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New jobbrenda frasier1107-30-2015
Please pray for me. I have been requesting prayer to get this new job at bnsf in belen, it would desperately help my family out. Any prayer is appreciated thank you, God bless everyone.
Cousins and AuntsCrystal Prince507-30-2015
I am praying to be free from an ungodly soul tie between any member of my family that would want me in an unhealthy relationship. I am praying for the right marriage relationship.
I need God's Help!anna dell\'arciprete1507-30-2015
Please, I am in so much pain. My husband left me. I am so confused, I am going to be homeless and I am not sure where to turn. I have asked our Lord for help. I want my husband back and for us to be happy together and live in God's Grace. I miss him, I feel lost without him. I just don't know what to do. In Jesus' name, Amen.
Healing and WholenessAnonymous1207-29-2015
Please pray for my family as I am in the middle of a difficult and painful divorce, after 24 years of marriage. Three children at home who are hurting. We used to be a normal, happy family - I believe my husband has psychological issues that he/we were not able to work through. He recently put two of my children in a dangerous situation during his visitation. I am praying that my children will know God's comfort and peace and that we will find wholeness and be able to move forward soon.
Please pray for me as I fight extreme temptation. I was in an ungoldy relationship for months with a man I work with. I am now engaged to an amazing man, but still struggle with feelings from the former relationship. I know it\\\'s wrong and I don\\\'t want any part of it but I can\\\'t help but feel drawn to it. Pray that my heart turns as it should and that I pass this test so that I can protect my future marriage and be honoring of God as well. I\\\'m not sure how much more I can take. Thank you for taking the time to pray with and for me.
Peace for TommyMary Jo Zito1007-29-2015
Tommy has \"a spot on his liver\" shown on U/S. The MRI is on Friday & his anxiety is growing. I need help to know how to minister to him & request wisdom for his medical care providers.
Prayers for my sonAnonymous707-29-2015
I would just love prayers for a situation now with my son who struggles with addictions and psychological issues. He is going through some hard times right now and was living with me. I had to ask him to leave because the stress was more than I can handle after just having surgery and having a family and other responsibilities to tend to. He is 31 and struggled most of his teenage and adult years. Prayers for His safety and guidance for him to the right people at this time.
Pray for my nephewPatricia Banerjea407-29-2015
My nephew is 16 years old and just found out he has a heart condition and will need surgery. Please pray that the surgery will go fine and that he will recover quickly.
DaughterRuth B.207-29-2015
Please pray for my daughter Erica 16 years old. She was caught with marijuana back in April 2015 and her father whom she was living with had told her there was nothing wrong with marijuana. Pray she comes back home to live with me, that God frees her from addiction, and the friends (she calls friends) be removed from her path and that she meets Christian friends that will point her to the right direction. Her father has not been a good role model for her and her brother and had even told her he would give her money if she went back over there.
Daughter's relationshipAnonymous207-29-2015
I would like to have prayers for my daughter and future son in law. They are having problems right now. I do know a lot of it stems from her. I've tried talking with her and we just end up arguing. So please keep them in your prayers to work through their struggles.
Thank you.
Prayer for strength and direction to make the necessary changes in my life: finances, living conditions, discipline and consistency with my young adult children - things seem to be spiraling down and I cannot gain ground to stand.
My husband of 5 yrs has started thinking that I am cheating on him & now wants a divorce. I have tried to tell him the truth over & over, which is that I am not nor have I ever done that to him. I have told him that when we got married we made vows in front of our family, friends & God & I will never disrespect them. I love this man & our kids more than life itself. They mean the world to me. I don't want to lose my family over something that has never happened. Right now I don't seem to know why God is putting me through all of this. I don't think I'm a bad person to deserve all of this but I feel like God is punishing me for something & I just don't know what. I need prayers for answers, not only me but for my husband also. I pray that he will realize, before it's too late,that I have not done him wrong. Please send lots of prayers. I don't want to lose my family.
job, healing for wife, financial blessing, debt freeswapnil randhir407-28-2015
My Name Mr. Swapnil Randhir (Age 35) and My Wife's Name Mrs Diana Randhir (age 27) . Please

Pray swapnil should get good job in good reputed company with good salary immediately as i

am jobless for 8 months. diana has poly cystic ovarian disease (PCOD) this should be

healed. she should be able to concieve. we need blessing of children. it has been 5 years

of marriage no children. need peace in my place where i live in my building. deliverance

from problems in my building and society people. wee need to be debt free and need

financial blessing. need deliverance from loneliness. gods favor on me and my wife. fresh

anointing and god should forgive us. THE ABOVE POINTS ARE DESPERATE. TOO MUCH PRESSURE ON

Salvation for young couple and tumorAnonymous307-28-2015
Please pray for my nephew, Adam\'s 17 year old girlfriend. Her name is Sabrina. She\'s had two recent seizures and found out today that she has a 2cm x 2cm brain tumor. It\'s in a very precarious placement for surgery, however the surgeons are going to try to remove it anyway due to the serious nature of her seizures.
Surgery will either be tonight or tomorrow in Columbus, OH. She is there now, of course.
Her family is riddled with drug abuse, domestic violence and other problems. Sabrina is not saved that we know of, although my sister (Adam\'s mother) has been witnessing to her a lot prior to this happening. Sabrina has told Mary that she prays often... LET\'S ALL PRAY FOR HER NOW...PLEASE!! Also please pray for Adam who is not saved and very attached to Sabrina! He\'s been clean of drugs since Quinn died and he attended Quinn\'s memorial here. We also pray nothing derails Adam\'s sobriety...

I suspect my daughter in an abusive relatioshipAnonymous2507-28-2015
Please pray with me for my 22 yr old daughter she in a relationship that showing all the signs of an abusive one.
FaithMary Davis2407-28-2015
I have breast cancer. It was found in May. I was supposed to have a simple surgery to remove it early June and have radiation. My insurance canceled my surgery the day before and now 2 months later I'm waiting for a more evasive surgery. Since it's been a time consuming wait, I now have to have a surgery before the surgery to make sure it hasn't spread. If it has, then........only God knows. I 'm struggling in faith with leaving it all to God. I know something positive will come out to glorify him. I need help with trust and faith. Thank you
Work Situation Anonymous1207-28-2015
Please pray for my work situation. We have gone through a reorganization and my boss is no longer here. She was truly the best person I have ever worked for. I live very close to my job and loved the short commute. Please pray that if I am to leave for another job that the Lord would clearly open that door so that my husband & I are at peace. I am very anxious every day about the situation.
Continued Love Shelley H1107-28-2015
Pray for my relationship with Al - that we can be restored to the love that God blessed us with since 1996.
my marriage, my husband and meAnonymous1607-28-2015
Please pray as the Holy Spirit leads you for: -the uprooting of ungodly seeds in my marriage relationship -unclean spirits in my home -unsolicited phone calls and text messages -spirit of deceit--- I realize I have put up a wall that has caused a lack of communication in my marriage and I need to allow God to work on both sides of our marriage.
Working On MeA Jones907-28-2015
Please pray that GOD reveals my purpose in life. Also I pray that he send me the relationship that he approves of that will lead to marriage. I also pray that he helps to pay off my student loan debt and works on restoring me by removing any anger, hurt/pain and resentment that I still have. I pray for a new job.