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Well Hello to all my Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies (P31 OBS) Friends!

This is Director of Online Bible Studies Melissa Taylor, from Proverbs 31 Ministries.  I wish you could see me right now, because I am OVER THE TOP excited to join all of you in our next OBS, Keep It Shut, by Karen Ehman.

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Do you have questions?  Probably so. But, before you ask, check out the 411 on OBS here.  Most of what you need to know can be found there.

Small Group Options

Our Bible study and community will take place on our P31 Study Blog (right here). This is our big community and will have everything you need to do this study.  However, some of you may be interested in taking this to a deeper and more personal level. If that’s you, read on.

Read everything below before you make a decision to register for a small group for Keep It Shut.

If you are interested in joining a FACEBOOK small group for this study, (yes, you must be on Facebook for this option), here’s what you need to know:


  • You have to be on Facebook to be in one of our small groups.
  • There is limited space available. We so wish we had room for everyone. But we keep these groups small for a reason. We will fill groups on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • If you sign up to join a small group, then plan on being an active participant in your group. We love everyone, but no observers allowed. 🙂 These groups are created for study discussion, accountabilty, participation and community.
  • These groups of 15-20 women are completely private and each group has a Proverbs 31 trained leader.

Would you like to join one of our small groups?  Register for a small group here.  

Let’s Chat~

Why did you sign up for this OBS?  What are you hoping to gain?

Please share your answer with us. Just click “Join the Conversation” below to comment.

That’s all for today!  I’ll be back soon with more on Keep It Shut: What to Say, How to Say It, and When to Say Nothing at All.  I’m so super excited about this study!!!


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Ready…Set…Keep It Shut (in 4 days!)

Hey Y’all!

If you don’t know, that’s southern talk for “Hello to all of you.”  And since I’m a southern girl, you’ll hear me say “Hey Y’all” a lot!

Come on in and sit with me for just a few minutes, I want to give you the LOWDOWN for our Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study, Keep It Shut, by Karen Ehman.

First things first~ let’s ditch the formalities. Around here, we are just #P31OBS or sometimes just OBS.  And you~ well that makes you and me, an OBSer. Yea, I know. But I don’t like calling me the leader and you a participant. We are so much more than that. The OBS team and I consider you our cherished friends and I hope you’ll consider us the same.

So friends…fellow OBSers, I have a little something to say to you. I wish it could be in person, but here’s the next best thing. You need the lowdown on how this works, so here it is. Please don’t make me beg you to watch this video. Just do it. I promise I tried to make it fun and interesting. And guess what? If you watch it all the way through and then “Join the Conversation” below. Well, you just might win a prize.  Just sayin’~ so take a look at this, then come on back.

If you can’t see a video above this sentence, then you must CLICK HERE now.  🙂

Ok, so now that you have the lowdown, hopefully you are ready to begin!

If you don’t have Keep It Shut by Karen Ehman, you can order by clicking the picture below.

Keep It Shut

If you are still waiting for your book to arrive when the study begins, don’t fret. We’ll be posting the first 3 chapters every day next week.

Invite your friends to join us! This is going to be a fun study!

Want to connect with us beyond the blog? Join us on social media where the conversation never ends!

#P31OBS Facebook Page

@P31OBS on Twitter

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Let’s Chat:

This is where you get to join the conversation!

What’s one thing in the video that I said that got you excited about this study?

Answer that question and you, my friend, will be entered to win the Keep It Shut Conference Call Series, which begins February 2nd!

Hope you all have a FABULOUS day!  See ya tomorrow when you will meet our awesome teaching team!

Big Hugs!

Melissa 🙂

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Meet Your Bible Study Leaders

Hey Y’all! 😉  It’s Melissa again. And I’m so super happy to say that our 21st OBS, Keep It Shut by Karen Ehman, begins in just 3 DAYS!!!

As we prepare to begin, I want to introduce you to the leaders who will be working up front and behind the scenes during this study. Remember, they aren’t just your leaders, they truly want you to consider them friends. And after you watch this video, I know you are going to feel right at home.

Do you see a video right above this sentence? If not, CLICK HERE!

What did I tell you?  Aren’t they just fab?  Can’t you tell they are just your everyday REAL women: no masks, no pretending, just sharing real life with you! Your life is crazy (obviously we could tell, sweet Erin had to record her video to you from her bathroom just to get away from the noise of her home LOL), but your Bible study doesn’t have to be! At least we hope it’s not!

Thanks to EVERYONE who joined our conversation yesterday! Three winners were randomly selected from all of the comments. These three ladies won a Keep It Shut Conference Call Series!

Congrats to:

1) Jessica: jlynneolson

2) Deb D.: debandkend

3) Shyla: s.bailey0813

 Anyone is welcome to join our series. It begins February 2nd! We moved our live calls back to the evening (yes we heard you!); they will still be recorded for anyone who can’t be on live, and this year we have them at a new and greatly reduced price! So excited about this!

Let’s Chat:

This is where you get the chance to join the conversation, and we hope you will. Let’s get to know each other, ok?  We’ve told you a little about ourselves, now you tell us a little about yourself:

  • What is your name?
  • Where are you from?
  • Are you ready to begin Keep It Shut?

*****GIVE AWAY ALERT***** Also include the names of all of the leaders in our video above (including me) and you will be entered to win our Bible study book, Keep It Shut. We are giving TEN of them away! Winners announced Monday.

If you don’t have your book yet, no worries!  We will post the first 3 chapters EVERYDAY next week! That way you won’t get behind!

See you on Monday for our first official day of Keep It Shut.

For the lowdown on this study, where to get a book, and more, click here.

Have a great weekend!


Melissa 🙂

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