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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
In Jesus nameAnonymous102-27-2015
God please bless K save K's soul protect K give K me my fam and I Your heart so we may be responsible and grateful in all things may I find favor in K's sight and good name
Pray for my son to get A\Anonymous002-27-2015
Lord please give my son the knowledge, wisdom. memory and self-confidence to do well in his Calculus, Trigonometry, Physics and mechanical engineering classes. Please give my son peace in his heart so he won\'t stress out in Jesus\' name.
Need mighty prayers for my daughterGail Harless402-27-2015
I truly need prayers for my 19 year old daughter Brianna and her girlfriend. (Yes, you read that right.) Yesterday I found out they are planning to get married when they get their tax refunds. Please pray that this will not happen, for I do not believe this is God's plan for my daughter.
send supportVicki MacMillan302-27-2015
 I need prayers for God to take the bad in this situation & make it better. Let God help both my son & his Dad make changes in rehab. Send someone to be their support from you. Let meetings help.
need a miracleAnonymous202-27-2015
Need prayer to be answered to stop everything from getting worse. I need God to change my son & ex's relationship so my son will continue his rehab. My parents can't help because they are elderly & have health issues. I see no hope ahead. I need a miracle.
Feeling discouraged Anonymous602-27-2015
I need prayer right now. I'm just in a bad place. I feel that God is letting me down and I know I shouldnt feel this way. I Feel defeated, discouraged and lifeless. I'm trying to walk right and do what I'm supposed to. Try to be a good person but I seem to come up against walls in every area of my life- business, marriage, children, finances and even myself.
in Jesus nameAnonymous202-27-2015
A good name is better than fine perfume I pray the interaction I had sits well with them and that I'm not looked at as weird and great extraordinary favor with .. and they are saved. For my parents honor and respect for the respect of my family, for God's glory to show His power and might to strenghten those who know Him. To be a witness against those who hate Him and to make Him happy and please save this person and protect them.
marriage and my relationship with GodAnonymous502-26-2015
I am at my end i dont know what to do i feel like there is a wall between me and God its like i dont feel anything from him i dont know if there has been something ive done or what is happening but its like i dont feel anything and that is very overwhelming for me cause my desire is to walk in Gods will it is affecting me and my marriage as well to where i feel i have built a wall between me and my husband i am so ready for change please pray for me and us
For me and my husbandAnonymous402-26-2015
I am a Christian and was saved a few years ago, My husband was saved last July, but he is bi-polar and struggles with demons from his past. I struggle on how to handle his mood swings, the bi-polar tendencies, his anger and his depression. I know marriage is for better or for worse but I'm struggling with this daily. He is a good man and works very hard, but the everyday struggles are intensified by him.
I am requesting prayer to heal myself and to have strength and guidance on how to pray for my husband.
I have a child who's father beat me and is on drugs, I left him when she was a week old. I am trying my hardest to do the right thing and let him be part of her life, he gets supervised visitation. but lately I have had this horrible gut feeling that the people supervising have lost control of him and I'm scared he will run with my baby. I have cut off visitation since the last drug test was positive for cocaine. I know that God is the father to the fatherless, so I'm not worried about her dad not being there my problem is the grandparents keep pushing it. my prayer is that God answer me, I've been seeking wise council who say try talking to the grandparents. I just don't want to say something that will be held against me in court, seeing as we go back in march. I pray for my daughters safety, and to make the right choice in this situation. I ask for the right words if God does want me to speak to the grandparents.
Pray for my cousinAnonymous702-25-2015
Please join me in praying for my cousin. She is a mother of 9 and her 9th child was born ill and has passed away today after only 5 months with us.

We are asking for prayers, and God\'s comfort as only he can.

Thank you all in advance! Please keep her and our family in prayer!
Hello family, I am asking for prayer for healing. I am having an MRI today of my brain to determine if there is an organic reason for left ear hearing reduction/ringing which has gone on fro a month now. Medication has not worked but I do know my Lord is the great healer. Please agree with me in prayer not only for healing but to KEEP trusting the Lord. Thank you all in advance.
New PregnancyAnonymous1102-25-2015
My husband and I just found out I am pregnant. We are so excited and thankful for this miraculous blessing. We ask for your prayers for us and the baby during this time. Prayers for a healthy and happy baby and a safe and healthy pregnancy. And prayers for preparation for parenthood and changes to come. Thank you.
NEED A JOBAnonymous1002-25-2015
Teenage SonAnonymous402-25-2015
Pray that my 16-year-old son will walk with those who are wise and not be the companion of fools (Proverbs 13:20). Pray that God will place those peers at school in his pathway who will encourage him to be his best for the Lord.
Waiting on His time Anonymous402-24-2015
The person I have been courting and I have found ourselves' ready for marriage; however, it's not God's timing yet...I ask that God's everlasting peace come over me, so that I may focus on bettering myself for the day I do become a wife and a mother. I want to serve the Lord in every stage of my life. I do not want to let certain emotions and/or feelings overcome my thoughts.
Needing hope & a jobLisa T602-24-2015
I lost my job today. I wish I knew what to say. I'm really sad it happened. Our family cannot afford me to be without work. I'm asking for prayer that God will guide my job search. I truly thought my job was from The Lord. Our family is struggling with other issues (my husbands gambling addiction & lying - both break my heart). Trying to teach to little ones. Please pray The Lord will provide. I'm already struggling with anxiety. I need The Lord's strength to be able to find employment. Thank you for praying for me. God Bless.
Sooth and Protect and Heal Catherine H402-24-2015
Heavenly Father I pray that all people who have lost a home in a recent fire here will be washed in your peace and receive anything they need.. Amen, and continued healing for a friend from leukemia.
Prayers for Husband who asks for divorceAnonymous1202-24-2015
I am shocked! We have been married for 19 years. We are both Christians and love God. God put us together! He is my best friend. So out of the blue my husband says he is not happy and believes God spoke to him and that we should divorce.
I am believing for God to restore my marriage, and draw my husband back to God, and deliver him from this horrible deception and attack.
Thank you for faith filled prayers on our behalf
Prayers for the MinistryKelly Timmerman502-24-2015
Please pray for our upcoming She Speaks Conference, in July. Be in prayer for the participants and leaders as they prepare their messages. Thank you so much!