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Anxious ThoughtsK C311-30-2015
Please pray that my mind and thoughts would be in line with God's word and purpose for my life. So many times my anxious thoughts take me away from where God wants me to be - trusting in Him. I want to be so inline with God that I can help others but feel crippled with my thinking.
my marriageAnonymous411-30-2015
I husband has been treating my daughter in a matter I don't like. He is distant and not an active step-father the way he used to be. I believe it comes from his kids not in our home. They think he is more of a dad to her then to them. I think this has caused him to step away from her to prove to himself he isn't doing more for her than his own kids. I will not open my arms to his kids if he won't open his arms to mines. Pray that some resolve comes to this issue or it will be hard for continue in my marriage with a man he refuses to be apart of my kids lives.
Employment and IncomeAnonymous711-30-2015
I pray that I will find another job that will offer greater pay, better benefits, better hours, and allow me to serve others, if at all possible. I do not make enough in my current position, and my hours are such that I cannot work a second job. I am experiencing great anxiety about our finances, as we'll soon need to begin repaying significant student loan debt. I really appreciate the prayers and support of this community. Thank you very much!
Sick womanAnonymous511-30-2015
An elderly woman's health issues have come back again and it's taking a great toll on her son, who's still recovering from a massive heart surgery. She's an unbeliever and treats her son like her slave. It's also causing stress for his wife. Please pray for her to stop using her illnesses as an excuse to cause a rift between them. She wants all of her son's attention for herself.
Finances I need right now blessing..Bills,Food,Transportation, Lord hear my plea.
For Addiction to Shopping/Saving ThingsAnonymous711-30-2015
Please pray that I will be able to stay out of stores so I won't buy things that I cannot afford. Also, please pray that I will not save a lot of things. Help me to get organized and be willing to get rid of things. Please pray that my husband will be willing to go into stores to get things that we need.
And Bless You for being willing to pray for this great need of mine that affects my family.
my relative leaving her husband for unhealthy relationshipAnonymous311-30-2015
Please pray for my relative who plans on divorcing her husband for another man who is mentally ill, deceitful, and manipulative. Also please pray for wisdom for her and for her state of mind which we do not think is sound. I pray that this other man will be convicted that what he is doing to break up the family is wrong. I also ask for prayer for her husband that he would have peace and rest in the hope of the Lord. I pray for all involved that they would be born-again. Thank you so much; I really appreciate it.
PRAYER FOR HEALING - Bi-Polar DepressionIan Pappas411-30-2015
Heavenly father and Christian friends,
Please hear my prayer. I am suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts that have controlled my life for over ten years and have now returned to vex me. My mind has always been attacked by thoughts of fear and hate while on the surface I continue still to practice servitude, hope and joy. I feel that I have reached a low that has me consumed with negativity and hopelessness. I can barely function; and think about suicide daily. Please help me, please pray for me so that I can find Joy in my life, overcome my sinfulness, and be able to spread God's Joy to others. Please help defend me from the enemies wicked ways, it is is only through the mercy of Christ and his father in heaven along with the prayers of others that I may gain my life back. Thank you. In the Jesus name I pray Amen
uniform schedules desiremarisa liu311-30-2015
Please pray that our class and this other class uniform schedules will become the same soon this month and that even if it's at least once a week it's better than nothing but pray that it be changed to exactly the same if possible and that the classes be changed around the way I like.
Oh so muchAnonymous411-30-2015
I don't even know where to start. We are just in a mess financially. We have never been in this place before. We have always lived paycheck to paycheck but this is getting harder and harder to stretch. We are prayerfully considering bankruptcy and this goes against everything in my being. I just don't know how to make this decision. Please pray for me. I am feeling desperate.
Imminent WWIIIAnonymous411-30-2015
For myself, relatives, friends, acquaintances...all Americans & all peoples: A prayer for God's will to stop WWIII...Or the Godly & worldly means to survive it.
Prayer for WorkplaceAnonymous411-29-2015
Thank you for reading my prayer request. I am blessed to work as the General Manager of a small company. I am also blessed to be able to lead a life group amongst some of the company's employees, bringing Christ to people who would not reach out to find Him.

