Wrapping Up 19

I began this week with tears because I miss two of my kids who moved up to college. I end this week with tears because our 19th Online Bible Study is coming to an end.  :(

It is my sincere hope that you have found something special here. We have loved gathering with you as we’ve read Am I Messing Up My Kids? by Lysa TerKeurst. I was on the phone with Lysa last night and one of the things we talked about was how very special our OBS community is. It’s been fun to meet other moms of all stages of motherhood from all over the world. It’s been helpful to know we aren’t alone and that there is hope for us as moms and for our kids … no matter what the circumstances. And I think more than anything, this study has reminded me that my relationship with Jesus is the most important thing I can have for myself and for me as a mom. I don’t want to do anything in life apart from Him, especially in my role as a mom!

So, OBS #19 is a wrap … now what?

The Best Yes

We want to invite you to join our next OBS if you haven’t already. It’s The Best Yes, by Lysa TerKeurst, already a best-seller on The New York Times list! That study begins September 22 and Lysa and I hope you’ll join us! We have a lot of great stuff planned for this study!  You can sign up here.

OBS Retreat FB Banner 2014

We also want to invite you to join us in the North Carolina Mountains for a weekend of rest and renewal. It’s the Proverbs 31 OBS Real Life Dreams Retreat!

We are so excited about this. We think you might possibly walk into this retreat tired, frazzled, and empty. We know you will leave feeling renewed, filled with hope, carrying a God-sized dream in your heart. Your soul will be rested, but I can’t promise you won’t be sleep-deprived — LOL! Please join us! It’s going to be lots of fun. We have some great messages and teaching for you as well as hours of free time to enjoy The Cove, the beautiful mountains, some new friendships, or just to be alone.  Many ladies from Proverbs 31 Ministries and our OBS team will be there! Registration will be closed in just 16 days, so go ahead and sign up now! We want to meet you and spend some time with you! Registration and information here.

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Hmmm, is that everything? Or am I forgetting something?  Oh yea~ Our big giveaway!! This is your last day to enter to win one of these books:

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Let’s Chat:

Share your heart with us today.

What has Am I Messing Up My Kids? helped you with most?

Will you be joining us for The Best Yes?

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What’s At the Top of Your List?

Hey, Y’all!  How’s everyone doing?

Hump Day


Happy Hump Day! We are halfway through our final week of this study. After today, we’ll be over the hump and headed toward the weekend! But before we get there, I have something that’s pretty important to discuss.

Today I want to talk about Chapter 29, What’s the Most Crucial Life Lesson?  As moms, we have so much that we want to teach our kids. There are many life lessons we hope they “get” while they are under our roof. And they are all pretty important! So how do we know what’s most important? I love this paragraph Lysa writes on page 217:

While I do want to equip my children to be well-rounded, responsible adults, I must not miss the most important thing. Of all the things I teach my children, I must place their relationship with Jesus at the top of the list. More than just going through the motions of taking them to religion classes, Sunday school, and getting them baptized, I must ask: Am I fostering in them a desire for their own personal relationship with Jesus?  Yes, these other things are important outward symbols of our commitment as a family, but what about my children’s hearts? Do they love Jesus out of family tradition or out of a personal relationship with Him?

Now, here’s the hard part. They cannot really know Him as Healer unless He has healed them in some way. 

Lysa goes on to write how this means that as a mom, we have to get out of the way. We nurture our kids, but point to Jesus for the healing.

Yes, ya’ll, it for sure isn’t easy being a mom, but aren’t we thankful that we are?

Let’s Chat:

Of everything you want to teach your children, what’s at the top of your list for them to learn?

What are some ways you can contribute to your child learning this?

Each time you comment this week, you are entered to win one of four books. Check out this post for all the details.



We have some very exciting news …

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Congratulations Ladies! I can’t wait to meet you in person at our upcoming retreat and give you a big ole hug!  Y’all~ it’s not too late to register, so you can still join us! You can get all the details here. 

This week, our section of text is titled, Help Me to Walk My Child Toward Maturity. We have five chapters and just based on the titles of them, I need God’s help with each one!  Our hashtag #LordHelpMe is a daily cry for me! I find myself looking to God for help with my kids most all the time.

Let’s check out the titles for this week with our added hashtag at the beginning…as if we are talking to the Lord~

  • #LordHelpMe, How Can I Get My Kids to Step Up and Pitch In?
  • #LordHelpMe, What Is the Secret to Not Freaking Out?
  • #LordHelpMe, How Can I Set Boundaries?
  • #LordHelpMe, What’s the Most Crucial Life Lesson?
  • #LordHelpMe, Will This Be Worth It in the End?

I wish I had all the answers, but if I did I’d never have reason to say, “#LordHelpMe.”  And I believe that’s the way it’s supposed to be. When I add #LordHelpMe to any of my thoughts, I automatically feel empowered and not alone. Why? Because I know He’s with me.

Now look at the answer after we go to the Lord for help, and imagine His reply ~

  • How Can I Get My Kids to Step Up and Pitch In?   With My help.
  • What Is the Secret to Not Freaking Out?  With My help, I’ll give you My peace.
  • How Can I Set Boundaries?   With My help.
  • What’s the Most Crucial Life Lesson?   With My help, My Word, I’ll show you.
  • Will This Be Worth It in the End?   With My help, you betcha! (Ha ha, I’m not sure if God would say that exactly … well, actually, I think He would!)

Let’s Chat:

Is there a specific area where you have found you need God’s help on a regular basis? What is it?  When have you said, “#LordHelpMe?”

If you use any social media like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram … use the hashtag #LordHelpMe this week. That way, we can search the hashtag and see what our OBS friends are talking about. We can also use this as a tool to pray for one another in our #LordHelpMe moments.

Don’t forget, we have a lot of give-aways this week, but you must comment to be entered! See details in this post.

Have a wonderful day OBS friends! <3