with the King. No time spent adds value to our lives like time spent with Jesus. We gain wisdom here. Our souls find rest here. Our hearts are renewed here. We are made whole here.

This week, we meet a woman in 2 Samuel. We do not know her name. We do not know her position. We do not know if she is wealthy. We do not know who her family is. We do not know her education. (I’m guessing none of that stuff really mattered). What we ARE told is that she is a wise woman.

“A wise woman called from the city, ‘Listen! Listen!'” 2 Samuel 20:16a (NIV)

BestYes_VerseWeek2 This woman goes against the social norms of her time and steps out armed with wise words and a plan. I can imagine she — like each of us — had her hands full with duties and responsibilities, but she was drawing from a deep reservoir of wisdom. Wisdom that saved her city.

Her approach to Joab created a divine opportunity. Her courageous choice to say yes to this God-appointed assignment rescues her people from disaster. I have a strong suspicion that maybe,  just maybe, this wise woman had spent some time with the King of Kings and when she sensed His divine invitation to act, she did not hesitate.

We, too, can learn to say yes to those God assignments placed in our path. Not every assignment is ours, but some come bearing our name. We can learn to recognize those assignments and “sense God’s invitation” in the middle of our crazy lives if our heart is surrendered and our soul rests in communion with our Savior.

We, too, can walk as wise women. We, too, can learn to say no to the wrong things and run without hesitation toward the best things. We can and, in fact, we must.

Let’s Chat:

We don’t have to say yes to every opportunity to serve that is placed before us. In Chapter 5, Lysa talks about learning to “sense God’s invitation” for specific assignments He has chosen just for us. This helps us to live our Best Yes. Have you ever sensed God’s invitation to say yes to an assignment? Maybe you’re sensing His invitation now. Share your story in the comment section -or- share your favorite quote or scripture from Chapter 5.


Tonight is our Twitter party! The tweeting starts at 8 p.m. ET! Make sure you follow @P31OBS and use the hashtag #TheBestYes in every post.