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Please pray Jesus for me to be luckier in life and to give me more success. Also pray God for my friends named Oksana, Nastia and Joulia in Kiev. Nastia is sick and poor and her mother Oksana is a widow. Sometimes she is very tense and aggressive... may God free her from all evil and also Jesus help Nastia to remain in good health and be a good christian young woman and succeed in her studies. Also Joulia christian grand-mother, poor this family needs prayers and help from God. Also Nastia must undergo surgery for teeth, please ask God to make sure she will be ok and does not suffer. ludovic sarraz-bournet , france
Please pray a consecrated faith filled prayer of inpenetratable protection for me.
Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.
Restoration / healing Adela Ortiz 1012-08-2016
Please pray for me, be restored and to have joy, peace and to be filled with the Holy Spirit, that I will find a good church to help me spiritually. I have been alone and struggle so much, I trust God to make a way for me, & my daughters ... prayjng for refreshing to come, healing from any old wounds ... thank you.
Trusting GodAnonymous1412-08-2016
There are invisible forces that keep attacking me and making daily living hard for me. I have been having a great fear of men and I'm trying to hold on to the Truth. I'm trying to trust God. I'm trying to be patient. My parents think there is something in my mind that is wrong and they keep telling me I belong in the psych ward. They say if I can't do life they will send me to the homeless shelter. It's so hard with little support and people not speaking words that build me up in my life. There is abuse after abuse. I just want to trust God, but I'm scared. I feel like I've been drowning in heart break. I'm trying to believe there is hope. Please pray
2 major problems/Miracleshenea richardson412-08-2016
Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me a sinner. God, my mother has a lot of evil spirits around her. Her thinking is very negative. I love her so much. She use to be happy and lovable and caring, but not anymore. What happened? Bring her back to life. Bring her back to happiness and love. Touch her heart. Put kind words but into her vocabulary. In Jesus name heal her broken heart, amen. My second problem that I need help with is Lord I'm really in need of a new car like asap. My car is 26 years old and breaking down. Please God let Your Will be done in my life. AMEN!
Prayer for friend Anonymous812-08-2016
So I feel that God is tugging on the heart of my friend to draw her near to God. But she is in a problem right now where she keeps going back to her ex that mistreats her. She says she doesn't have the willpower to leave even though she wants to. Please pray that God opens her eyes and she leaves him once and for all and that God may continue to pull her near.
From enemy'sTamara Pierre412-08-2016
I been wrongly accused please pray for me.
Woman in my lifeAnonymous412-08-2016
Jesus please I despair when I am alone. The world cannot see me deteriorate but you know all things. Help me find a new wife so that your joy may be fulfilled in my life according to your promises. I am sorry for my past failure. Amen.
Marriage restorationAnonymous812-08-2016
My husband recently told me that he wanted a divorce. He said that he was emotionally attached to another woman. Please pray that this relationship will end. Please pray that God will remove all evil influences from his life. He is a Christian. Please pray that he will recall all the Scriptures about marriage. Please pray that our family will stay together.
Dog injuredAnonymous712-08-2016
Hi, my dog hurt her paw and I'm worried about her. Please pray for healing for her and myself (I've had a cold for awhile now). Please also pray for blessings and direction in my relationship. Thank you!
I am scheduled to have a hysterectomy tomorrow the 8th at 10 AM. I have been extremely nervous about this for several months...I have never been put under. I am prone to anxiety and panic attacks. God has been so faithful to me and spoken to me over and over that he has given me victory over my enemy. I studied the book of Joshua for several weeks and he spoke to me every day I read. But the enemy has been trying to make me forgot those promises and doubt and fear have crept in and have made me weary with worry and fear. Please pray that God would give me a peace that surpasses all understanding. I need to have such a peace through the night and in the morning as they prep me for surgery. I am so scared. I am thankful though that it will be over with. I am also thankful for Gods hand of protection because the reason for the hysterectomy is because they found some pre cancerous cells. So thankful it was detected before it turned into cervical cancer. God is Good!
Rough pregnancyAnonymous712-07-2016
I got unexpectedly pregnant and am bedridden from the pregnancy. We also just moved across country, so there is no family to help with things like housework. My husband has to do everything - 2 jobs, laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, etc. It is very hard on both of us, especially the finances since I can no longer work. Please pray I become well enough to go back to work until the baby comes. We're not sure how we will pay rent next month and the strain is pretty hard on my husband.
Healing and Promotion Anonymous312-07-2016
Dear God,
Thank you for all loving me. Right now, I need total healing in my mind, body, and soul. Especially in my body, I have a health issues that surfaces and cause me a lot of pain and stress. I pray that GOD will totally heal me form this sickness. That it will never surface in body. I know GOD is able to do anything even heal me.
I accepted a new job and things are going well. I'm praying that GOD will promote to the next grade level (GS-14). I've worked so hard in the last 18 years ( specifically last 5 years) in the Federal government and have been passed over several times. I'm praying that GOD will promote me to the role of Supervisory Administrative Officer. I pray that GOD will guide me give me favor to handle the task ahead.

