I Dare You to do This

Actually, I double dare you. If you take me up on this, you will be forever changed.

Hey, P31 OBSers!  (That’s all of you in this Online Bible Study!!) Happy Friday to each of you!

Are you up for a challenge?  I hope so, because I have a great one to help us as we wrap up week 1 of our study!

Check out this video for details on the challenge plus some encouragement from me~

If you can’t see the challenge video above, click here to view on You Tube.

Will you join us?  I dare you to do this! Haha just kidding … I want you to join me and do this.

What to do Today:

  1. Go to the Before Amen Prayer Challenge by clicking here.
  2. Once you go to that page, watch the video with Max Lucado and sign up for the challenge. (It’s free!)
  3. Plan a daily time you can complete the challenge and commit to do it.
  4. 4 minutes. 4 weeks. You got this.


Let’s Chat:

Are you taking the Prayer Challenge?  Let us know!

Who’s memorized Matthew 6:6?  Can you write it by memory? Give it a try!

In one sentence, share your prayer request today in our group chat/comment section. Pray for the person who comments above you and below you.

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Have a great weekend!

Just a reminder~

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I Never Called My Dad, “Daddy”

Hey, guys! It’s Nicki Koziarz here with you today. I’m thrilled to begin working through Chapter 2 of Before Amen titled, “Father … Daddy.”

So, I’m going to start this off by being really honest about something …

It’s hard for me to think of calling the God of heaven and earth, “Daddy.”

You see, I never called my own dad, “Daddy.” And it’s not because I don’t have a great dad, I definitely do.

He’s a teacher who some might say is like the Bon Jovi [wink] of eighth-grade history teachers. He’s so well known that once, when I was speaking at an event and after my message was over, I was chatting with a few of the ladies and somehow, the subject of who my dad was came up.

The message I had just spoken on was like chicken liver to them once they found out my dad was Mr. Chevy. ☺ It was ALL they wanted to talk about.

Anyway, I love my dad but … I’ve just never called him “Daddy.” It’s always been Dad.

I’m also feeling incredibly sensitive to the fact that so many people reading this post today didn’t have a great relationship with their dad. Or, perhaps many of us didn’t have a dad in our lives at all.

So the thought of approaching God like our “Daddy?”

It could feel awkward for so many reasons.

I don’t want us to get hung up on this though.

Because the enemy of our souls could use this second chapter to completely detour us away from what our loving God is trying to show us.

Throughout this chapter Max Lucado is helping us understand the simplicity in approaching God. It’s not really about what we “call” God.

Its about believing God is easily accessible and available.


I have three daughters, and I love how they love God so differently.

But my eldest daughter and my youngest daughter greatly differ in how they approach God.

The eldest one has all kinds of theological questions. And sometimes, a momma has to press pause on those questions before she can answer because, they are hard.

But my youngest daughter doesn’t have a lot of questions right now; she has a lot of faith. She is the first one in our family to say things like, “We should pray right now!” Or, “I believe God WILL heal my friend.”

The longer we live, the more life will give us reasons to question God.

And there is definitely a time to wrestle with our God-questions.

But maybe today, while we pray, we can let our souls go back to that place of being in awe and wonder of God. The place where that child-like faith triumphs all the questions, doubts and fears.

God wants to talk to you in the way you are most comfortable.

If calling Him “Daddy” feels right, do it.
If calling Him “Father” feels right, that’s totally fine.
If calling Him “God” feels right, say it.

Don’t let false formalities of prayer detour you away from experiencing the simplicity of God.

What to do today:

Read Chapter 2 and answer the questions on pages 111-115. For a limited time, this link will give you a free .PDF to read the first two chapters of Before Amen.  (Note ~ If you previously viewed it, you might need to refresh your browser to get the full 30 pages. By the way, Chapter Two begins on p. 20 and yes, the browser window will still say Ch. 1 in the title.)

Let’s Chat:

Leave a comment {here on the blog} sharing what part of Chapter 2 spoke to you the most. It could be a quote, a thought … anything.

P.S. – How are you doing on your verse memorization? :)


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Father, You Are Good {DVD Session 1}

Hi, friends!

Today’s post is short and sweet because we have a special treat for you.

Max Lucado and his team have made the entire Session One of his Before Amen DVD series available for free! It is so, so good. Max is going to introduce you to the pocket prayer and other insights from this book.

The video teaching is about 20 minutes long, so you’ll want to carve out some time today where you can watch the entire thing.

Click here if you cannot view the video from your email subscription.

I’ll be back with you tomorrow to share some insights on Chapter Two with you. :)

If you are still waiting for your book, we have Chapters 1 & 2 available for you. Awesome huh?  So for a limited time, this link will give you a free .PDF to read them both.  (Note ~ If you previously viewed it, you might need to refresh your browser to get the full 30 pages. And yes, the browser window will still say Ch. 1 in the title.)

Let’s Chat:

What part of the video had the greatest impact on you? Share about it in our group chat section {comments} here on the blog.

How are you doing with our memory verse (Matthew 6:6)?
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