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Please PrayAnonymous2107-22-2014
I haven\'t commented for a while and don\'t plan to bother you all again. I could use some suggestions. I know the problems are in my heart, but I just cant seem to fix them. Everyone tells you not to die, but no one wants to tell you how and especially cant help you live. My husband knew I was getting ready to end all my failures Sunday, but he said I needed to explain why to my kids first. Some of you have been through this with family, is there anything I can say that would help them understand and make it easier for them?
Praying with me for strength and wisdom in parentingSharron Scott1107-22-2014
May God bless you for your concern with my concern... I need warriors to intercede in the attack of my child who has cyclothymia. I need strength to get through the symptoms of the disorder, I ask for intercession from the issues in his 9yo mind, I need patience, wisdom and strength for the rest of the family who are affected by the mood disorder as well. I need direction on how to best guide him without resentment and ramifications. I need a refreshing of the Holy Spirit to fall upon me to show the fruits of the Spirit as lined out in Gal 5:22-23. I pray the same for all you that pray with and for our family, in Jesus name!
Next StepAnonymous1007-22-2014
I just graduated from college back in May and spent a couple weeks traveling, doing missions work in Nicaragua and Atlanta, GA. But I am struggling to figure out what's next. I majored in developmental psychology, knowing that I would end up doing something with kids and people in general. But I do not feel led to pursue a counseling career. Instead, I feel called to ministry. However, this is where I am lost. I have no idea where God wants me next. Please pray that God leads me and that I don't miss out on opportunities when they come my way. Pray for peace and contentedness and that God would teach me what I need to know during this time of unknowns.
for LaurenAnonymous1507-22-2014
I humbly requests prayer from the saints of GOD for the complete healing of Little Lauren who is 12 yrs old and a complete quadriplegic, blind and cannot speak. She is suffering so much at this time.She had surgery on her back and she is not doing well at all. Just asking God for complete healing for her and for her precious Mom who has the whole of it on her shoulders. As her Mom so humbly says, as long Lauren fights, I will fight.. We pray this for Lauren and her Mom in humble submission in Jesus' name.
lonely friendLorie Rude1007-22-2014
I'm asking prayer for my best friend. Even though we are seven hours apart, we have kept in touch all of our lives. She has two children from a marriage that didn't work after she caught her husband e-mailing, texting, and calling other women. She also found his profile attached to several dating sites. She tried to work it out with him, but he continued to be unfaithful. They went through a divorce a couple of years ago, and she has the kids. Since her divorce, she went back to teaching and is pursuing her master's degree to be a principal. I'm so proud that she has picked the pieces to support her children. Last weekend, we spent some time together, and she has expressed that she is ready to date again. It is my prayer request that she will meet a man who is faithful and will put Christ the center of their relationship.
Marriage & fire in LoveErin Rummery907-22-2014
My husband is in prison and is bi-polar, might go on medication. We are having communication difficulties, trust and respect and love issues.....please pray that the Lord changes me and enables my husband to see the changes and to fall in love with me again......I do not want to divorce him at all. I also want prayers for him to be saved....his heart is very hard and he's prideful. but most important, pray that Lord changes ME....molds me into better lady......godly woman of Proverbs 31!! my husband's name is Richard, he is in prison and he wont be released until July 28th 2020. we have only been married 5 months TODAY (March 22nd of 2014 is when we married). Thank you!!!! I know God is working on him right now....prayers are much appreciated!!! God bless!!!
Need a JobSarah Hirsch707-22-2014
I graduated college back in December, and I've been looking for a job since then and have had no luck. Most jobs I find that I'm interested in I need to have years of experience. I just need prayer that God will lead me to the job I'm supposed to have, and that I won't get discouraged.
what do I try nextAnonymous407-21-2014
I am in considerable pain daily. It is nerve pain, so medication helps minimally. Also, being a busy mom, medication is not something I want to get involved with. This pain has been limiting my life and is imposing stronger limitations as it continues. I do daily (7days/wk) physical therapy. I am not a physically weak or spiritually weak person, but I am starting to falter. I don't feel that my Doctor is listening or acknowledging how hard I am working. I feel that because I am large, they take one look at me and label me as "lazy". I have not spoken to anyone about this because it does make me feel weak and whiny. I just don't know what to do from here. Surgery? Is there a Doctor who will take me seriously enough to discuss it? There has to be an answer. Am I wrong about how God feels about me? Does He want my life to be like this?
Unemployed HusbandFaith Masimba1307-21-2014
My husband is unemployed and searching for work. Please pray that he leans on God for strength and that God opens up the heavens for him and blesses beyond what we both can imagine. He is struggling with his faith at the moment as this is the second time he is unemployed. Pray That I maybe a proverbs 31 wife to him allways especially throughout this difficult period in his life. It is not easy but I need God\'s strength to do it. That we draw closer to God and each other for support and come out stronger.
I was a single mum after a rape incident baby years ago. I got into a relationship with a seemingly good man who turned out to be emotionally and psychologically abusive. Unfortunately we were already engaged but now I'm going through a very painful time of separation from him though I love him still, it's necessary to let him go and it's taking it's toll on my son. He's the only dad figure he's known. He'd also like to stay in his school and in our house but I can't afford it on my own. I just went back into ministry at church and that seems to be the only good thing going on in my life. I need guidance and favor to be able to make it through this in one piece, and to he able to care for my son and so he's not messed up by all this. May God's will be done and made known to me.
My FamilyVal Gordon707-20-2014
Me and my family were raised up in the church. My children has since gone their separate ways and away from the church since becoming adults. Please pray for them to come back to Christ and stop being influenced by the world and their own fleshly desires. Please also pray for a bountiful harvest for my family in all areas of our lives. Mirales and blessing to you all.
God sets the lonely in families and stuff.S. B.207-20-2014
Please pray about recognizing our place, being safe, and getting home safely and stuff.