In Jesus Name
Prodigal spouseAnonymous712-07-2016
Please pray for a breakthrough for our family. Pray that my husband will HEAR the Lord's voice and obey it, and that he will turn his heart completely back over to Him and return to our family. Please pray for me that I would be persistent in prayer and trust that the Lord is working even when I don't see it.
Strength Anonymous312-07-2016
Need strength to continue. My son 27 had brain tumor and it was removed left him disabled. My husband with PTSD from service and his childhood not working my job is slow ...
Salvation over spouse Susana Crane 612-07-2016
Lord, thank you for this new day. Guide us each to how we should live to honor You. This morning I lift up my husband Jeff in prayer. Lord, surround him with ministering Angels. Baptize Jeff with Your Holy Spirit. Rebuke any unclean spirits in and around him. Enable Jeff to come to full repentance and to seek You! May Jeff fully be healed by his belief. Give him a great purpose in life. May he serve you by being a fisherman of men and bring honor to your Word. Lord, I pray the miracles you have provided in Mark 1. Give abundantly to Your child Jeff. May he no longer fear his earthly father but fear You for not pleasing You and not having an intimate relationship with You. Build him up in Christ. May Your light draw out his darkness and remove all fear from the world, but fear You the only one we should fear. Bless our marriage and protect it. Protect us all with the armor of God. Thank you Father! In the name of Jesus I ask. Amen!
Grnadmother and MarriageAnonymous712-07-2016
Please pray for my grandmother, she is older and suffering many medical problems. She is a born again Christian so we do have that comfort. Please pray for my marriage that God will intervene (he knows all our problems) and that my husband will accept Christ as his savior. Times are hard.. Please pray that I will trust and obey God's will and timing. Thank you
jan 9fabiola correa712-07-2016
Please my dear my brothers and sisters continue to pray for my son, Adan. His new court date is Jan 9. Please dear Lord save him from any jail. Please let the final out come be probation. Please Lord hear my cries...please save my son.
please pray for meerika rt112-07-2016
Please pray for me, my name is ericka to my powerfull and awesome Hashem in the name of Yeshua. Pray for me so that Hashem in the name of Jeshua grant me the wishes of my hearth in a miracleless way total victory over powerfull enemies that am confronting please grant me by your mercy total victory over them.

name of Jeshua for Hashem to grant me the desires of my heart, supernatural wisdom to manage all the situations that I am confronting, and total victory because i am confronting powerfull enemies, Intelligence, perspicacia, grace, victory, economy blessings

Thank you Hashem i praise you in advance for granting me and giving me all of this thank you Hashem, I praise your name oh Hashem in the name of Yeshua....... Father thank you. atte ericka

Please pray the abusice harassers in my life are stopped however necessary.