Some Good and Perfect News

Before Amen Conference Call PicsHello there! Hope you’re having a fantabulous week!

James 1:17a tells us, “But whatever is good and perfect comes to us from God, the Creator of all light.”

Wow, we’ve got some GOOD and PERFECT news this Thankful Thursday!  :)

Just this week, we are incredibly thankful and excited to announce we’ve added Ann Voskamp — yes, THE Ann Voskamp — to our upcoming Conference Call Series for Before Amen by Max Lucado!  And as you heard yesterday, we’re so thrilled that as a special gift to you, for the first time ever, the optional Conference Call Series will be available for free!


The study is all about prayer and we’re soo looking forward to hearing some GOOD, godly wisdom and PERFECTly timed, real-life encouragement from each of these guests! To get the Call Series, register here.

Needless to say, we’re super hopeful that your Best Yes decision will be to join us for the next study — but even if that doesn’t work for you, consider signing up for this four-call series.  {Can I just tell you that the OBS volunteer and leadership team is beyond giddy over this fabulous line-up?!  Oh. Yes.}

And just what does our amazing P31 OBS Director have to say about this?  Well, take a quick look at Melissa Taylor’s video:

Click here if you can’t see the video in your email.

~ ~ ~
Meanwhile, we’ve still got two days left in our study of The Best Yes and the fun doesn’t stop!

TONIGHT, Oct. 30, 8-9 p.m. ET ~ Join Bible Study Live for a fast-paced, fun-filled hour of examining God’s Word in a way that brings it into everyday life. If you haven’t already … RSVP HERE on our P31 OBS Facebook page to get in on the excitement, either live or at your leisure later on.  We hear from tons of you each week who are also using these activities as a spring-board to your quiet times with the Lord. Love that!!

Last but not least, as you know throughout the past few Thursdays we’ve been letting you know about some fun things going on in and around Proverbs 31 Ministries.  And if you’re not already following Lysa TerKeurst’s blog, you’ll want to!  That’s just one of the ways you can stay connected with us when the study ends.

She wrote a realllllly sweet piece yesterday about how she and her husband fell in love, and how it’s woven into the story of her home.  If you want to be blessed, Click HERE to head on over. Just to warn you — bring tissues. :)

Let’s Chat:
1. We mentioned a ton of optional activities today — which one(s) are you going to dive into? The Before Amen study, Conference Calls, Bible Study Live, or getting Lysa TerKeurst’s blog? Inquiring minds want to know!

2. If you were to tell us one uplifting story from your life and share it on your walls, what would you say?  Give us a brief snippet in the comments today. And if your life story has been far from good and perfect, share a phrase or two so we know how to be in prayer for your situation.  I’d love to hear from you and pray for whatever is going on in your world!

I pray you’ll be blessed, as you’re making your Best Yes decisions each and every day! I’ll see you again in a few weeks!

I have a lot more things to tell you, but I’d rather not use pen and ink. I hope to be there soon in person and have a heart-to-heart talk. Peace to you. The friends here say hello. Greet our friends there by name.” ~3 John 1:13-14

Big hugs,

What Type of Decision Maker Are YOU?

Today, we’ve got something fun for you!

The Best Yes has led us through this journey to becoming women who make wise decisions in the midst of endless demands. And you all have done a FABULOUS job with this process.

But maybe you feel like you need a little more on this journey, like you are not quite there yet. {me, raising my hand!}

Maybe you need to understand what type of decision maker you are.

Well, we want you to meet our friend, Jeff Shinabarger. He is the author of this amazing book called Yes or No How Your Everyday Decisions Will Forever Shape Your Life.

Jeff’s work has been featured by CNN, USA Weekend, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Huffington Post, Christianity Today, Coca-Cola, Relevant Magazine and the Chicago Sun-Times. He is the co-founder of Q, a collaboration company, and creatively led Catalyst for eight years. Jeff and his wife, Andre, live in East Atlanta Village and have two children.

He’s joining us today on The Best Yes conference call series and if you are not signed up, we would LOVE for you to be able to listen, too. You can still purchase the entire The Best Yes series and since all the calls are recorded, you can listen to them at your convenience.

TBY_ConferenceCalls- Image 1

And, since we all want to know more about ourselves, Jeff has a free, fun tool for all of us to try out today! It’s called the What Type of Decision Maker Are You Assessment.

Click here to go to his website and take the assessment (scroll down on the page to take it — it takes less than 5 minutes).

Then, come back and tell us what your result is and you’ll automatically be entered to win Jeff’s book, Yes or No.

Two winners will be selected, and we will announce who they are here on the blog on Friday!

And you guys … we have SUCH an exciting announcement about our next conference call series. In fact it’s SO exciting one of our P31 Online Bible Study volunteers, Bethany, made the best video to share this exciting announcement!

Check out this video:

Click here if you cannot see the video from your email.

Click here to get signed up for our next P31 Online Bible Study, Before Amen.

What to do:

1. Take the assessment and let us know what type of decision maker you are.

2. Aim to read Chapters 17, 18 and 19 before Friday. Melissa and Nicki will be here on the blog via video to wrap up the whole study!

Cut The But

Okay, I know we say this every week, but seriously … you do NOT want to miss this week’s clip from The Best Yes DVD. Because our very own Proverbs 31 Online Bible study director, Melissa Taylor, has a huge part in this week’s lesson.

So check out this clip.

Click here if you cannot view the video from your email subscription.

Wow. Are you as inspired as I am from Melissa’s story?!

What if Melissa hadn’t trusted God through that time?

That’s the question I’m thinking about today.

In Chapter 16 of The Best Yes, Lysa TerKeurst talks about things that keep us from saying our Best Yes. And in stressful situations sometimes we don’t say our Best Yes because we panic. We don’t understand what’s happening, therefore, we don’t trust God. And so, we allow the fear of our failures to consume us.

My pastor said something profound this past weekend at church. He said, “Failure is not the opposite of success, it’s disobedience to God.” Because when we’re following God, we are not failing. Success might not look the way we want, but we are on the right track when we trust the steps He has us on.

Melissa didn’t fail at anything because part of obedience is trusting God, even when we don’t understand.

Trusting God doesn’t mean we won’t ever question Him, because surely we will. And I know Melissa struggled a lot through that time of being on the development team. But I always saw her living out the trust she had deep inside her.

And guys, sometimes in my process of learning to trust God through it all, I have a lot of “buts.”

But God, what about this …
But God, what about that …
But God, but God, but God …

Lysa shares this in Chapter 16 about all our “buts”…

Every time I say I am a child of God, I have to remove the but and instead use the word therefore to usher God’s promise into my reality. We must cut the but!


Lysa goes on to share in this section of the book how she has turned all her “buts” into God promises. Promises build trust. And God offers a lot of promises for you and I to trust Him with.

To Trust Him with Eternity (John 14:6)
Trust Him with Today (Proverbs 3:5-6)
Trust Him with Tomorrow (Jeremiah 29:11)

Trust Him with Your “But” (Romans 8:28)

Take some time to look up these verses and study them. Let the hope they offer help build trust with God through every situation you are facing today.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had the opportunity to tell God you want to trust Him. But, just like God wrote a beautiful story through Melissa’s “but God …” situation, He will do the same through ours, if we will trust Him.

Cut the but and trust. 

Let’s Chat:

1. What is the “but” in your life that is holding you back from trusting God through a specific situation?

2. Do you know that God wants to give you the opportunity to trust Him, with everything, including eternity? Click here to discover the new life God wants to pour into you. And if you decide this new life is something you desire, we would LOVE to hear about it. In fact, nothing would make this community happier than to support you with this decision.