Ok Y’all, Let’s Do This Today

MelissaHeadshot2Hey Awesome OBSers! Happy Tuesday to ya! It’s me, Melissa Taylor with you today and I’m excited to be here!

Last night on our conference call with Karen Ehman & Darlene Schacht, I thanked Karen for saturating Keep It Shut in God’s Word. Have you noticed how many great verses and Biblical truths she has given us in the pages of this book?  We aren’t just getting good advice on how to use our words, but we are receiving God’s direction! After I thanked her, she replied, “Well it wasn’t hard! There are over 3,500 verses in the Bible about how we should use our words!”  Well then, I just love Karen Ehman!

As much as I love the way we are continually led back to the Bible throughout this Keep It Shut message, today I want to focus on something completely practical. And actually I guess you could say it’s putting this message in action.

My favorite part of Chapter 10, “Something to Talk About: Wonderful Ways to Use Your Words,” is a little section titled “Love Prompts.”  I’m all about a good challenge, but I get really excited about it when it has the potential to spread some love and happiness.

These “Love Prompts” can be found in two places of your Keep It Shut book. They are on p. 172 of the paperback book within chapter 10, and they are also in the back of the book in a section titled More Things You Can Do. I’m not going to copy the “Love Prompts” here, rather, I’d like for you to locate them in your own book.

What are love prompts? They are “prompts to get you started on jotting a note, an email, or a text to a loved one in your life.” Or they could be used to start an encouraging conversation! They are are prompts to get you started speaking to your spouse, child, parent, friend, or you could really use them for anyone in your life!

Karen writes in Chapter 10 about how one year for Lent, instead of giving up something for 40 days, she decided to give something for 40 days. Her gift was a hand-written note to a different person in her life. She took a little time out each day to write a few words expressing her love, gratitude, or thoughts toward that person. Then she mailed it. Can you imagine being the recipient of one these sweet notes? Especially if it wasn’t even your birthday or Christmas?!

Now, we might not be able to commit to 40 days of hand-written notes, but I bet we can commit to a few sweet words to send to someone special, for no special reason. (I think the “for no special reason” is the best part, don’t you?)

Let’s Not Just Chat Today, But Let’s Do This:

Check out all the love prompts in the “More Things You Can Do” section of your book. If you have the paperback, you’ll notice “Love Prompts” on p. 216 and then “A Sweet Treat to Accompany Your Sweet Words” on p. 217.

Think of a few people in your life to share some sweet words (and maybe even a sweet treat) with. Bless them today. Yes that’s right, today. Don’t wait or put it off or it may never happen.

I’m going to text my two college kids a sweet message today. I’m going to hand-write a sweet little note for my husband and two kids who are still living at home. I’m going to put that note beside their plate at the dinner table tonight. And who knows? We may just have that sweet treat to accompany it all!

Here’s my text to Blake, that I literally just now sent!


*** “Your Pal” has been our way to sign notes to each other for years. When Blake was just 2 years old, he looked up at me as I was tucking him in one night and said, “We’re pals Mommy.” He’s 21 today and yes, we are still pals. :)

What are you going to do? Share with us in the comment section please! I bet your ideas could help and inspire someone else! Let’s spread the love today, y’all!


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Keep It Shut, Week 6

Missy_Professional_HeadshotHowdy friends. It’s Missy Pettigrew here to kick off our final week of study with you, and I’ve got some exciting news to share. But, I’m hoping you’ll hang in here with me until the end of the post, to hear it.

Just curious … did anyone see 5 weeks zip by, because, HELLO! Here we are, in the last week of our study of Keep It Shut by Karen Ehman. It sure feels like these weeks have flown by! Or, maybe that’s just my bruised piggie toes trying to find some light at the end of this challenging journey.

Who’s with me on that one?!?

We have some great things in store for you this week. Let’s let Karen Ehman, Melissa Taylor and Nicki Koziarz tell you what in the video, below.

Keep It Shut Week 6 from Proverbs 31 Ministries on Vimeo.

If you can’t view the video, click here.

I think Melissa shows some real potential on that piano. Don’t you? If you missed that, you’re gonna want to go back and check that out!

One idea that Karen shares with us, in chapter 10, is what gratitude does for us. And friends, we truly do thank our God every time we remember you (Philippians 1:3). When we read through the comments, we are profoundly touched by the way you are trying to allow God to tap on your hearts and guide your words.

In fact, it’s clear from all of the godly chatter going on here on the #P31OBS blog, that so many of us have been scooching over to make room for the Holy Spirit. I love the thought of tens of thousands of people moving over to make room for more of God in their conversations. Isn’t that just a beautiful picture?

