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For patience and ability to handle rejectionAnonymous805-21-2015
I'm walking down a path that I feel I was led to go down by the Lord. But now I'm in the waiting phase. And I'm trying to be patient, but it's so hard. I've received some answers so far that weren't positive. But there are others I'm waiting on. Please pray that the Lord's will be done and that I handle whatever the results are of this journey.
Relationship with GodAnonymous905-21-2015
Lately I've been struggling with what it means to truly have a relationship with God, I've been struggling for years with this and just need prayer in finding what that means. I feel like I've been doing it wrong this whole time and just want to connect with God and have a relationship with Him. My hope is that through prayer and reading the Word, God would open up my eyes and show me how to live for Him and what His plan for me is. Thank you.
My husband(Shane) is in the process of having the divorce papers drawn up. I'm still fervently praying he will have a change of heart. That God will move in a powerful way in our hearts and in our marriage.
A job for my husband and restoration for my fatherAnonymous705-21-2015
i want you to help me pray for my husband that the lord will give him a good job. i want God to help us find our father he has been missing for a while and that after he is found, he will reunite with us, that he will yet flourish again, just as God blessed the latter part of job life so shall it be for him in Jesus name
Wants 8 1/2 Years Of Struggling Is Coming To An EndMichelle Knowles505-21-2015
Please pray for steady work that pays well enough for me to be comfy & to be able to give to others, something that can take me through to retirement in about 20 years & that I will be wise with whatever money I have. Please pray that my financial needs will be taken care of. I'm single & have no children, but I still have to make payments and to have food. Thank-you & blessings on all who pray for me & others here.
Restored relationship Candice Russ 305-21-2015
Please pray that my adopted mom carol and I would have a restored relationship. Right now she is wanting to not spend much time together but do things with men. Giving the lord this situation and knowing that he will take care of it and bring her back to serving Jesus
Prayer for guidanceKara Marchinski405-21-2015
We have some big decisions and would love prayer over them. We would love prayer for guidance and how to handle finances, where and when to move, and decisions regarding our family size. We would love another child and I\'m praying that it will work out but we want his best no matter what. Also prayers that our children would be he wants them to be. Thank you so much!
Teenage boy so lost in life currently in psych facility needs prDesperate Mom with Love705-21-2015
My son is having a difficult last couple years missing his father who is pretty absent. He is struggling with anger, self control, not trying at school and more recently, shoplifting, looking at porn on any available device and cutting up his wrist. We have guided him toward the Lord but we need help. we could use prayers to help us get past this time in our lives.
HELP PRAYER NEEDED!Debra Rivenbark805-21-2015
Hi my name is Debra and I need prayer, please! I am disabled and fell and broke my hip, shoulder, and my foot which has caused me to spend money one medical expenses that I don’t have. So tomorrow my Electricity is being turned off, my phone is being turned off Friday and I don’t have enough money for food and medicine. I really need a lot of prayers, please! Thank you for your help, Debra
Who is fighting more, me or himAnonymous405-20-2015
I just finished with the 5 day prayer challenge for your marriage. This has really opened my eyes and has helped, but I am calling myself out...I cannot let this anger for my husband go. He has done nothing wrong but just be himself. I need prayers because I can\'t keep being angry with him for no reason. Yes there are parts of his personality that I wish he would improve, but I married him. I am constantly reminded by just the simplest acts of his kindness. That he is a great person and if God could get a hold of him I know he would be so much more amazing.
my sonAnonymous405-20-2015
My son is 14. He is bitter, angry, easily agitated person. I do believe the reason for this is due to him rejecting the faith that I have taught him from infancy. He is rebellious towards God. He has stated to me before that he doesn't believe in God anymore. He has made his sports and music an idol. I know the only thing to change my son's bitter, angry heart is God. Please pray that our heavenly Father will not stop calling my son to His son, Jesus. I pray for my son's protection always.
13 year-old daughter wrongfully suspended from schoolLisa Murdoch205-20-2015
Please pray for the LORD's favor upon my daughter when we go to administrative review to appeal her suspension. Without going into details, because it is a long story, my daughter was wrongfully suspended. I pray for that the administrators will understand that my daughter was truthful and they will have compassion and grace when deciding. We pray for the suspension to be expunged and that my daughter will be reinstated immediately.
Prayer for adult child seeking to live with boyfriendAnonymous305-20-2015
She is my stepdaughter, though, I love her as my natural child. Her father and I are heartbroken and sickened. She has not told us of her moving out with her boyfriend. We found out from her sister. We are hesitant to confront her without her telling us first. I found out from my other daughter that she is not saying anything until they receive approval from the apartment manager. We are praying for divine intervention that this apartment application is denied. Our daughter is only 19 and this is her first time on her own. Her boyfriend, is someone we barely know, meeting him only twice in the year and half we knew of him. He is 24. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will convict her heart in that this is wrong, disobedience to the LORD. She professes to be a Christian; however, since being with this "man child" she has fallen away. I am unsure if regeneration was true. We pray for godly sorrow and true repentance. Pray her boyfriend has same conviction and repents.
This Here SeasonAnonymous205-20-2015
Please pray for my heart and mind and words to trust and honor and glorify God more.
Please pray for my 14 year old son and my 7 year old daughter. It has been a difficult 3 years. We all need patience, forgiveness, understanding, gain wisdom, and be loved just the way we are.
Job situationAnonymous205-20-2015
I have working for a local elected official for 8 years in our small town. He says he is a Christian but Lord knows I question that some days. He can be a bit (or more) of a racist. I know I should have quit years ago. He was raised in the time when segregation was heavy and well..I'm not white so it makes it easy for him to treat me like he does others. I'm so mad at myself for staying this long at this job, but I just can't quit. You see..Politics play a lot in in this town. And it's who YOU are and WHO you know. So leaving here and trying to get another job would be hard. I don't know..maybe I'm not making any sense..I am just so frustrated at myself mostly!! I started here as a single mom of 2 young boys. They are older now and I am now married..but still not financially stable enough to quit. Also, I feel obligated to stay with him because some days are better than others. He treats people wrong some days and others he is talking to them about Jesus and being saved! SAD!
For my ChildAnonymous205-20-2015
I have custody of my brothers 7 yr old son. I have had him since he was 4 mo old, so he is mine! I would like prayer for myself, to be the best mom that I can be for him. I am going thru a divorce and being a single mom is extremely difficult.

