Thankful for Great Friends Like You :)

We (me and the Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team) are SO EXCITED!

We have the best friends and they have been spreading the news about our next OBS, Greater.

Blog friends, Kelly Stamps and Melanie Moore both featured us on their great big blogs last week. They kindly hosted and gave away 4 books each! How sweet is that!  Thank you so much Kelly and Melanie for partnering with our OBS. Just like you, we believe this is an amazing and much needed ministry.

Coming up this week, Proverbs 31 President, Lysa TerKeurst, will be hosting a week full of give aways.  Kicking off this fantastic week will be another Greater give away!  Please tell your friends!  Visit Lysa’s blog on Monday, leave a comment, and you will be entered to win! There will be 4 winners!

I just love how we have the honor to partner with so many ministry friends all because we all care about God working in the lives of His children. I’m so thankful for great friends who stick together and are for each other. No competition because we are on the same team! Don’t you just love that?

Hey, will you be joining me and my friends in our next Online Bible Study?  It’s going to be super fun and fantastic.  Really, it is. I’ve already begun reading Greater and I just can’t wait for you to join me!  Please invite your friends and family!

Y’all, I know you often think I’m crazy and maybe I am!  But I so love studying God’s Word. And even more, I love studying God’s Word with friends. When we do these OBS’s together, I get so much out of it! It helps me stay accountable and it challenges me. I want it to do the same for you.

I’m so excited to start Greater next week. We will do Bible study for 3 weeks, take 2 weeks off for Christmas (see I’m a nice leader), and then finish with 3 weeks in January.

During Greater, which begins November 25th, you will:

*learn that God has a great vision and plan for your life…and how to get started with it.

*not try to be the greatest, but definitely go for greater.

*come closer to God and apply His Word to your life NOW.


We also are offering a conference call series, which is optional.  The conference call series just takes you a little bit deeper, if you want more than the study offers.

During the Greater Conference Call Series, you will:

*Hear personally from author of Greater, Pastor Steven Furtick.   (do you know how rare this is???)

*Spend an evening with Lysa TerKeurst!

*Get some holiday planning tips from Karen Ehman (Co-Author of Untangling Christmas and author of our next online study, Let. It. Go.)

*Learn how to move forward with Christian Life Coach, Linda Kuhar.

*Receive a powerful message on each call.

*Take home some Christmas ideas to implement into your life and home.

*Start the New Year off right with real goals that can make a big difference in your life.

Don’t delay!  We have 4 calls and the first one is November 26th!  Sign up today here.


I am so thankful for each of you. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without my OBS and blog friends. Thank you for visiting my blog today. Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can do anything for you. I need you and I’m so thankful for great friends like you!

For four days of free Praying Greater emails, click here.

Big Blessings Y’all!  We have lots of great stuff coming up!

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Anyone Can Do 4 Days

Ok.  I get it.  You don’t want to commit to a Bible study.  I really don’t either. It seems overwhelming. But I’m going to do it anyway because I know I need it. And it makes God happy when I’m in His Word. But I understand, you might not want to commit to a Bible study…

But, anyone can commit to 4 days right?  Right!!!!

Join me and let’s commit to 4 days of Greater.  Just 4 days. Let’s Go.  Now.

And if you think you may be ready for more, join our Online Bible Study. Just sign up in the top right corner of my blog. You can buy the book for 25% off here.

And you can try to win the book today on Lysa TerKeurst’s blog.  It should be up sometime today. Keep checking and leave a comment.

Either way, I hope you’ll join me.  Will you?  (Please say yes!)

Happy Monday Y’all!!!  Just 6 more days til Greater!!!

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How to Prepare for Greater

I am getting so excited for our next Online Bible Study which begins in just 4 days!

And it’s not too late to come on board. Get you a Greater book and join me!

I’ve begun praying for everyone who is signed up for the Greater study. I went through the thousands tonight.

Australia, UK, Canada, China, Trinidad, Mexico, Uganda, Argentina, England, Singapore, Scotland, Nigeria, Germany, Belgium, South Korea, Nueces, Kenya, New Zealand, Botswana, South Africa, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Rwanda, Peru, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Madagascar, India, El Salvador, Jamaica, Indonesia, Swaziland, Holland, Malaysia, Malawi, Guam, Ottawa, Cayman Islands, Dupage, Scotland, Afghanistan, Japan, Russia, Hungary, N. Ireland, Wales,  and United States of America.

These are the countries represented so far. God bless you all! I’m asking God’s favor in your life and for Him to bless you and to give you greater! Are you ready for God to ignite His vision for your life?  Get ready! That’s what I just prayed for you!

Greater Checklist:

1. Purchase Greater. It’s 25% off at Proverbs 31 Ministries this month! 

2. Pray Greater. 4 Days of praying Greater. Get the free emails here.

3. Have your Greater book, Bible, notebook, pen, and highlighter ready. Check my blog, November 25th for your Week 1 Assignments.

4. Go deeper with the Greater Conference Call Series. Our first call is Monday, November 26th with Pastor Steven Furtick!!!!!!!! 3 calls to follow with NY Times best selling author Lysa TerKeurst, Let. It. Go. author Karen Ehman, and Christian Life Coach Linda Kuhar. These calls are recorded in case you can’t listen live. They are available for download and are an excellent way to help bring the message of Greater to a deeper level. Each call contains a message from a special guest, book discussion, and life applicable instruction. Order the Greater Conference Call Series Today so you don’t miss out!

That’s all for now!  I’ll be in touch in a few days with all you need to know to do an online Bible study!  And Conference Call peeps, you will receive the Call Information for our first awesome conference call on Sunday. Check your emails!

God Bless You and thank you so much for being in this awesome Bible study group!  47 countries!!!! WOW!


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