Ready! Set! Action! {Week One}

Alright friends, here we go!

Today begins our first day of the Made to Crave Action Plan study.

We know many of you are still waiting for your Made to Crave Action Plan book. Have no fear, we are here for you! Here is the entire first week of our study. Hopefully this will help you make due until your book arrives.

Made to Crave Action Plan Session 1 (1)

If this is your first Online Bible Study with Proverbs 31 Ministries, we are so excited to have you here! And if you are joining us again, welcome back!!!

Each Sunday be sure to read this in your email or on the P31 blog and watch the video to understand what we are doing for the week. We have a fun welcome message for you today with info about all that’s happening this week in the study. Check it out~

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Those of you reading this in your email, click here to see the video.

This is YOUR Bible study, and we want you to feel like this is home. We encourage as much engagement on this blog as you feel comfortable doing.

Every comment represents a person God has allowed you to walk through this journey with, so don’t miss out on the relationships God wants to build here.

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So to recap from the video, here is what this week looks like:

Verse of the Week~

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. ~James 1:5

Word of the Week~


And here’s what’s happening in Week 1 of our study:


  • Check your email or the P31 OBS study blog for a video message from Lysa TerKeurst and Dr. Chilton. Watch the video and then work through the group discussion questions in your Action Plan book.
  • We also begin our Action Plan Conference Call Series, which we are so excited about!  Joining us in the next series will be Dr. Ski Chilton, co-author of Made to Crave Action Plan and of Gene Smart Wellness, Buck Buhler of B3 Fitness, Amy Lykins of LEAN Wellness, and author Lysa TerKeurstDenise Had Hammond will be joining us for our webinar:  Overcoming the Challenges of a Lifelong Commitment to Healthy Eating
  • To sign up, click here


  • We’ll continue our group discussion on the blog–stay tuned, we may even feature YOUR response from Monday’s questions on the blog post! 🙂 Plus, we’ll have our Twitter party on Tuesday night at 8pm EST. More details to come on Tuesday’s post about the Twitter party.


  • Check your email or the study blog for some instructions on working through the between sessions personal study from your Action Plan book.


  • Photo Hop~ We love our Blog Hop, but for this study we are switching it up a bit and want to see your pictures! Here is this week’s theme:                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Photo Theme: ACTION VERSE – Because this is a “spiritual adventure with physical benefits,” our starting place will always be the Word of God. What scripture is your favorite encouragement and motivation for taking action? Share a picture. (It can be as simple as taking a picture of the scripture in your Bible or creating a scripture pic in a photo editing software or website.) We will give you all the instructions you need to share your pic on Thursday!
  • Rev It Up~ 8pm EST.  This is our awesome LIVE interactive Bible study that happens on Facebook. You can go ahead and visit this Facebook page and join this event here. Click the link and you will get all of your directions on how this works. You don’t want to miss this, it’s wildly fun and amazing how impactful!


  • We will be working through the Starting Point Assessment  from the Action Plan book and have some fun too!


  • A time for prayer and praises with our amazing OBS Prayer Coordinator, Jamie Whitaker!

Wow. What an amazing week we have ahead! No worries if you can’t participate in everything! Do what you can, okay? 🙂

Will you leave us a comment today? Tell us your name and where you are joining us from.  Not sure how to leave a comment? It’s simple, just click at the very bottom of this post where it says “Leave a comment.” Then write your message in the box and click “Post a comment” when done. We can’t wait to get to know more about you!

Here we go y’all! Are you excited? Made to Crave Action Plan begins now!

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Take Action

Happy Monday! Ready to Take #Action? Of course you are, so let’s go!

I hope your week is off to an amazing start! Today is really exciting because together we get to watch session one of the Action Plan DVD, which we will show you below. So get comfy and get ready to take notes. This session is PACKED with valuable information! You’ll want to have your Action Plan Participant’s Guide with you as you watch and use it for pages 11-14.

If you are waiting on your Action Plan to arrive, click here for all of the content needed for Week 1. Hopefully you can get your book this week before Week 2 begins!

Watch this video with Lysa TerKeurst sharing a Bible lesson and Dr. Ski Chilton, one of the leading experts in nutrition, sharing health facts that can change your life! Most of you know Lysa, but I’m really excited for you to get to know Dr. Chilton too! After you watch the video, come back! We have some great discussion that we all are going to answer together.

**Please note, this video will be available only until next Monday**

**Please note, this video will be available only until next Monday** – See more at:
[field name=video]

If you cannot see the video above, click here to watch Lysa TerKeurst and Dr. Ski Chilton.

How did you like the video message?  Well now it’s time for our group discussion! In your Action Plan Participant’s Guide, let’s look at the discussion questions in the section appropriately titled, Group Discussion. (p. 15) Complete questions 1-4, then come back and share your answers in the comment section. (You can find the comment section at the bottom of this message. Just scroll down and you’ll see the words “Leave A Comment Here.”) Click there and share your responses.

Melissa and I will both be posting our responses in the comment section too, so we hope to see you there. 🙂  We will be sharing a few of your responses too!