I would also like for you to pray for Isaac, that he know our Lord and Savior and follow the plan He has prepared for him.

I know Isaac gets confused with everything going on and we are both going thru lots of change, so please pray for Isaac to stay close to Jesus in these difficult times and that God keep a shield of love and safety around him.

Thank you and God Bless!
Pray for my husband Anonymous305-20-2015
I have a sweet, caring, loving husband who I thank The Lord for everyday. He would very much like to be a good provider for our family. Through very little fault of his own doing he has been let go from numerous jobs in our 16 years of marriage. It has been difficult to make ends meet and we have had to rely on his parents for help. His parents have written us off as failures. My husband recently applied for this job nearby fits him perfectly and he has all the qualifications they require. Please pray that he gets this position as it would really be helpful for our family but specially for my husband. Thank you for your prayers. God bless!!!
Please Pray Soon I Find New Home Near Public Transportation In SFrancesco Romano205-20-2015
Please pray I find soon a better home to live near public transportation in San Francisco, California and I find spiritual healing and spiritual growth to forgive all hurt done by my landlady inflicted on me since I did nothing wrong and I have been punished the most by landlady evicting me without just cause and no reason and I also need prayers that Justice Prevails from this wrongful eviction and I receive the money back my landlady coerced and manipulated me to pay $5,000.00 last year for a pest control company bedbugs heat treatment, high water bill and plumbing that I only paid these house bills to my landlady to avoid eviction and now since my landlady is a bully I need restoration of all the damages my landlady did in my life living with her for 6 years and she pays for my moving costs.
pray for my friendAnonymous405-20-2015
Please pray for my friend, her soul, and her family as she prepares to enter hospice after doctors told her they've done all they can.