I like my brother's lady friend, but fear we have not been people she would want to hang out with.

Be with the family and marriage of my friend.

LeCrae's Run /and some question marks.

Please make a spot for me, if that would be cool.

Some guidance here would be appreciated, or something, like that.

Keep that one safe keep them safe together.
Marriage and familyAnonymous407-20-2014
I am single and praying for a husband and peace while I wait.
My HusbandAnonymous407-20-2014
Prayers for my marriage and my husband. He has not worked for 3 years and blames me for our circumstances. He is afraid to move forward because he is humiliated. Please pray for him that he may find the courage to move forward. Please pray that I can be the wife that God would want me to be.
Thank you and God bless.
husband's colon cancerSuzanne Barbour407-19-2014
Recently diagnosed with colon cancer. Recovering from surgery and will begin chemo soon. Pray for his strength, courage, and faith in God's healing. Please pray for a positive attitude and doctors with God guiding them.
Anxiety Anonymous707-19-2014
That all anxiety will flee my life and body. That my mind will be made whole and have no room for anxiety to live.
Prayers Alejandra Ramirez407-19-2014
Life has hit hard these past couple of months. Please pray that blessings come my way and I can have peace and are the silver lining. First of all , my partner is on his last deployment before retiring and he was not supposed to be sent to a bad area however he now has been

Sent to one, please pray he comes home in October and protect him while he\'s gone. I have custody of my 16 y.old neice and she needs positive guidance please pray I can help her while still caring for a sick mother and my 8 yr old daughter. Finances are a mess right now and need a miracle to make sure I can care for 4 ppl only income until I can find a 2nd job.thank you.
being used in ministryAnonymous307-19-2014
God will continue to work He was begun in me. I will grow confident in my gifting so they will bless others. Seek out opportunities to bless others with my testimony and teaching of the bible. Resources to receive formal training. Ability to use my secular job as a ministry tool, reaching others for Christ. My husband, who is overwhelmed by being a bi-vocational pastor. He will do his part to take care of himself and be diligent. My son who is beginning kindergarten in the fall, that he be brave and courageous and not scared to try new things. Then lastly, my youngest son and his ability to obey and be kind to others. My mom who needs to become less self reliant and more dependent on Christ
Praise report Anonymous207-19-2014
Thank you for your prayers for my daughter. I've seen her self esteem soar this week. She even one camper of the week. She has never earned an award like that. God is putting people in her life at just the right time. She's developing a friendship too. Praise God. Thank you God for this prayer board. Thank you God for You!! I praise your name!
Since this relationship started 6 years ago, there have been great times/ diabolical times to. I was just made aware this week we are in mounds of debt, he is lying and has been for so long his mother and I caught him in one. I'm sorry I'm all over the place I'm just a basket case please pray for me I need all the strength, patience, love, etc I can get