My employers, though, are not people who are wise, in Christ or in earthly terms. They are privileged and have inherited wealth, but believe that they are wise and able and deserve their wealth.

Myself and other managers are becoming disheartened as things deteriorate in the company, but the Lord is not providing other jobs, so we believe that we are intended to be there, for God's purposes.

I'm asking for your prayers for us as we seek to be humbly obedient and patient, and obey our Lord.

Thank you.
Life has become increasingly overwhelming and I need prayers for strength and healing. My dog started having seizures (he's on meds and doing better), I'm working full-time and going to grad school full-time, I've had health issues of my own and recently found out I have a thyroid nodule which is worrisome. My MIL was also recently diagnosed with cancer a second time. I try to pray and talk myself through my anxiety about everything, but sometimes I feel I can't escape it. I know I need to trust God, but I'm struggling. Please pray to give my husband and I strength during this time.
Prayer for Healing and PeaceAnonymous211-29-2015
Please pray for healing and peace in my life. I am facing my third year of secondary infertility. It is a difficult emotional journey and I feel like I'm on a constant roller coaster. I have days when I get so down and others which are ok but the infertility is constant right there in front of me. Sometimes it is difficult to see around it. Please pray that I can lean on God's Biblical promises and wait on His perfect timing. Please pray for peace over this.
Baby BlessingsLacey Hahn411-29-2015
Please pray for my husband and I that the baby I am currently carrying with make it full term. We miscarried our first baby in July and we are scared about the chances of a second miscarriage.
JobCynthia Passinghan211-28-2015
I ask that your team uphold me in prayer. I'm believing in God to bless me with a job so I can fend for my 5 Kids. I pray for my faith and relationship with God to be stronger and walk in his likeness.
26 years of Marriage and my husband wants a divorceAnonymous511-28-2015
We've been married 26 years, worked in marriage ministry and just completed the focus on the family curriculum, Growing a Strong Marriage. My husband and I realized we never formed a true friendship together, we're just really good at working with a shared vision together. He has decided that he doesn't want to work on building a friendship, that he doesn't even know if he believes in God any longer, and wants to leave our marriage. We need a miracle. It's all very civil; we don't argue, but we also don't communicate. We agree about the errors we've made, but I want to work through them and he just wants to be done. I'm 56, have stayed at home with our kids, and now need to seek a job and a whole new path in life. I've overwhelmed, devastated, and have no idea where to turn. I believe God can do a miracle but it feels pretty impossible, unless somehow my husband comes to the place where he's broken and willing. Thank you!
Continuing affairAnonymous511-28-2015
I caught my husband in an emotional affair, in love wth his boss. He swore he didn't love her and says he ended it. I have caught them 3 more times since. It's not ending, he travels for work, and they call the hotels, and are now meeting. I have 4 children, and don't know what to do. She is married as well. Please pray for my kids, myself, and their hearts to close off to one another. I need strength. I need a miracle to save my family. He's so cold, and his heart is hard towards me. Please pray for my family to be restored!
reconciliation s simone211-28-2015
I pray Jason would contact me. I text and call but no answer or reply. I am so hurt and depressed that my friend is not talking to me. Heavenly father please restore love and reconcile our friendship. Touch his heart, mind and soul with consideration. Cancel the enemy's assignment to tear us apart.
Very Difficult anger co-parentAnonymous411-28-2015
Hello! I am in need of God's help; and to fight my battle and see me through this storm I am in. My daughter's father is demanding his way and over nights with our daughter. She is 9 and he hasn't been involved so I said she needs time to ease into overnights and just visit for now. He doesn't like that idea and wants his way right away. He is threatening me and bullying me. I am getting sick to my stomach. He is saying he will come to my house and he doesn't care if I call the cops. He is threatening me for custody. He is bullying and swearing and yelling so much. He was putting me down for putting her and myself into counseling. My daughter does not want to go with him. He also has a 13 year old son from another relationship who also doesn't want to go to his house. He is also bullying that mother as well. We need God. I am trusting him to work this out for me and my child's good. Thank you! I appreciate each and every prayer through this very hard storm.