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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
The Valley is too deep and too darkAnonymous4307-02-2015
I'm in such a deep paralyzing valley. It's so dark, I SEE NO LIGHT! I'm struggling for significance, comfort, peace, companionship, finances, knot in my stomach. Struggling to exist!
Healing and Living my TruthAnonymous1907-02-2015
Please say a prayer for me to heal my brokenness, help me realized that I am loved despite of the verbal, mental, emotional, and spiritual abused I've gone through the last 5 years in my marriage. To be equipped with the courage to face being a single mother to a beautiful 7 years old boy, to developed a relationship with God, to be the best version of myself all in god's will and hopefully to find love again someday.

Thank you sincerely.
Business/ Warfare / DepressionLuke Clark1107-02-2015
For Elders and Prayer Chain:
Pray for new business launch Pray against warfare, persecution, and depression. Pray for less problems with customer service. Pray for victory and favor over problems with Sona Enterprises. Please pray for favor and breakthrough with the post office, UPS, and FedEx. Pray for staff couples to come together in one spirit and one accord. Pray against fear and doubt.
healingDesiree Gould1607-02-2015
My prayer request is for a small baby born at 26 weeks. He is a fighter and I have faith he is strong, however the road is long and his parents are struggling and in pain. I would like to ask our father to ease that pain, both baby Wyatt\'s and mommy and daddy\'s. I have faith the Lord will provide, I am seeing it throughout our community and on his Go Fund Me page, my concern is his health and well being.

Please surround my brother and sister in Christ with love and peace, their sweet boy is in amazing hands.

Thank You
Healing from kidney stonesLois Garber1107-02-2015
Please pray for my sister Hilda. She has just had two surgeries removing kidney stones on left side and now they will need to remove more stones on right side.

Please provide her with your comfort and peace and help her have the strength to hang on and be able to work until

August before they can schedule the next surgery..
Gayla's healing from lung cancer stage 4Lois Garber1307-01-2015
Please pray for comfort and Peace for Gayla For her family and Gayla herself.
Pray that she will be healed and will beable to live a much longer life with her family here on earth.
Healing from cancer in Liver & Pancreas Lois Garber1007-01-2015
Tina in hospital now with blood clots in legs.
Was just told she has Cancer in liver and pancreas
Pray for comfort and Peace for Tina and her daughters
and husband.
ROMANS 8:28Anonymous1607-01-2015
Please help me pray for my marriage my husband is leaving the house today. We have been married for 2 difficult years,trough out this years I found out that he was talking to other women and had an addiction to porn I prayed and prayed to the Lord and even though things haven't got any better I still believe God has something for our marriage. Divorce was never an option something kept us together but now His leaving.
I ask that you please help me in Prayer that God may lead my husbands way that God mend our hearts and get us closer to Him and help us see His purpose in our lives. Thank you and God bless
Relationship & FinancesAnonymous807-01-2015
Drowning in debt.

In new relationship after MANY years of being alone. Pray for our relationship.
One foot in and one foot outAnonymous707-01-2015
I have a young marriage of just 2 1/2 years. Every day seems like a struggle. It feels like we are roommates that are just co-parenting. I am holding on for the sake of my children. I made the decision to love my husband. I have done the love dare and other challenges I can think of to save my marriage. Even after his cheating I am still here but he has seem to pull further away from the family. I thought there was a break through when he started wanting to attend church on a regular but that has been it nothing else has really change the bitterness and the coldness towards me is still there. I pray and I am read the word and really trying hard not to let my flesh get the best of me and to remain unwavering. I just need some extra pray from others. He is a good man and a good father. Just need him to find his self in the LORD.
My Friend AmandaAnonymous2407-01-2015
UPDATE: after surgery yesterday, Amanda is doing better and her vitals have stablished, this will be a long recovery for her and some additional surgeries in the coming days...please keep her in your prayers. God is good! /// Please keep praying, Amanda has shown some small improvements, but is still having a lot of complications and she is going back into surgery this afternoon. Thank you all so much for your prayers./// Please send up prayers for my friend Amanda, she had her 2nd baby yesterday. The baby is doing wonderful and very healthy. However, Amanda has had some medical complications that have put her in the ICU. Please pray that she may become stable and recover, and that she may spend the rest of her days with her beautiful babies and husband. I have faith that God will take care of her and her family during this challenging time.
DeliveranceNicholas Nganga1807-01-2015
My family is going through the most intense spiritual-warfare i have known in my life.
As i write,my wife Edith has been arrested because of a business deal that she was not involved in.

