Welcome to Bible Study :)

Your life is crazy. Your Bible study doesn’t have to be.  But if I’m totally honest, we do get a little crazy around here every now and then!

Welcome to your new Bible study group! I happen to believe this is the finest online Bible study and community you will ever be a part of! My name is Melissa Taylor, and I’ll be one of your leaders during our Before Amen study.  Thank you for signing up–it’s going to be absolutely fantastic!  I mean, how can it NOT be?  Right?  A study on prayer by MAX LUCADO?!?!

You are going to love this book. It’s simple and so easy to read, yet the message is deep & will change your life.  Sarah Young, author of Jesus Calling, said it perfectly. “Before Amen has a winning combination of simplicity and depth … practical, enjoyable, and inspiring.” Sounds good, huh?

To participate in this study, you will need the book or digital version of your choice of Before Amen by Max Lucado.



We will be using our Bibles daily during this study. You can use whatever version you choose, in book form or Bible app. Before Amen has study questions in the back of the book, so that’s super awesome! Makes it easy to have good study and quiet time all in one book!

Each weekday leading up to the study start date, which is November 17, there will be a post on our study blog with information that will help you know what to expect and how to do online Bible study. It’s simple really, but if you are new to online studies, you may not get exactly how it works. Between now and the start of the study, we’ll give you all the info you need.

If you are signed up for the study, then you will receive all of the study posts directly to your email. If you are reading this now from your email, then you are signed up (unless a friend forwarded you this email … ), which we love!  And we hope you will join us!)  If you aren’t signed up yet, you can do that here.

I have a short little welcome message for you that I really want you to hear! This way we can officially “meet!”  Listen carefully to everything I say because I have some VERY EXCITING news to share. During this study, we are offering something we’ve never offered before.

If you cannot see the video above, click here to view on You Tube.

YES, as I explained, we’d love to see you join us for the upcoming Conference Call series!  Details, the guest list and links to register are available HERE.

Okay, so who’s excited about this study?

Let’s get to know each other~
In the comment section, introduce yourself, tell us why you signed up for this study and what you hope to get out of it.

Everyone who shares will be entered to win the book Before Amen by Max Lucado and a small Bible!  If you already have the book and a Bible, you can give it to a friend! If you don’t, well then this just might be your lucky day!

We’ll randomly select two winners to be announced on Friday. You must comment by Thursday, November 6 at 9 p.m. ET to enter.

Big thanks to Max Lucado for donating the books and to our extremely generous P31 OBS community for donating the Bibles.

I’ll start~

I’m Melissa & I lead online Bible studies for Proverbs 31 Ministries because I love the Bible, learning to apply it to my life, and I love doing Bible study with friends! My life is crazy and I can’t attend a regular Bible study in my city, so that’s why I started P31 OBS! With this study, I hope to “calm the chaos in my world by embracing a new prayer life that brings peace and rest”.

Now it’s Your Turn.   🙂


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Bible Study Small Groups


Oh, how I’m hesitant to blog about this. I told our P31 OBS Team that I wasn’t sure it was a good idea and there’s a good reason for it.

Hey y’all~

If you are joining us for the first time here, welcome! I’m Melissa Taylor, and I’ll be one of your leaders in the Before Amen OBS (Online Bible Study) which begins November 17. Now, as I was saying …

I’m going to share something that is truly an amazing part of P31 OBS. It’s our Facebook Small Groups. So, why am I hesitant to share? It’s because space is extremely limited.  Oh y’all, I wish we had room for everyone who wanted to be in one, and one day I pray will, but here’s the deal~ These groups are truly awesome. And the reason is because of our amazing small group leaders.

We don’t just have small groups and hope they are run well and hope they will have a good leader. We train our leaders and get to know everyone in their groups first. We want our small groups to be an experience that the participants will treasure. Each small group is limited to 20 members. The groups are private and designed to give participants a small setting to get to know others while doing the study. We expect each person in the small group to be an active part of the group. The groups are study and community focused. And, oh how I wish we had more groups. But the good news is that this area of the ministry is growing and we are adding more groups with each study.

We currently have about 500 spaces. Check out this video to find out more about how you can register~

If you can’t see the video above, click here to view it on You Tube.

Click here to register. We will fill the groups on a first-come, first-served basis. Then, we will begin a waiting list and place peeps in groups as space is available.

