A Divine Invitation (and a Twitter Party!)

Hi friends!

It’s Shelly again … or “Big Shelly from Texas” as Melissa introduced me on the video yesterday. Ha ha! Sorry, Melissa. Couldn’t resist. ;)

Speaking of Melissa, I had the honor of spending the week with her, Nicki, and lots of other amazing P31 OBS friends as we gathered for the Real Life Dreams Retreat two weekends ago. I also had a few moments with the author of our current study (and President of Proverbs 31 Ministries), Lysa TerKeurst, at The Best Yes Webcast. Being the self-appointed, over-posting photo journalist that I am (and all my Instagram followers said AMEN), I made sure to get a picture to share. Best Yes Webast - me Nicki Melissa Lysa

(My heart explodes with gratitude for these women!)

Now, I hope you’ve already started digging into Chapters 4-6 for the week. (I know some of you have because of the awesome comments and discussion on the blog yesterday!) But if you haven’t, dig in, girls! You do NOT want to miss this. The words in these chapters have marched right up next to me and parked in my personal space. Anybody know what I mean?

In Chapter 5, we continue reading about the importance of our decisions and those sneaky little obstacles and distractions that keep us from our Best Yes. Stress, busyness, misguided opinions, unrealistic expectations and weariness are just a few of the things that can rob us, limiting our ability and capacity to find wisdom. If we are emotionally, physically and spiritually spent, our life will reflect it.

Lysa talks about how too many activities and commitments can leave us bankrupt and overdrawn. Especially those that have not been specifically assigned to us. And when we feel depleted, empty, with nothing left to give? Our attitude often stinks. Our approach to life in general can be a little less than lovely (ahem).

As one of my Pastors says, “I am a terrible version of myself apart from Jesus.” Terrible.

Our Best Yes always makes room for time with God. No appointment can replace an appointment with the King. No time spent adds value to our lives like time spent with Jesus. We gain wisdom here. Our souls find rest here. Our hearts are renewed here. We are made whole here.

This week, we meet a woman in 2 Samuel. We do not know her name. We do not know her position. We do not know if she is wealthy. We do not know who her family is. We do not know her education. (I’m guessing none of that stuff really mattered). What we ARE told is that she is a wise woman.

“A wise woman called from the city, ‘Listen! Listen!’” 2 Samuel 20:16a (NIV)

BestYes_VerseWeek2 This woman goes against the social norms of her time and steps out armed with wise words and a plan. I can imagine she — like each of us — had her hands full with duties and responsibilities, but she was drawing from a deep reservoir of wisdom. Wisdom that saved her city.

Her approach to Joab created a divine opportunity. Her courageous choice to say yes to this God-appointed assignment rescues her people from disaster. I have a strong suspicion that maybe,  just maybe, this wise woman had spent some time with the King of Kings and when she sensed His divine invitation to act, she did not hesitate.

We, too, can learn to say yes to those God assignments placed in our path. Not every assignment is ours, but some come bearing our name. We can learn to recognize those assignments and “sense God’s invitation” in the middle of our crazy lives if our heart is surrendered and our soul rests in communion with our Savior.

We, too, can walk as wise women. We, too, can learn to say no to the wrong things and run without hesitation toward the best things. We can and, in fact, we must.

Let’s Chat:

We don’t have to say yes to every opportunity to serve that is placed before us. In Chapter 5, Lysa talks about learning to “sense God’s invitation” for specific assignments He has chosen just for us. This helps us to live our Best Yes. Have you ever sensed God’s invitation to say yes to an assignment? Maybe you’re sensing His invitation now. Share your story in the comment section -or- share your favorite quote or scripture from Chapter 5.


Tonight is our Twitter party! The tweeting starts at 8 p.m. ET! Make sure you follow @P31OBS and use the hashtag #TheBestYes in every post.


Welcome to Week 2 – The Best Yes!

Welcome to Week Two of The Best Yes study! This is Shelly and I’m so excited to be your leader for the next few days!

First things first. Here’s the intro video from Lysa, Melissa, and Nicki. (If you can’t see the video below, click HERE.)

Things You Need To Know:

  • This week, we’ll be reading Chapters 4-6.
  • Our verse of the week -A wise woman called from the city, ‘Listen! Listen!’” 2 Samuel 20:16 NIV

Special Events (OPTIONAL):

Now, let’s dig into Chapter 4 today! Surely Lysa and I aren’t the only ones who make things a little more complicated than they should be? :)

Some of my favorite truths from today’s chapter are:

“God has woven into us the ability to discern what is best.”

