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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
HealingChristine Godfrey1302-12-2016
Please pray for healing for my mom as she is in a Skilled Nursing Center, my brother injured his back on the job so please pray for him, Many of my other relatives have various issues and need to be lifted up in prayer. Prayer for myself that I stay a positive light during this time; asking for spiritual protection also for myself Physical, Financial and Emotional healing, I have been praying for a closer connection to the Heavenly Father; want to strengthen my relationship walk.
Bundle of nervous doubtjennifer yowell2502-12-2016
Please pray for me, this weekend we are going to a marriage conference and I have made up my mind this is a make or break weekend. I am afraid it will have no impact on my husband and he will not open up or take the conference and use it to start a new beginning in our marriage. We have been through so much and we are at a breaking point, I am so afraid of what is going to happen. Please lift us up in prayer and ask the Lord for a miracle in our marriage.
My MarriageAnonymous2102-12-2016
For over a year, I have struggled with making my marriage work. It is not my husband but me. I feel like due to past hurts, I cannot move forward & somehow have lost my feelings of love toward him. I believe that marriage is a sacrament & I am committed to staying in this marriage for the sake of our children & because I do love him. However, I do not feel love for him like a wife should. I pray every day for God to change my mind & my heart. To be given fresh eyes to see him with. I want our children to see love so they know what a healthy happy marriage should be. PLEASE pray for my marriage. I do not want our children to be a product of divorce. I do not want to add to the growing number of divorce in a world that so easily throws in the towel.
My husband is depressedAnonymous902-12-2016
I am asking for prayers on behalf of my husband. For years he has been struggling with hurt and disappointments ultimately leading to overall sadness, lack of passion, and depression. He does not even know what his purpose is anymore. He struggles with anger, and frustrations. He needs to seek counseling. We have gone together and he needs to continue to go to get resolve. His health is being affected, he is gaining weight, losing confidence, and has absolutely no desire for me. Our marriage has a total canyon ever widening. My heart aches and I have no idea what to do but pray. Nothing I can say or do helps, comforts, or even inspires him anymore.
I feel discouraged. I know my worth is not defined by my husband or his feelings towards me but I am left feeling utterly alone most days and emotionally I am carrying my family without him.
I need God to intervene and get ahold of his heart, restore his passion for life, living for God and for our family.
HealingMichelle Gray602-12-2016
Prayers for my boss Danielle. She has been diagnosed with GBS-Guillain Barre Syndrome. This syndrome attacks the immune system and the nerves causing paralysis. She is due to go back to the hospital today for a spinal tap because she's been experiencing increased episodes of paralysis. I pray that God's healing hands would just be on her today and that this syndrome would just be removed from her body completely and her health restored.
Holly's SalvationJoe Hernandez402-12-2016
Please pray to the Heavenly Father so He will unveil the eyes of my friend Holly to know the sacrificial love of Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to shatter her agnostic barrier made strong by relational pain, so she will accept Jesus as Lord and Savior and understand that God isn't responsible for the actions of others who have made her life miserable by selfish actions. She is a great person and can greatly benefit the Kingdom of God. Thank you for your help.
Please pray a consecrated faith filled prayer of inpenetratable protection for me.
Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.
Divine financial breakthroughAnonymous202-12-2016
I want you to join me to pray for my husband for divine help as we believe God for a new and lasting job. That God will divinely connect him and lift him from rags to riches in Jesus name.
tomorow and always z s102-12-2016
Lord Jesus bless tomorow with my wife. Let us see each other in love and peace and joy and laughter, if it is appropriate help us satisfy each other in every way. Please be with us, have mercy on us bless, and prosper our and protect our marriage especially from o and o. Let us be secure in it and may we glorify You my God, in Jesus name, amen. Also I pray in this marriage my wife is always faithful and never cheats in Jesus name, amen.
Confidence and Trusting in GodAnonymous402-12-2016
I have been seeking a new career path over the past year. I have received several invitations for job interviews but after going through each of those hiring processes (some as a top finalist), it ended up that I was not offered any of the positions. In my heart and mind I thought I was perfect for each job yet, I was turned down. I ask for prayers that I be freed of feeling inadequate, insecure, and disappointed. I pray for guidance in what God wants to teach me through each rejection and where he wants to lead me or stop me in my job search. Lastly, I ask for prayer that I am able to let go of feeling discouraged and hopeless.
should violence abound Nay May God Forbid May love aboundJoshua Alford102-11-2016
That violence would end and love would abound and that we will not sin. Pray that murder and hate will cease from the hearts of men. Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is at hand.
Godly HusbandCHRISTLE H.102-11-2016
I would like for you all to pray for an anointed, delivered Godly husband to do Kingdom Work with for the Glory of God.
Pray for his safe return homePatrice Mitchell1002-11-2016
Hello Family,

My dear dog, Toby Mitchell, just vanished after I let him out back this morning. I don't know where he is and he has never done this before. Please pray for his safe return home. Thank you all.
Pray for deliverance Anonymous602-11-2016

My fiance has been a registered sex offender since the age of 16. His offenses are condemnable, but he is a changed person, growing up and becoming closer to the Lord, making amends for his crimes and participating in a treatment program. We have a setback in his court case and he is facing 10 years in prison, unless mercy is given. He is only 19, and a wonderful, godly, man. Please pray for us.
BETTER NOT BITTERLori Stock1002-11-2016
My husband and I have only been married for 4 years. I am 56 and he is 60. We are raising his now 8 yr old granddaughter. He adopted her at 18 mo.Our marriage and attitudes are at risk because of her unruly and controlling behavior. No matter how nice or strict we are she has no respect for authority. She lies and steals. She is worse at school. I know God brought my husband and I together, but I'm starting to resent her and the people who created this situation. I want to be BETTER not BITTER. Please pray for me and my husband.
healing for friend Anonymous302-11-2016
Please pray for my friend Carol who is like a mom to me. She is really sick and into her addictive relationship with a man that doesn't know Jesus. Pray Jesus would bind the enemy and any strongholds and also that she would see that I am a true friend.
For support in knowing GodJim Selman502-11-2016
I want to send a prayer request along for my friend’s daughter who is currently on a mission quest to go to 11 countries in 11 months. She records her progress on a blog. I happened to review this blog and it shows that she is struggling with not hearing God in the way she expected as she is on this quest. Her name is Ashley and her blog is posted here…Thanks, Jim Selman

To be a faithful and perfect wife Ariel Velarde402-11-2016
God help me please, may I be a perfect and faithful wife so may others see You. Please keep sin far from me. Help me love my husband. Renew it now. Encourage us both in this marriage and I pray we can spend more time with each other. Please this whole week and tomorrow, give us patience love laughter and kindness. Bless our future kids, in Jesus' Name.
husband to be deliveredAnonymous902-11-2016
Please pray that my husband gets totally delivered from alcoholism and that he will commit his time to family building.
Career changearlene meza402-11-2016
I am asking prayer for myself. I have been struggling the past year with passing a state exam that can lead me into a different career. I have been having a lot of different emotions and it has become really hard to deal with. I just for pray that God may give me peace in my heart and strength to over come this challenge. Also, if this is truly my timing to change careers. Thank you.