BUT WAIT!!! If you are not in a small group, it’s all good. I’m not in a small group. I’ll be participating in the big group right here on this blog and through email. You aren’t missing out on the study if you aren’t in a small group. The study takes place here.

That’s all for today! We’ll continue to post each weekday leading up to our start date, November 17, letting you know a little more about the Before Amen study!!!

Tomorrow, my beautiful friend and co-leader of the Before Amen study will be here. If you don’t know Nicki, you’ll be close friends with her in no time. She’s the best, so make sure you read tomorrow’s post. Plus, she’ll be announcing our winners from yesterday’s post! Whoo Hoo!

Have a wonderful day, y’all! (In case you don’t know, I’m from the southeast United States … we say “Y’all” for “you all” and … I say it a lot.)

Bye Y’all!

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Welcome to Bible Study 🙂



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Friday Favorites: Meet Melissa Taylor & Nicki Koziarz

Well, hey there Before Amen friends!

I am thrilled today to officially introduce myself and Melissa Taylor to you! The two of us will be leading you through our study of Before Amen, and we can’t wait to get started. This study is going to ROCK our little praying worlds.

To help us all get acquainted a little more, Melissa and I thought it would be fun for us to share a few of our favorite things. And oh yes … we have a whole favorites list for you at the end of this blog post to fill out in the comments.  🙂

But first up … meet Melissa!

She’s the Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Study director, wife to Jeff, mom to four amazing kids and two fur babies. She blogs {occasionally :)} at melissataylor.org and you can connect with her on Twitter @MelissaRTaylor and on Instagram @melissartaylor.



Alright, here are a few of Melissa’s favorites!

Favorite Family Destination: Walt Disney World

Favorite Soda: Coke Zero

Favorite Store to Buy Clothes: Marshalls

Favorite Book of The Bible: Psalm & James

Favorite P31OBS Study So Far: What Happens When Women Say Yes to God

Favorite TV Show: Once Upon A Time

Favorite Place to Eat Lunch: Dorians

Favorite Song [currently]: Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

Favorite Time of The Day: Sunset

Favorite Flavor of Ice-Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip

And now … this is a little awkward, me introducing myself? But oh well … hi! 🙂

I’m Nicki! Wife to Kris, mom to three beautiful, but VERY hormonal, girls and one slightly famous pug named Herman — you can connect with him on Instagram @Hermangram. I blog at www.nickikoziarz.com a few times a week [most of the time!] You can connect with me on Twitter @NickiKoziarz, Instagram @NickiKoziarz and I share daily encouragement for your journey with God on this Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/nickikoziarz.ministry


And here’s a few of my favorites …

Favorite Family Destination: The beach!

Favorite Soda: Coke Zero

Favorite Store to Buy Clothes: Charlotte Russe

Favorite Book of The Bible: Proverbs

Favorite P31OBS Study So Far: What Happens When Women Say Yes to God

Favorite TV Show: Fixer Upper

Favorite Place to Eat Lunch: Chipotle

Favorite Song [currently]: It Is Well by Bethel

Favorite Time of The Day: Sunrise

Favorite Flavor of Ice-Cream: Rocky Road

Melissa and I are both so excited to meet you! So now we want you to copy and paste the favorites list into the comment section and fill it out. 🙂

Favorite Family Destination:

Favorite Soda:

Favorite Store to Buy Clothes:

Favorite Book of The Bible:

Favorite P31OBS Study So Far:

Favorite TV Show:

Favorite Place to Eat Lunch:

Favorite Song [currently]:

Favorite Time of The Day:

Favorite Flavor of Ice-Cream:


For everyone who leaves a comment sharing your favorites you’ll automatically be entered to win one of two copies of Before Amen. We’ll announce the winners next week.

Looking forward to reading your answers. Post by Sunday at 8 pm ET, winners will be announced Monday! I’ll see you again soon here on the blog!

Winners from Wednesday post~

  • Brenda Dixon- email beginning “toothfairybren”
  • Kristy- email beginning “klh2008″

You have won Before Amen and a Bible!  Email Angie, our lovely P31 OBS Ministry Assistant at Angie@Proverbs31.org and give her your mailing address. We’ll get these in the mail to you in a few days!

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Bible Study Small Groups

Welcome to Bible Study 🙂





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