Please intercede for us and for her release.

In Christ,


Please pray for my heavy heart as I struggle to find stable employment after graduate school for the past 2 years. I have fallen into the traps of anxiety and depression and every day seems like a struggle. Please pray for my boyfriend who drifts through life and for God to light and inspire his path, to bring him to take fruitful action and to remind him to be humble, faithful, and loyal to those he claim to love. Please pray for the health, peace and happiness of our family and friends. Lastly, please pray for God to light our hearts with righteous passion, love and devotion to all things and people. You are all in my prayers. Thank you.
Where Two or More Are Gathered Anonymous1407-01-2015
A few months ago I requested prayer. My praise report is that GOD hears our prayers! I too have been praying for others and have witnessed his work in others. I am requesting prayer for my family. I am also praying for a companion. I have dedicated most of life toward helping my family and others. I live alone and have no children. I pray that GOD intervenes and helps my soulmate find me.

In the name of Jesus, Amen!
Pray for my daughter to reunite with her good friendsAnonymous1006-30-2015
Please pray for my daughter to reunite with her friends. Pray they include her so she does not feel left out and she does not hang out with her ex-boyfriend. I ask in Jesus' Name, Amen.
Lets say goodbye to cancerAnonymous1106-30-2015
I would like to send a prayer request for my cousin. She is battling this terrible thing called cancer. She went into surgery to get it removed but while doing so they found more. She is having to go through chemo and radiation all over again. Not only is this hard on her mentally and physically but it is also hard on her family and friends.

Thank you,

FinancesMelissa Hernandez806-30-2015
I am asking God to give my husband and I wisdom to do our parts to increase our finances and get out of debt. I also pray that God provide for my daughter who is in college and that He continue to anoint her gifts and talents that He has placed within her.
Make God my 1st in my everydaylifeAnonymous906-30-2015
Please pray for me and my husband to see each other as God sees us, as His children and treat and care each for other same as Christ does with us. We are going through a very hard time for almost 4 years and only humbling our hearts and turning our eyes to Jesus can save our marriage. Living in separate rooms for almost 1 year and a half. It's hard!!!!
Family Unity Anonymous806-30-2015
With this recent law approving same sex marriage it has caused strife and division in our family because my brother lives a gay lifestyle. He and his friends bash me on facebook for all to see because I stand on God's word. I have always treated him with love and respect, but this has caused him to use profanity and his friends to join in. I pray that the devil will remove his grasp from my brother and our family. My brother has asked my parents to side with him and if they don't he'll cut all communication off. I pray for unity to be restored in our family. Replace strife with love.Anger with Joy
Prayers for Safety and Provision While Ending MarriageAnonymous906-30-2015
In desperate need of prayers for protection, favor and provision while I seek a divorce. I do not take this decision lightly, I have sought the advice of other trusted Christians and family members, and they all advised me to end it as quickly as possible due to the circumstances. My husband has had many seasons of abuse toward me during our marriage, and now he is being extremely reckless financially, verbally, and also physically in the form of infidelity with multiple partners. He has even been so bold to as to cheat while my children were at home with him and I was at work. He does not know that I am aware of his activities, and when I have inquired he denied everything because I had no hard evidence to disprove his lies. He is under a dark spiritual attack and desperately needs God too. I met with a Christian attorney whom I trust, but the cost is going to be more than I expected and I need God to provide in a mighty way that exceeds all I could ever ask or imagine.