Thanks for going on this journey together! It may be hard at times, but we are worth it! #Action!

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Healthy Eating Factors and Principles

Ok, don’t go away. I know the title today isn’t the most exciting in the world, but just hang with me a bit because it’s important…too important for us to tune out.

But before we talk about that, let’s look at some group discussion questions from yesterday and what you had to say about them. The questions are from the Action Plan Participant’s Guide. Answers from some you, our awesome group members.

What part of the teaching had the most impact on you?


What thoughts or emotions are you aware of when you consider inviting God into your struggles with food?


What would help you feel safe here—to feel that this group is a “grace place”?

Meet Dr. Ski Chilton~

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Dr. Ski Chilton, he is someone you want to know. In fact, before you dig into today’s discussion questions, take some time to get to know Dr. Chilton and read about his commitment to your health. I want you to know the co-author of Made to Crave Action Plan. When you visit his website and learn all he is committed to, you will feel, blessed and confident that you are in just the right place today.

Go meet Dr. Chilton now by clicking here. Then come back for today’s assignment. 🙂

****Dr. Chilton will be joining us live on two of our Action Plan Conference Calls, and he will also be interacting with us through his blog. We are SO SO SO  thrilled and honored to have him join us!

Today’s Assignment~

If you haven’t viewed the video message from Lysa TerKeurst and Dr. Chilton, do that first. Click here to watch the video message. (This video is only available to us this week, so make sure you watch it now!)

Yesterday, we discussed Lysa’s message on the video and, today, we’ll be looking at the Healthy Eating Factors and Principles shared by Dr. Chilton. Hopefully, this will offer you freedom as you learned that “it’s not your fault”, and the 5 principles that are scientifically proven to help us get healthy and lose weight…HOLLA! I love hearing that!

Find the section in your Action Plan Participant’s Guide titled Healthy Living and Principles on pages 16-17 of your guide. Complete questions 5-6 and share your answers for discussion in the comment section. Just click “Leave a Comment” at the bottom of this message to share them. Then on p. 17, complete the Individual Activity and write a closing prayer to finish out the lesson for today.

All of this can be found in your Action Plan Participant’s Guide. If you are still waiting on your book, here is a link to Week 1’s content.

Ok, enough from me, now you get going! This is “group discussion” so let’s discuss this as a group! I can’t wait to read how you answered the questions. Also share how grateful you are for Dr. Chilton lending his expertise to us during this study!

TweetItUpTuesdaysAnd now here’s Stephanie Raquel (@StephRaquel) to tell you about this week’s #CraveGod Twitter Party! =)

~ ~ ~ Hey there sweet OBS sisters! Wow, more #ACTION tips!  My partner in crime, Marcie Anderson (@marcie_spencer) & I invite you to join us for our first Twitter Party TONIGHT, Tues., March 4 from 8-9 pm ET.  (Of course, it’s completely optional so if you’re busy or just don’t Tweet, not to worry!)

If you watched any of Sunday night’s Academy Awards, you may have caught a glimpse of the power of social media.  We can do just that and have a global conversation to honor God! Fast-paced, fun, filled with prizes — what’s not to love?!  =)

Future Tweet it Up Tuesdays will be March 18 & April 1 (all at 8 p.m.)

Here are a few tips to maximize your success:

Twitter 101
1. For info on how to create a Twitter account, a Twitter glossary and more, click here.  Twitter is free — you just need a working e-mail address.  =) Ready to up your game?  Advanced advice on using Twitter can be found here:
2. Try to add a profile photo. Some people will only follow or reply to you if they can see a picture, not just an ‘egghead’ shape.
3. Follow @P31OBS and try to answer as many questions as you can during our hour together.  Use the ‘hashtag’ for the study for all of your replies during our Twitter parties. A hashtag means you put the pound/ number sign, #, directly in front of a word, and then other people can search for it.  For our current study, use hashtag #CraveGod in all of your replies to @P31OBS. 
4. An easy way to watch the posts on your desktop, smart phone or tablet is via Tweetdeck.  You can get the app in the iTunes store, or via this link:   You can search #CraveGod, or all mentions of @P31OBS.
5. Twitter is a gracious community, but not everyone who Tweets keeps things PG.  You can monitor your feed to alert you when someone sends a tweet that anyone might deem offensive.  (Chances are this won’t be one of your OBS sisters, but if we start trending nationally or around the world, anybody can — and will — join us.)  Love on them, pray for them and check your settings.  If it’s warranted, you can flag inappropriate content, or block users who send spam or other unwanted tweets.
6. If you’re trying to determine the start time for where you live, use this handy tool:
7. You can follow our teaching team and Leadership team!  I guarantee you that @MelissaRTaylor@NickiKoziarz and @Proverbs31org would all love to see your sweet tweets.

A few more Tweeps to follow for practical, spiritual insights this study: @LysaTerKeurst, Dr. Ski Chilton (@GeneSmart) and certified health coach Amy Lykins (@HealthCoachLean).

As Jesus said in Matthew 9:11-13, it’s not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.  Therefore, we are doing all that we can to help further the healing.

 Can’t wait to see you in the Twitterverse!



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