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Anybody love a good summer read?

A page-turning novel? Maybe some must-have-closure, hope-nobody-sees-me-crying-while-I’m-sitting-near-the-pool captivating chick lit?

Then there’s the summer book club. Maybe try a little non-fiction? Something light, helpful and jam-packed with insights to help us gain some perspective on life? Uhmmm, YES, PLEASE!


P31 OBS, launches July 13.

Maybe you’ve heard by now, but just in case you haven’t … We wanted you to know a little bit about our next summer Online Bible Study: Am I Messing Up My Kids? … and Other Questions Every Mom Asks by Lysa TerKeurst. We launch this 6-week study Sun., July 13 and would be thrilled to have you join us.

We know not everyone here is a mom, but many of us have the ability to impact the next generation, be it through mentoring relationships, the wise words of an aunt or trusted wisdom of a dear friend. And few among us haven’t wondered at some point, Am I doing this right? What if I’m not? Does God have anything to say about raising children? And what if I do all of this work and am exhausted all day — will it ever pay dividends??

With her trademark gut-level honesty, Lysa TerKeurst is bringing tremendously practical insights, humor and Bible study. Plus, we’ve got moms with kids of all ages in our all-star OBS teaching team: Melissa Taylor, Kristy Aiken & Nicki Koziarz, who will be sure to keep it REAL! (No pretending, and no June Cleaver!)

Here’s a little video to share more — enjoy!

Am I Messing Up My Kids? Online Bible Study from Proverbs 31 Ministries on Vimeo.

(Click here to see the video if you can’t see it in your e-mail.)

What else is going on in the OBS world?

Obviously, we’ve still got 1-1/2 weeks left of Limitless Life, so we want to FINISH STRONG! We know summer schedules can sometimes get a little wonky, though, so wanted to make sure we keep you in the know! ūüôā

First, we’ve got two amazing Conference Calls remaining and tomorrow’s call is going to blow you away! Thurs., June 19, features Nicki Koziarz on “Crafting a Life Vision” … oooh, so practical!¬† Then next Thurs., June 26 we’ve got a special guest in Christian radio host and former Survivor: China contestant, Leslie Nease. She’ll be joining Lisa Allen to discuss, “Living a Life Without Limits.” Learn more or register for the calls, HERE. (Please note every call is recorded and ordering them gives you access to our Conference Call Facebook community, plus all of the calls in the Limitless Life series, even if they’ve already happened.)

Thursdays are our triple headers in OBS! In addition to our Conference Call, we’ve got the fabulous Blog Hop all day, and Rev It Up this week and next! Hope you can join us! (More details about these events in tomorrow’s post!)

Lastly, our Limitless Life OBS Facebook party is next Wed. June 25. It’s free faith-filled fun and prizes! RSVP here to get in on the fun!¬†¬† Can you tell we’re just a little bit excited? ūüôā

What to do:

We’d love to see you join us in a remaining optional event, or even for the next OBS that launches in July! Click HERE to learn more about Am I Messing Up My Kids? … and Other Questions Every Mom Asks.

Start reading Chapter 8 of Limitless Life. We’ll be discussing that here on the blog on Friday!

We want to hear from you:

Just for fun … What are you and yours up to this summer? How are you nourishing your spiritual life of purpose?

Have you ever created a written plan for your life? If so, what benefits have you seen from that? If not, what questions would you have in getting started?

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Have I Messed Y’all Up?

Dear Taylor Kids,

Being your mom is one of the greatest honors and joys of my life. But I can’t help but sometimes wonder …

Have I messed y’all up? In the way I’ve tried to raise you? In my day-to-day routines and my forever changing attitude? With the way I’ve spoken to you? What you’ve witnessed of me? Have I given you enough time? Enough love? Have I cooked decent meals? Cleaned your clothes okay? Been there for you the way you needed? Did I help you with your homework enough? Cheer loudly enough (or maybe too loud) at your events? Was there more I needed to do and less I needed to say? Were you okay when I had to go to work full-time? Did you realize that when you were hurt, I wanted so badly to take the hurt away? Did I teach you about Jesus well? Do you see Jesus in me?¬†Do you have any idea how much I love being your mom, how proud I am of you, and that I pray for you every day? ¬†Do you know that will never change?


Mom (Mum, Mommy, Mama, Mother)

As moms, we try to do our best. We love our kids and hope that what we do makes a difference in their lives. But oh my, don’t we wonder sometimes.

Good news: You are normal. Being a mom is tough stuff. Hardest job in the world, no doubt.

Maybe you are just starting out as a mom or maybe your kids are all grown up, but there’s something we moms have in common no matter what the ages of our children. We are still their mom. That’s not changing.

The Am I Messing Up My Kids? online Bible study is about to begin. Are you ready? ¬†In this study, we have all taken any “perfect mom” masks off! We are going to tackle questions every mom asks and around here, anything goes!

And since it’s summer, we are going to take it easy with this study. No big homework assignments, just reading and honest discussion. We’ll have a few fun extras here and there, but Mom — this is your study. Do as much or as little as you can. Do what works for you!

As you know, this study begins July 13. There’s still time to sign up and get the book, so if you have a friend or know a mom who might need some extra encouragement, please invite her to join us!

You can also check out the first five chapters here:

Am I Messing Up My Kids Ch 1-5 printable REVIEW (2)

Care to Share?

Ok, so I listed my questions (insecurities) to my kids at the top of this post? What are some of yours?

Share with us today and you will be entered to win the Am I Messing Up My Kids Conference Call Series¬†beginning in a few weeks. (Details about this series coming your way tomorrow! I can’t wait to tell you who will be joining us for this!)


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Maybe You Want Something Different

MUK Conf Call Ad

So, maybe you wanted a little more with your Bible study.

Or maybe you don’t have time to read a book and do the Bible study … but you’d still love to benefit from this topic.

The Conference Call Series could be for you!

Plus¬† … when you sign up by July 19, not only will you receive the
Am I Messing Up My Kids? Conference Call Series,
but you’ll also get the Made to Crave Conference Call Series absolutely FREE.

Learn More, or Purchase the Am I Messing Up My Kids? Conference Call Series Here

We are so excited about these guests!! And we’d love you to meet them by visiting them online, here:

Lysa TerKeurst

Jen Hatmaker

Jennie Allen

Jeannie Cunnion

We offer a conference call series with each of our studies as an option because we love to connect with you in various ways, and we love learning from others! With that said, it is a 100% optional part of this online Bible study. It’s an extra for those who want something different or something more.

The money you spend to participate in the call series goes right back in to Proverbs 31 Ministries. When you make a purchase, not only do you receive a resource, but you also are investing in eternity. Your purchase helps support the ministry and enables us to bring you free online devotions, online Bible studies and much more. You partner with us when you purchase a resource from our bookstore.

Meanwhile, drum roll, please!!¬† Here are the winners of ¬†the¬†Am I Messing Up My Kids?¬†Conference Call Series from yesterday’s post:

1) Courtney:  email beginning roundsjc

2) Rachel: email beginning rachelhirota

3) Debra Hopkins: email beginning debrahopkins

4) Karen Rhodes: email beginning ssunnyrn

5) Jenni Konetzki: email beginnning kor_jen

Congratulations ladies! If you see your name and email above, Angie, our incredible OBS assistant, will be emailing you with your prize information.

Our study begins in just three days!



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