Why The Husband Project?

Melissa Taylor from Proverbs 31 Online Bible StudiesWhat if the secret to a better marriage starts with me? This question alone is what got me interested in The Husband Project by Kathi Lipp.

My marriage has gone through many seasons. Ups, downs and everywhere in between. I’m sad to admit this, but there were times when I wondered if it was really worth it.

Before I tell you more about The Husband Project, let me fill you in on my marriage. If you had asked me last year about my marriage, here’s what I would have told you:

  • My marriage is fine.
  • My husband is fine. I like him.
  • Our family life is fine.
  • We love each other.
  • We are committed to stay together and have proven that we will do whatever it takes. Marriage counseling probably saved us 10 years ago.
  • We have a good routine that works well for both of us.
  • Is it exciting? Not exactly, but we’re content.
  • Is my husband a priority for me? I don’t want to answer that question.
  • Do I take time to notice him? I don’t want to answer that question either.
  • Does he notice me? Probably not.
  • Do I think my marriage is the best it could be? No, but it isn’t bad.
  • I would work more on my marriage, but I don’t think he would want to. We are OK.

So, you can imagine my response when women would ask me, “When are we going to do an OBS on marriage?” In my head I would reply, “Never!” All because I didn’t want to rock the boat.

Fast forward to last January. I was in line at a Weight Watchers meeting and the woman ahead of me told me about The Husband Project by Kathi Lipp. I was intrigued by the premise of this book and the results she was seeing in her marriage. Specifically, her own excitement for her marriage again. So, I went home and ordered the book.

After reading a few pages, I quickly changed my way of thinking. What if the key to a better marriage really could start with me?

I decided to invite a few friends to join me and give this a try. Honestly, I was nervous. What if nothing happened? What if he never noticed? What if it’s all for nothing? All four of us who went through The Husband Project together unanimously agreed: This was one of the best things we’ve done for ourselves and our marriage!

So, why The Husband Project?

There are many reasons, which we will cover over the next few weeks leading up to the study. But my #1 reason would be because we are wives. We make up 50% of our marriage! We can’t change everything, but we can start somewhere. In fact, the key to a better marriage just might begin with us!

When you purchase The Husband Project from Proverbs 31 Ministries, you’ll get 8 Scriptures to Pray When Your Husband Is Overwhelmed for free!

Purchase The Husband Project here.

Let’s Chat:

Are you joining us for The Husband Project? What is your why?

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My Marriage is Fine, Thanks!

Melissa Taylor from Proverbs 31 Online Bible StudiesHello and welcome! We’re gearing up for The Husband Project Online Bible Study and excited so many wives want to join us! Over 24,000!

Last week in part of my blog message, I told you this:

My marriage has gone through many seasons. Up, down and everywhere in between. I’m sad to admit this, but there were times when I wondered if it was really worth it.

If you had asked me last year about my marriage, this is what I would have told you.

  • My marriage is fine.
  • My husband is fine. I like him.
  • Our family life is fine.

That’s right, WE ARE FINE! I really thought “fine” was OK, until I read The Husband Project by Kathi Lipp. Then I didn’t want to settle for “fine” anymore. So after I read The Husband Project, I DID The Husband Project.

I grabbed a few of my OBS friends and asked them if they would do it, too. Then I asked them if they would join me in leading you through it. They said YES!

P31OBS Study Leaders for "The Husband Project"

At first, they were a little hesitant. Like me, their marriages were also just fine. But we all agreed to be more intentional on being better wives. Not just because our husbands deserve it, but because God would want us to try.

When we were done, I asked them, “Why are you glad you did The Husband Project?” Here’s what they had to say:

“I’m glad I did The Husband Project because it brought fresh possibilities back into my marriage where I was only seeing obstacles.” ~ Katrina Wylie

“This study helped reignite a desire within me to intentionally love my husband, to serve him and honor him, and  ‘date’ him again.” ~ Nichole Stern

“I’m so glad I did The Husband Project because it made me intentionally take my eyes off myself. No one likes to admit this, but I can be selfish and this project helped me become selfless.” ~ Nicki Koziarz

We don’t even live near each other but because of the beauty of technology, that didn’t matter. We used Facebook as our main communication to share and encourage each other, but you can use what works for you.

Is your marriage fine? I’m not sure what your answer is to that question, but I bet like us, you could be a little more intentional on loving that man of yours, right?

If you haven’t already, go ahead and ask a few friends to join you! You’ll need them because you won’t always feel like doing a project or … prepare yourself … he might not even notice! I know. Not fair, right?  🙂

And if you don’t have anyone to do this with you, we’ve got you covered! Join us here on the blog!

Let’s Chat:

What’s the number one reason you are going to do The Husband Project?

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I Almost Skipped this Study

"I Almost Skipped this Study“ by Katrina Wylie | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies | #TheHusbandProject #P31OBSHi, OBS friends! I’m Katrina Wylie, one of the study leaders for The Husband Project, and I have a confession to make: I almost skipped this study.

Yep. It’s true. When Melissa Taylor invited me to join her and a couple others to go through it, and then lead it, I was excited! A marriage study with practical application for everyday living? Sign me up!

But then, as I thumbed through the pages of projects, my reality seeped in. Obstacles poured into my mind like:

  • We’re on a tight budget. How could I do projects involving buying what we’ve deemed “unnecessary extras”?
  • We’re on an even tighter timetable! How could I complete projects calling for time together beyond a few stolen minutes here and there?
  • We don’t have a sitter. How was I supposed to plan the projects involving just my guy and me?

It felt like I couldn’t do this study. BUT, do you know what happened as those obstacles flowed through my mind? Tears began to flow down my cheeks.

Truth is I WANTED to be able to do those types of things in the book, but I’d long ago given up on pushing through the obstacles I felt powerless over. I’d reasoned: “It’s not as if our marriage is bad. We’re making it through. We’re good.” But … then why the tears?

As I went to God with this question, He whispered to my soul, “Katrina, your obstacles aren’t why you CAN’T do ‘The Husband Project.’ They are why you NEED to do ‘The Husband Project.'”

He made it clear. I had a choice. I could allow our obstacles to be my extinguisher OR my fuel. And guess what guys — I’m happy to tell you I chose the latter!

Thankfully, God used The Husband Project to take those “impossible” obstacles and breathe possibility back in! Through it, I learned I CAN make special daily efforts to bless my man and our marriage, despite money, time and babysitter challenges. And THAT, my friends, is making a priceless difference!

Let’s Chat:

There’s power in community and prayer, friends! So, once God reaffirmed my “sign me up” decision, I went to my study partners, shared the obstacles I faced, and asked them to pray me up! Let’s do that for one another now. Share with us the challenge(s) you’re facing. Then hop on up to the comment above yours and type out a prayer for them. Or, if you prefer, pray privately and then let them know they were prayed for.

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