“We have to put our hearts and minds in places where wisdom gathers, not scatters.”

“Wisdom makes decisions today that will still be good tomorrow!”

“. . . a pattern of wise choices in the ordinary paves the road to a demonstration of wisdom in the extraordinary.”

“Left unchecked, my fears, foolishness, and feelings will cause me to complicate the decision. My wisdom-based discernment will help me process and make the decision.”

Let’s Chat:

We CAN make wise decisions. We CAN walk as wise women. We don’t have to make things so complicated. We can choose to arm ourselves with the truth of God’s Word, pay close attention to the Holy Spirit’s leading, and trust that God has empowered us through wisdom and discernment to make whatever decision needs to be made.

  • What about today’s chapter spoke to your heart?
  • Have you found that courageous yes and that confident no? If you haven’t, what is one thing you learned in Chapter 4 that can help you move into a place of victory in your specific struggle?

Everyone who comments today will be entered for a chance to win an awesome prize package that includes the book Love Does by Bob Goff AND  The Best Yes Conference Call series! Winners will be notified via email.

Coming Up Next:

Tomorrow we’ll take a closer look at our verse of the week and chat about Chapter 5.



Your Biggest Takeaway

Hi, friends!

This is Nicki Koziarz with you today. :) I’m so excited I get to wrap up our week because holy smokes … it’s been quite a week, hasn’t it?!

I mean first, we kicked things off with that amazing webcast!

Then, we worked our way through chapters 1-3. And do not bat your pretty little eyes if you are not all the way through those chapters yet — you’ve got time, girl. :)

And THEN, last night many of us participated in our Proverbs 31 Bible Study Live event that just blew up Facebook!

You guys are THE most fun online Bible study participants I’ve ever seen. And you’re not just fun, you are women whose wells run deep with God. Your comments here on the blog are so authentic, funny and truly inspiring. I feel like we are all starting to get to know each other really well.

So today I just want to continue to keep the conversation going. I would love to know, what was your biggest takeaway from this week?

Here was mine:


Being on staff at Proverbs 31 Ministries is really amazing but its especially amazing when we are going through something together. And I’d say pretty much everyone has read The Best Yes and many, many of the quotes from the book have become part of our culture.

Lisa Allen, our P31OBS executive director, is always challenging the online Bible studies team with this thought …

“If something is going to come ON your plate and things are already full for you, what is going to come OFF?”

This season of life I’m in means 6 carpool lines a day (three kids, in three different schools), countless practices for three kids in three different activities, homework help, meals to cook, 3,000 loads of laundry a week [wink], groceries to buy, a dog to catch from trying to chase the angry UPS man and a house to clean. That alone feels like a full-time job. But then add in my part-time job, speaking and writing and aye yai yai … I could start to make myself a little crazy.

And oh yeah … guys, we just bought a farm! A FARM. Oh mercy…

So, in order to keep myself from going over the deep end, I’ve had to start carefully looking at every opportunity that’s in front of me and evaluate it. And this has meant some hard decisions …

Saying no to an incredible volunteer opportunity at my church.
Saying no to a prayer group I’ve been involved with for years.
Saying no to a special writing opportunity.

I tried saying no to the 3,000 loads of laundry but then my crew started wearing the same pair of socks for like five days in a row and I knew that was NOT my Best Yes. The school teachers would talk, y’all …

ANYWAY, all that to say, we as women can’t do it all. And I’m so thankful Lysa TerKeurst gets that and is giving us this tool to really help us become all that God has for us to become.

This learning to live my Best Yes is so powerful.

So, I want to end this week by praying this blessing over you ….

Heavenly Father, as thousands of us come before Your throne today, we are in awe of what You have done in our lives this week. We can’t even believe all You are revealing to us about our journeys with You. We stand in awe.

I pray over the women on the other side of this computer screen that they would hear Your still, small voice gently leading them towards The Best Yeses You have for their lives. May their homes, jobs and cars be filled with Your perfect peace with every decision they make. May they have the courage to take the things off their plate they need to in order to put the right things on their plate. Give them the strength to believe they can do this.

We love You God, and we can’t believe we get to walk this journey with You together. Help us to be incredibly expectant for the weeks ahead and create in us a deep place of longing for… Your wisdom. In Jesus’ Name.

And all of God’s P31OBSer’s said …


Let’s chat:

I shared with you my greatest takeaway from this week now I can’t wait to hear yours! Leave a comment sharing what it is, I’ll be around reading and responding to as many as I can. :)