Praise God for the Good

This week, we’ve read all about plans failing, being appreciated and noticed by people in our lives and God, plus discovering where we can go (and Who we can turn to) to fill up after all we give out!  On the blog, we’ve been super honest in our faults and flaws, and pro-active in our solutions.

Today, I want to take a break from ALL OF THAT.

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We know by now that everyone has issues and struggles. And it’s good to acknowledge and face them.

But … let us never forget the good in our lives. Sure we gotta deal with the yuck, but we don’t want that to overshadow the good we have going on.

Let’s Chat:

In Chapter 7 on page 56 of the Am I Messing Up My Kids? paperback, Lysa writes about when we serve God out of duty, His life-giving principles are reduced to another set of rules we’re forced to follow. Instead of refilling and refreshing us, our relationship with God becomes a source of stress. I believe this can also happen when we focus too much on the negatives in our lives.

She continues, How do we capture the love our souls were designed for and let it change us for good?  We start by recognizing that all that is good in our life comes from God and praising Him for that. It’s so easy to get distracted by what is wrong in our life and and take for granted all that is good. 

She Speaks Moving Crew 2014

 Check out the Pope and Taylor kids. Wendy Pope (on staff and speaker team at Proverbs) and I are their proud mamas.

We praise and thank You God for these kids who bless us every day! They helped Proverbs 31 Ministries pack the big truck for our She Speaks Conference, taking place this weekend. We praise you God for these six amazing gifts from You. Help us to focus on the joy and privilege it is to be their mom!

Are y’all ready to do this? Today, let’s journal and/or share in the comment section the things you want to praise God for. What is good in your life? Let’s praise Him!

If you need help getting started, refer to pages 56-58 from Chapter 7 in the paperback.

I especially can’t wait to come back and read your praises so I can praise God right along with you!

“This Is All I Have To Give” Blog Hop ~ Week 2

I just finished watching a Hallmark movie with my sister. You know, the modern day fairytale (minus the Cinderella dress) where the girl gets the guy of her dreams and the movie ends with the promise of happily ever after? I love Lysa’s thoughts about these movies in chapter 7:

“Why are we so moved by these love stories? I believe it is because God designed our hearts for an eternal love story, our love story with Jesus.”

She goes on to talk about how so many women are so busy raising kids that they forget their first love and begin to serve Him out of duty. This certainly hits home for me. There was a time in my life when raising kids, volunteering, working and even ministry became my priority above everything. Yes, even my relationship with Jesus.

Fast forward years later and my heart has since been reunited with its first love. But still, life tends to separate us and make me forget this great love story. I have to be intentional about spending time with the lover of my soul. Not out of obligation or duty. Not out of guilt. But out of the desire to know and to be known by Him and to honor Him with everything within me.

I took some time out to spend the weekend reconnecting with a dear friend and God invaded our time. He met us on the couch, He accompanied us on our morning walks, and He sat with us by the pool. He tugged at our heartstrings and breathed fresh into our souls. He whispered reminders of His amazing love and grace and refilled those places life had recently emptied (even the ones we didn’t know about).


So much better than a scripted fairytale!

When we purpose to get still and set distractions aside even for a moment, we can feel His gentle tugging and make the choice to respond to His invitation to draw near. We can find these divine appointments, these God-moments, throughout our day if we choose to see them.

Let’s bend our hearts toward this God who loves us like no other. And let’s say yes to His love story written just for us.

Do you have a God Love Story or a favorite way to refill? Those are two of our three topics for sharing today on the Blog Hop (see list below). We would love to sit down again with you this week as you share your heart through words either on your personal blog, or below in the comment section!



Now, time to Blog Hop!

P31 OBS Blog Hop

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1. My God Love Story

2. Favorite Ways to Relax & Refill

3. This Is All I Have to Give

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Imperfect, But Pro-Active

So we #ImperfectMoms are uniting in this #MomLife, aren’t we?

In Monday’s post, we talked about what being a mom is REALLY like. I shared some truths with you about what I had discovered as a mom, and y’all shared many, as well. THANK YOU so much! The comments from that post have been some of the most honest and helpful words I’ve ever read on the subject of motherhood. I’m serious! We spend so much time trying to achieve all of the qualities of a great mom and sometimes what we really need to do is tell it like it is and talk about it. One of the things I’m most thankful for in this study is how many of you have said that you are happy to know you aren’t alone. That what is happening in your house, with your kids, to you as their mom … it happens in other homes, too! #ImperfectMoms unite!

So, we all agree that we are #imperfect, right?  Right. But … we can’t get comfortable there. Ouch. I know. You didn’t like that part did you?

It’s awesome to know that God gives us grace and that there are other moms out there who can relate. The one thing I don’t want us to do though, is to settle. For example, thinking stuff like, “This is just the way it is, so I might as well accept it.”  “God made me like this.”  “He made my kids the way they are.”  “If I try harder, I’m only going to be disappointed.”  Or finally, “Other moms are struggling with this too, so it’s okay.”

Settling. Complacency. Both are not good for us, so let’s not allow the fact that we are imperfect to keep us from being pro-active moms.

My son Dylan has struggled with classroom performance for as long as I can remember. He tests into honors classes and so that’s where he is placed. Then he struggles all semester and, by the end, we find ourselves praying for a D!! I’m not kidding. Have you ever prayed for your kid to make a D on his report card?  Ha! It’s better than an F! I am happy to report that, so far, our prayers have been answered. But can I tell you something? (Please don’t think I’m a horrible mom.)  I haven’t done much to get him the help he needs.

Admittedly, we’ve had other things going on. And sometimes, there were more pressing issues than academic performance. But this kid is now 17, and a junior in high school. We are running out of time to get him the help he needs.

I consider this one of my biggest failures as a mom. I’m sharing with you, not so you’ll see what a bad mom I’ve been in this situation, but so you might be spurred to action where it’s needed in a certain area.

I could just settle here. “This is just what Dylan will struggle with. High school is almost over anyway.”

However, I will never choose to settle here. Dylan is too important. Just because I didn’t act before now (and I should have!) that doesn’t mean I’ve given up. Plus, I believe in this child! He’s so bright and has so much to offer. I want him to feel good about himself, and I want him to know his parents (and God) believe in him and will do whatever we can to get him all he needs. And that’s what we are doing now.

Let’s summarize Melissa’s Bad Mom Dilemma:

  • Saw Dylan struggling for years and pretty much tried to wish and pray it away.
  • Hoped next year would be different.
  • Kept putting off what needed to be done.
  • Evaluated the situation and faced the mistake I’d made in doing nothing.
  • Forgave myself and asked Dylan to forgive me.
  • Promised Dylan I’d help him.
  • Jeff (my husband and Dylan’s dad) researched various help solutions.
  • Found what we think is best for Dylan and Dylan agreed to it.
  • Begins getting the help he needs this week.
  • I don’t know the final outcome, but I do know I’ve taken action to try to get my son the help he needs.
  • I am thanking the good Lord above for believing in me to be Dylan’s mom. And for showing me that it’s never too late to begin.

Now I know that there are some things that we must WAIT on. There are some issues in our children’s lives that are out of our control (Say what???). We might not be able to come up with an action list for everything. Oftentimes, our call to action is an opportunity to trust God. Which is different then burying our heads in the sand, hoping when we come up it will all magically be better.

Let’s Chat:

Is there anything you are wrestling with today? Maybe something you hope will improve, that you could possibly take some action on?  Have you ever felt like you missed your window of opportunity? Share it with us in the comment section.


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