You Are So Good



Before Amen OBSers ….

You. Amaze. Me.

Yesterday, a glitch in technology proved to be one of the most powerful blog posts I’ve ever written. And I didn’t write one word.

If you signed up for this Before Amen OBS, then yesterday you received your daily study post and it was titled, I Need Help.  It had a title, but no content in the post or email. #UhOh

I received a text early yesterday morning letting me know about this glitch in our system. Since I had to take my kids to school and it would be a while before I could get to the office and work, I prayed the pocket prayer, let it go, and released it to God.  After all, our verse 1 Peter 5:7 clearly tells us to Cast all of our anxiety on Him because He cares for us. So, I put it into action.

Have you ever questioned if God really cares for you?  That if you really give up your anxiety, your problems, your __________ to Him, that He would take care of you?  Yesterday, we saw Him do that right here in our P31 OBS Community.  And He used you all to do it.

I thought I’d be writing a post to apologize for our error yesterday, but instead I’m writing a big THANK YOU to God and the people of this community.

You didn’t complain because your study blog post didn’t show up as planned. You immediately jumped in and began praying for me (in case I really did need help!) and praying for each other in response to those who did comment that they needed help. You put the pocket prayer in action. And I love you for it!  I’m so amazed by our “little” Bible study community, aren’t you?

There will not be any more posts this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States.  Don’t let that keep you from your Before Amen focus! Make sure you carve out some time to read chapters 3 & 4, the discussion questions at the end of the book, and focus on our memory verse this week~ 1 Peter 5:7.

And finally, there was supposed to be a video clip today from Max Lucado, but guess what? We have another glitch, and I can’t retrieve it to include it. I will include it next week. Sorry about that y’all!

If you missed yesterday’s blank post and want to see what all the talk is about, just click here.  See y’all next Monday for Week 3!


You are good.  You are so good.

I need help. Heal me and forgive me.

They need help.

Thank you.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

***Winner of the Before Amen Worship CD is Christy, email beginning cpaulley.

New Give Away: 

****Hey, who was on the AMAZING conference call this Monday with Ann Voskamp? If so then you heard all about her new book, Unwrapping the Greatest Gift: A Family Celebration of Christmas.  To celebrate the release of this beautiful book filled with Christmas stories, discussion, and activities for the whole family, we are giving away 2 copies! All you have to do is join the conversation today to be entered. And then pray you win, because trust me, you want this book. It’s the best Christmas book I’ve ever seen. Great to keep on your coffee table over the holidays and draw the whole family and your guests to Jesus this season. If you want to make sure you get one, you can order it here, smiles. :)

Let’s Chat:

Look at the beautiful graphic at the top of this post.  It says, “Resist the urge to reclaim the problem once you’ve given it up.”  ~ Max Lucado

Do you have the urge to take your problems back once you’ve given them to God?  Why?  Is it a trust issue?  A habit?  Let’s discuss this in our Group Chat Section today.  Join the conversation and you will be entered to win a copy of Ann Voskamp’s new book! We are giving 2 away!

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I Need Help

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Before Amen Week 2

Happy Monday, Friends!

Are you ready for another great week of Bible study?!

We have a special treat for you guys as we kick this week off. Someone pretty special is joining us in today’s video … guess who it is?

If you do not see the video above, click here to view on Vimeo.

Oh, that was so fun! We really hope you guys are encouraged by these videos. We feel like you are right there with us as we are talking to the camera!

If you haven’t started the Prayer Challenge we referred to in the video, click here for those details. Hope you’ll join us!

Before Amen Week 2


  • Memory Verse – Let’s get started learning our verse this week. Pin it, print it, write it and learn “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” -1 Peter 5:7 (NIV)
  • Monday – Begin working on your memory verse and read Chapter 3.
  • Tuesday – Chapter 3 Chat on blog; work through the questions on p. 116-120.
  • Wednesday – Max Lucado video clip on the blog and questions based on video clip for discussion.
  • Rest of the Week - Read Chapter 4 and complete the questions on p. 121-124. (Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends! There will be no emails or blog post on Thursday and Friday. This is an independent assignment. We will begin with Chapter 5 next Monday.)

Optional Events This Week:

Live Conference Call w/ Ann Voskamp, Mon., Nov. 24, 10 a.m. ET (Note this is a change from last week. We had to reschedule this call and it is now today!)

More info on the Before Amen Conference Call Series can be found here.

Let’s Chat~

This week our verse says we should “cast ALL our anxiety on Him.” What would this look like for you to actually do this?

What part of today’s video really resonated with you?

Let’s discuss this today here on the blog in our group chat section. Click on “join the discussion” and share your perspective.

It’s going to be a great week~ Let’s get started!

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