Let’s finish this week strong! Here’s our #P31OBS Lowdown:

Memory Verse

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” ~Proverbs 18:21a (ESV)


  • Monday – We are diving into these last two chapters, 10 and 11, as we wrap up our time together in the #KeepItShutBook. Start reading chapter 10, “Something To Talk About,” and let’s see how we can use those tongues to speak life!
  • Tuesday – Nicki will be here to share her thoughts on Chapter 10. Stop by! Your tummy will thank you.
  • Wednesday – Bible Study Skills day with the lovely Sarah Travis. (It’s okay, let’s just all admit that we love watching her videos so we can hear that accent!)
  • Thursday – Erin Peters will be here with her insights from chapter 11, and with Karen’s video clip. Such. Great. Stuff!
  • Friday – Melissa Taylor will be back to close out our study of Keep It Shut. (SAY WHAT?!?!?) Sorry, couldn’t resist …

Optional (but awesomely fun) Events:

Tonight – Join Melissa tonight, at 8 p.m. EST as she welcomes Time-Warp Wife, Darlene Schacht to the 5th call in our 6 part series. We’ll also uncover our final step to making our words matter. For more information, click here. All previous sessions have been recorded, so even by joining now, you don’t miss anything!

Thursday – Bible Study LIVE from 8-9 p.m. EST on Facebook. Join Stephanie Christensen and the team as they lead you on an incredible hour of Bible discovery! Click here to RSVP or for more info.

Congratulations!  You hung in there with me until the end. And guess what? I get to tell you something wonderful.

Are you ready?

Our next study will be …


That’s right!  It’s What Happens When Women walk in Faith by Lysa TerKeurst! Registration for the next study won’t begin for a few more weeks, but you can go ahead and order your book NOW! The first 500 copies sold will be signed by Lysa TerKeurst!

Our What Happens When Women Walk in Faith OBS begins April 13th!

Let’s Chat:

  • Karen Ehman walks us through ways to practice gratitude this week. I will never forget the handwritten note that one of my second graders handed me on the last day of school one year. She told me I was her “favoritest teacher EVER!” (I think I know where I got my “shouting” instincts …) This was a child who struggled all year with keeping up. But, she surely did. And that handwritten note was the most precious display of gratitude that I had received during my time as an elementary teacher.
  • So, tell me, what is your favorite gratitude story? It can be one where you were the gratitude giver or receiver. Let’s flood this comment section with ideas about gratitude.
  • Where are you going to place your memory verse this week, to help you remember the power your tongue holds? (Mine’s going on my bathroom mirror!)
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Week 5 Wrap-Up: But I Don’t Wanna!

Picture of ErinHello from Canada, my friends! It’s Erin Peters back to wrap up this fabulous week 5, and what a week it’s been! Nicki Koziarz, Melissa Sherlin, Missy Pettigrew and I have so enjoyed interacting and reading your comments. Each one of you has blessed us!

Remember on Monday how I told you I was a little nervous about Chapter 9? Well, Karen Ehman did not disappoint with bringing her wisdom, but my reaction has resembled my 4-year-old’s when I tell her it’s time to clean up her room.

Can I be honest with you right now and admit I’m not comfortable with any of the stuff Karen is talking about? I don’t want to die to self. It’s a lot of work to pause on what I want to say before I say it. It’s much easier to get angry and ignore the problem.

But unfortunately, God never said obeying Him was going to be easy or comfortable. And dying to self? Well, that just takes it all to a whole new level!!

Karen sums it up beautifully at the end of Chapter 9:

“In order to die to self in the daily, routine hassles and relational challenges we face, we must draw deeply from the available power of the Holy Spirit, surrendering our life and words to his will.” ~ Karen Ehman, #KeepItShutBook

Did you catch that? She said we have the available power of the Holy Spirit!!! No wonder I get frustrated, because let’s be honest, I don’t always tap in to what’s available from God. Eeek! Did I just admit that to thousands of people? I sure hope I’m not alone!

Dying to self

If you’re discouraged, please know you’re not alone! I’ve been there so many times I’ve lost count. But what keeps pulling me off the floor when I’m having my little tantrum is our great God!

He wants to be walking this path with us. He wants us to cry out to Him, rather than just sit down and cry. He wants us to accept His Spirit that gives us strength and accomplishes things in us we can’t even imagine!

Can you imagine what over 45,000 women dying to self would do in our families? Workplaces? Communities? Social media?

Lets join together and start that change, my friends!

Let’s chat:

  • What’s your definition of dying to self?
  • What is your natural reaction when you are angry? What should your reaction be when you are angry & how can you make that happen?
  • And just for fun, what type of plants and flowers are you looking forward to seeing this Spring?

Come back next week and join us for our final week of Keep It Shut!


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