Inside Scoop: Our Next OBS Isn’t About You

“Finding I Am” Study Leader, Melissa Taylor | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies | #FindingIAM #P31OBSHey there OBSers, Melissa Taylor here! Hasn’t Finding I AM been a great Bible study? Oh my goodness, I can’t believe we are into our fifth and final week!

I want us to finish up strong, but I also have a special announcement for you about our next OBS, which you can sign up for beginning today!

On April 3 we will be kicking off Listen, Love, Repeat by Karen Ehman!

The next Proverbs 31 Online Bible study is on the book, "Listen, Love, Repeat" by Karen Ehman! Study starts April 3. Learn more and sign up here --> #ListenLoveRepeat #P31OBS

We’ve done Karen’s studies before, and I promise you you’ll want to sign up for this one!

In the Listen, Love, Repeat OBS you will:

  1. Step into a new, purposed-filled life as you learn to intentionally love people the way that Jesus does.  
  2. Turn your attention to the lonely, the forgotten and the outcast as you read through practical ways to care for those in desperate need of God’s truth.
  3. Learn how to celebrate your friends and family in new, creative ways through personal stories, fun ideas and delicious recipes!
  4. Dig into God’s Word through Bible study homework that will give you a greater understanding of God’s Word and His love for you and others.

I hope you’ll sign up right now!  Click here to sign up and then mark your calendars! We begin Listen, Love, Repeat on April 3!

To order Listen, Love, Repeat and get some pretty cool freebies (only available through P31), click here to order it from our bookstore!


Let’s Chat:

Listen, Love, Repeat is going to be a unique combination of Bible study, book reading and community. We will read two chapters per week, have two days of Bible study per week and watch a teaching video from author, Karen Ehman, every week! If you like seeing how God can work in your life and make a difference in your relationships, then you are going to love this study! I know I’m all in. Will you join me in this study?

Comment today for your chance to win a copy of Listen, Love, Repeat by Karen Ehman. One winner will be randomly chosen and notified via email.

Answer the Let's Chat question in the comment section of today's blog and you'll be entered to win this week's prize I Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies I #FindingIAM #P31OBS

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I AM the True Vine {Week 5}

“Finding I AM” Study Leader, Kendra Schwarz | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies | #FindingIAM #P31OBSLadies, can we just take a second and marvel at the fact we made it to Week 5? My name is Kendra Schwarz and I’m your study leader this week.

Before we jump into the housekeeping items of a Monday post, I thought it would be good for us to get to know each other. Friendship is built on trust and what better way to build trust than to hear a confession. Right?!

Okay, here it goes …

I haven’t done all of my homework this study. Cue gasp! And if you haven’t either, that’s OK! We’re starting Week 5 together with a clean slate.

Okay, one more confession. In today’s video you’ll notice I’m eating grapes. It took two takes because I was distracted by them and messed up what I was planning to say … sigh.

Now that we have those two confessions out of the way, here’s the video, including helpful tips from Lysa TerKeurst for how to handle distractions as we study the Bible. And don’t forget we have closed captioning! How-to instructions are right here.

If you can’t view the video above, click here to watch on YouTube.

Told you I was distracted. Ha!

In the video, Lysa gave us a beautiful illustration of how we’re connected to the vine, tended by our ultimate Gardner, God. In today’s book work you’ll read,

We cannot do what God has called us to do without Him.”

"We cannot do what God has called us to do without Him." - Lysa TerKeurst #FindingIAM | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 5 #P31OBS

Might this serve as a little encouragement today?

We don’t want to miss out on all God’s called us to do. So this week, let’s be sure to do our study with Him so He can speak to us. As we flip open our books remember, Jesus is the vine. And He always has the branch’s best interests in mind. He is in control.

Now let’s do this Week 5 thing, shall we? And to help us with that, here’s the Study Companion. Click on “Week 5” for all you need to know about this week. I’ll see you in the comment section!


Let’s Chat:

In today’s video, Lysa mentioned “setting the scene” when you begin your study time. What are some things you do to help limit distractions?


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Our Resurrected Identity

“Finding I AM” Study Leader, Brenda Earley | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies | #FindingIAM #P31OBSHey, y’all, it’s Friday! SHOUT OUT to you for sticking with me! Brenda here again to close out Week 4. I’ve been sitting on the edge of my seat anticipating this day.

Ready for another teaching video? Atop the Mount of Olives, Lysa TerKeurst brings us a picture of what this week’s “I AM” statements mean. Aren’t you loving seeing the Holy Land through her eyes? If you need closed-captioning, click here for instructions.

If you can’t view the video above, click here to watch on YouTube.

Jesus wants us to understand His heart, today. He’s ready to make all things new and have this “I AM” come to life for us!

John 11:25 (NIV) I "I am the resurrection and the life." I Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies I Week 4 Verse I #FindingIAM #P31OBS

He is the One with Resurrection Power beyond our understanding, my friends. He can bring Life where there once was death. Remember Thomas? Martha? Even Jesus Himself?

In our video today, Lysa points out these resurrected identities:

Thomas “The Doubter” to Thomas “The Deep Thinker”

Martha “The Distracted One” to Martha “The Chosen One”

Jesus “The Coming Kingto Jesus “The Resurrected King”

And He wants to resurrect our identity too! Like Lysa said:

“The Resurrected King is bringing His Resurrection Power to you.”

He’s bringing His Resurrection Power to you, and to me! So let’s invite the Resurrected King to invade our lives and resurrect our identity.

I so enjoyed “doing life” with you this week!


Let’s Chat:

At the end of today’s video, Lysa leads us in an amazing heartfelt prayer. Did you join her in the prayer too? What deep places do you need Jesus to invade in order to resurrect the new YOU?

Join me in the comments, where you’ll be entered to win this “I AM” book with cards:

Answer the Let's Chat question in the comment section of today's blog, and you'll be entered to win this week's prize pack! I Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies I #FindingIAM #P31OBS

Five winners will be randomly selected and notified by email!

P.S. Miss a previous teaching video? Check out any of the past sessions below, available only until March 10!

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