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Pray for NathanaelAnonymous401-26-2015
My grandson is a drug addict. He is now incarcerated and was charged with 2nd degree burglary (commercial -- business was closed at the time (thank you Lord) and it was early morning). My prayer is that Nathanael comes back to the Lord, that the Lord heals his addiction and prayerfully the court offers for him to enter a Christian rehab instead of jail/prison time. I am holding onto the Lord's wisdom and His grace and mercy in this because He knows what Nathanael needs. Thank you.
Career & Calendar GuidanceAnonymous201-26-2015
Dear Lord Thank you for hearing my groanings - we long to serve you! Prayer for my husband\'s career: should he stay with this company? In what capacity? Wisdom as we navigate and wisdom for the executive team making the decisions for responsibilities and salary. Energy and strength and patience to him. Prayer for me as his wife, in a demanding career, that I would not hear the voice of false-guilt, that I would honor and respect my husband and not look to my own self when he is exhausted. That God be my portion forever. In all of this, that we continue to put God first and love be our attitude as we make time for family, work and all that is asked of us with our health issues.

Thank you Lord for Proverbs 31 and for hearing our prayers in Christ Jesus.

time of discouragementAnonymous501-26-2015
I am struggling with a season of discouragement. I have gone through many set backs in my life, but this season of difficultly seems to be the hardest financially, emotionally and physically. I am being hit on all sides with issues and it feels overwhelming. I ask that you please pray for God to give me a sense of peace while he walks with me through all these trials meant to strengthen me.
agreement in prayerAnonymous201-26-2015
 Lord I'm asking you to bring the miracle of change for my son. I've prayed for months & had many others praying also. Many have agreed together in prayer.
How to deal with my husband\Anonymous301-26-2015
My husband has struggled with lust and the internet for the last six months. Yesterday, I broke down about the pain it was causing me. This morning, I saw on his computer the very same thing. I have no friends where I live and no idea what to do. Right now, I am completely at a loss for how to handle this and full of hurt and rage.
My ChildrenAnonymous201-26-2015
I have two children that need prayer. There are circumstances that are out of my control, so I am seeking desperately the help and guidance of the Lord Jesus Christ. I know he is able.
Acceptance of OthersAnonymous201-26-2015
My family and I are serving as missionaries in another country. Currently, the leadership here is not very accepting of myself and the skills and talents I have to offer. I am continually shamed and humiliated by leadership. Please pray that I will always be graceful and that the leadership will recognize the hurt they are causing.
Marriage Anonymous101-26-2015
For honesty, guidance, truth and strength for our marriage. To help and guide my husband to be the man God wants him to be and to lean and believe and trust our Savior. Please pray for Favor and help in our business. Please pray to pull him out of his depression and sickness and to think clearer. For me to be the wife and woman God is wanting me to be and for me to trust God and to release all my concerns, fears, issues to Him. For me to stop taking control and trust God to take control. I claim this. In Jesus Name, Amen. Thank you.
Marriage & SalvationElizabeth Gordon101-26-2015
I have recently made the very difficult decision to separate from my husband, who struggles with PTSD, alcoholism, and is emotionally abusive to me and our two children.
I want our marriage to work out and truly hope that this time of separation will bring us to reconciliation, but I am also prepared for the fact that it may not. Please pray that the Lord will give me the grace to parent my children through this difficult time, that he will keep me in his unfailing love and that I will have eyes to see the hope to which he has called me - regardless of what happens.
Please pray, finally, that my husband's heart would be softened and that he would come to know the LORD!
Son's SalvationAnonymous201-26-2015
Please pray for our son, Jonathan to:
* be saved by the Holy Spirit
* be healed spiritually/ physically/ mentally/ emotionally
* know God's plan and purpose for his life
* know and use his special gifts and talents
* be supernaturally given a job by God that he enjoys
* have great Christian friends
* have a Godly wife & children who will know the Lord
* be led by God to live exactly where He wants him to be.
Thank you so much! God's blessings to all.
Restore My Marriage and Heal My FamilyCharles Smouse301-25-2015
I am praying for the restoration of my marriage to the light and love of my life. She is a wonderful woman, a great mother and wife. We grew apart over the years I would like prayers for Heavenly father to intervene and to Restore our marriage, love, and heal our Family. I love and miss my wife so much. I miss all the little things with her. TY
God is for marriage Amen!!Nadine Lyons101-25-2015
Thank you everybody who prayed for the restoration of my marriage, GOD has heard and answered!! I am asking for further prayer for GOD to guard and protect this reunion, this HOLY MATRIMONY. This has GLORIFIED GOD!! Amen!!
Salvation for a friendAnonymous101-24-2015
I have an atheist friend who dislikes most Christians, but for some reason has really taken to me, despite knowing that I'm a Christian. Please pray that I'll be able to show him God's love, that he'll become open to the idea of God, and that if I'm not the one who can tell him what he needs to hear, that God sends someone who can reach him. Thanks for your prayers; it really means a lot!
God's direction & interventionLisa T201-24-2015
Asking prayer for our family. We are struggling. My husband and I are both working but we're not making enough to pay our bills. I'm struggling with anxiety. God has blessed us with two little ones to care for. My husband struggles with lying & gambling & he has gotten us into some bad situations. He say's he's saved but I don't see much fruit of it. I feel very defeated. We need counseling but now scheduling & paying for it has become difficult. Please pray for our jobs. Pray we can pay our bills. Pray for our kids. Pray God will help me protect & guide them.
Salvation and loveEwelina M101-24-2015
Please pray for salvation for Marcin. I love this man with all my heart and I would like him to be my husband in the future but he does not know God. His soul has been completely destroyed by having various sexual relationships with different people. He seems to be completely cut off from reality. His life is filled with sin. I am completely devastated. Please pray for Marcin’s salvation and that God removes all those negative people and influences from his life. Please pray that Marcin opens up to true love! May our Lord bring this young man down to his knees and show him the real purpose for his life.
amber and jasonamber canniff101-24-2015
For God to bless protect strengthen guide and and open up communication in my relationship with Jason
desert without rain Anonymous201-23-2015
I am feeling incredibly small. I have prayed relentlessly for years for a change in my life. I have been waiting so long for God to come through with answers to my prayers. I have been in this desert for 9 years! I feel as God cannot hear me at all. And more so I am so weary of praying, crying, being angry. Someone please pray for my emptiness. Someone please pray for my heart to heal. Someone please pray for my loneliness. Please God, tell me that you hear my cry??
I ask you Lord that Manuel would find favor and grace among his co workers and before his boss. That He would everything done in the right way at the right time. That Manuel would keep calm with the peace of God at all time, at every minute in his life, in Jesus Name, i pray, Amen!!
I'm afraid Lord. I'm afraid to stand up to my son. He's almost 19, he won't listen,just be angry & move out. How do you decide what's the right way to deal with things. I wish I wasn't alone.