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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
change heartAnonymous311-24-2014
Lord please find my son's heart. Search him out & let him find you.
My marriage and childrenAnonymous2011-21-2014
I would like prayer for restoration of my marriage and for healing and restoration of my 3 children in all areas of their lives and relationships. We are a broken family.
MarriageJennifer Bohnsack2911-21-2014
Last Friday, 11/14, my husband of 9 1/2 years asked for a divorce. I was taken completely off guard and had no idea. My world is shattered and I feel broken and unworthy. He says it is because he no longer loves me or is physically attracted to me anymore. We have a counseling appointment next Wednesday, but my fear is it is going to be tough and he will quit. I am trusting God and praying for my marriage to be restored but it is so one-sided that I fear that is not an option...please pray for him and I and our 6 month old son.
Cancer PatientAnonymous1411-21-2014
I would like to rally all of the women out there to pray over Brenda who just found out she has cancer. Doctors are running more tests to see if the cancer has spread to other parts of her body. Right now she is at Stage 3. She has a husband and a teenage son. Please pray with me that God will guide the doctors and help them rid her body of this terrible disease! And give the family strength for the road ahead of them. Thank you!
Restoration of MarriageAnonymous1311-21-2014
I am currently separated after being married only a little over a year. I've know my husband over twenty years and we are also best friends so I'm really struggling in dealing with this separation and the fact that he rarely even talks to me. We both experienced loss of close family members in this short time of marriage in addition to the marital issues. I am in continual prayer for restoration of my marriage. Please lift us up in prayer.
college helpAnonymous911-21-2014
Please pray that my son has the confidence to enroll in classes & that who he needs to speak to is helpful & patient. Let it go smoothly. It's very intimidating to him & he gets stressed. Help him
my marriage and for a friendAnonymous1011-21-2014
I need prayer for my marriage, for my husband to turn to God. Pray that God lays this marriage heavy on his heart. ALSO I NEED PRAYER FOR MY FRIEND, HER AND HER MOM ARE STRUGGLING FINANCIALLY RIGHT NOW.
I have been married for 21 years. This past year my husband decided he wanted to be with someone else. I have fought for 9 months and endured many hurts. Now it has come full circle and we are back to where we started. We are separated. I want my marriage. I pray for restoration and healing. Our 3 children need healing also. We have served God for 15+ years. They have seen their daddy, a mighty man of God, fall and choose to remain in sin. I have been reading the daily prayers for marriage. I want very much to have him by my side again. Hurting deeply.
Engle FamilyAnonymous711-21-2014
We have lost a special community member today. He is a fire chief at the Fire Department and linemen instructor at the Community and Technical College.
Please pray for his family, friends, students, co-works and his firefighter family. He will be greatly missed.
Financial, emotional spiritual crisisAnonymous611-21-2014
Pls pray for my daughter needs emotional, spiritual healing. To be reconciled with Jesus and to feel loved & accepted by Him. Wisdom and peace. Our relationship needs healed. I need financial blessing, favor & wisdom. Unable to provide for my family.
I have an unspoken prayer request for a friend and their family. My friend is stressed out due to several issues in their family. Needs help from the Lord today. Urgent. Please join in prayer with me. Thank you.
God Knows what one needs.Anonymous311-21-2014
Heater seemingly odd.

Correct decisions for car and what to do with resources.

Holiday stress, which is so strange to talk about. What to do about that.

Schedules and presents?

Late packages?

Thanks for what we have been able to do. (And for turkey and etc.)

People in rough shape kind of.

Need batteries, what kind.

Daily bread and occupation and competence.

PROVISION Judy S.811-21-2014
I need prayer I have been single for 2 yrs and 3 mos. Jesus is my all in all and I have asked him to bless me with a very kind, nice, friendly godly christian husband soon. I was hoping this year but look, it is almost Dec now. I believe all things are possible with God. I also asked him to forgive me for my divorce. My Ex had tried to kill me many times. So I also prayed for the soul ties to be heal me and He has. I am an over-comer as well as a Proverbs 31 woman. I am so ready to finally have the right man in my life. I am lonely. I also have been celibate this whole time & will not just settle. have not been on a date yet, because no one has been suitable. All offers so far have been totally inappropriate, even from christian men. Also my 2 friends have been in the same situation as I have. So please cover them with your prayers as well; thank you & God bless.

I am a school teacher and lately I have been battling a lot of anxiety. I have trouble staying asleep at night and I wake up very early. It is very draining and I know God has a better way for me! Please pray for me.

Thanks for your help.
Confidence & direction for teenage sonAnonymous911-21-2014
Please pray that God will fill my son with confidence and purpose. He needs to sign up for college classes & he is so stressed; his fear is turning to anger. He feels dumb & has a hard time talking to people. Please make the people be understanding & patient. Let this go smoothly & let them make him feel capable. Please show him the direction he should be taking.
Heal my marriageToni P1111-20-2014
My husband and I have been separated on/off since July. He has come back a couple of times only to say that he can't do it and that he can't change. He does not trust in God so I would first ask to pray for him to soften his heart and let God in. Please pray for satan to release his hold on him because he has been a prisoner to him for so many years. Pray for a heart of forgiveness..that he can learn to forgive me, others, and himself for the hurt that has been caused. And please pray that he comes home with a new heart and willing to make necessary changes. Pray for him to have the courage to overcome his fears and allow himself to open up to me again. Pray that he is home to stay for good before the holidays. Thank you and God bless.
Overwhelmed & struggling with anxietyLisa T611-20-2014
I'm asking prayer for my marriage. My husband struggles with lying & gambling. Unfortunately there is a lot of anger & hostility between us. I need prayer for my anger about decisions he made without me. Please pray for us. We have two little ones God has entrusted to us. Pray The Lord will deliver my husband from these chains that bind. I am trying to re-enter the workforce. It's been a struggle. Pray The Lord will open a door to a job better suited for me. Thank you for praying for our family. God Bless.
pray for our sonAnonymous411-20-2014
Our son is in medical school and struggling with the amount of work and viability of staying where he feels God has called him.
TEENAGERS GROWING UPJoye Allen611-20-2014
I have been praying so hard for the kids, but I need prayers too! It is so hard watching your teenagers grow up, & this year has been awful! Thanks.
Recently, my elderly parents moved in with us and we have two special needs children that are home schooled that are high school age. I often feel overwhelmed in meeting the many needs of everyone, both physically and emotionally. I could use prayer for strength and wisdom as we enter this phase of life. I find it hard to find time to honor my husband as well with all this added workload. Also there is the grief of the loss of the season of having a time with just my husband and I. I was so looking forward to that season, and now realize it may be many years further away.