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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
God leads me Kristine Hughes803-27-2017
I pray that God leads me in life and love, showing me His purpose and plan by His will. I pray to find a job that helps me with the cost of living to be able to support myself and to find a nice Christian man to stand by my side in friendship and love.
Restoration of marriageAnonymous303-27-2017
Please pray for my husband and I as our marriage is faced with several hardships at this time. Please pray that my husband return home with open arms and that he may be able to face his depression and evil forces against us. Please pray that God restore him with rightful thinking and bring us strength to get thru this. Thank you!
Prayer for guidance in big decisionAnonymous203-27-2017
I am making the decision to purchase a dental practice and would like the confidence to know it is the Lord's will.
Only Jesus can save usKandie Koed603-27-2017
Please pray for my husband Dustin's salvation, total defeat of our enemies & a full resurrection, restoration and rebirth in our marriage. We are currently separated. Praise you Jesus that you are in control of all things, even now.
Work, Housing, and HealthAnonymous503-27-2017
Please pray for me, as I need a new job, I need housing for a disabled son, and I need better health so I continue to honor God with my life. Thank you for praying for me. Heavenly Father, I lift all the prayer requests, hear our prayers, Oh Lord, bless us.
healing and Good reportsAnonymous603-27-2017
Please pray for my sister, May, for good and hopeful petscan and MRI reports, please pray for healing of her neck and her swallowing problems. ..thanks.
Faith and TrustWirdine Joseph503-27-2017
Good morning I pray all is well. Please keep me lifted to have Faith and Trust God in every area of my life. I will not try to figure out things out on my own and just lean on God to guide me through it all. I will graduate in December, 2017 and the spirit of procrastination will be released out of my life. Thank you, I love you and stay blessed.
my marriage and moving in new townAnonymous403-27-2017
There is forces against my marriage and against our moving together where my husband is working now. Pray we move together soon, our marriage be stronger and joyful in Jesus Christ Amen!
Restoration in my marriage Shawnda Campbell503-27-2017
My insecurities are destroying my marriage. We are trying to work things out, but I freak out when I can't get a hold of him and start accusing him and then all of the progress we make goes down the drain, my past, my fears and insecurities are destroying my life and my marriage. Please God help me.
Favor to winSuccess Akpojotor303-27-2017
I'm an author, and am submitting an entry to THE NIGERIA PRIZE FOR LITERATURE 2017 which awards $100,000 to the winner.

Judges are going to be choosing a winner based on EXCELLENCE

The title of my entry is 100 POEMS.

I need the favor of the Lord. I need to be the winner.

Please pray.
for my son TimAnonymous703-27-2017
Dear one! I would like to ask a prayer support for my family, for my son Tim. Please pray for God's will for him, he really need God's interventions, His mercy and wisdom. Please pray for salvation! please pray with me for him!. I am very very grateful for your prayer support.
for my sister veraAnonymous703-27-2017
Please pray for my sister, she has a very difficult time fighting depression, and difficult time in her family. She needs emotional support and healing in her family.
Please pray Anonymous203-27-2017
Please pray for my husband to find peace and contentment at his job and to get along with his co-workers.
Husband's salvation, marital restorationAnonymous503-27-2017
Please pray for my husband's salvation and reconciliation of our marriage.
HealingTiffany Sims603-27-2017
Joan lost her mom on March 7th, dad on March 25th, and her daughter Anna Schwartz is in ICU because of infection in her bloodstream.
Devadas & VelaseeniDevadas & Velaseeni 103-27-2017
Pls pray for me. I am Devadas. Please hear my heart's cry to have my girlfriend, Velaseeni to love me truthfully and honestly and myself be financially strong to support her and her family.
New at home job and my soulmate returnKristi Yeager103-27-2017
Father, you hear my secrets of my heart. I need your guidance. I need to hear your voice.
Peace & securityMandy M203-27-2017
Please pray CJ has resilience and tolerance to get through this week. Give him hope and help him not react to people from an emotionally reactive space. Please help him have patience with those he works with. Please Lord, I ask that you let him find calm and peace at work, guide him to not react harshly and to be professional. Thank you for your mercy. I pray this in Jesus' Holy Name, Amen.
Marriage RestorationAnonymous403-27-2017
Please pray for my husband. satan is trying to destroy him & our marriage. He has deserted our marriage and is involved with another woman. I am standing for my husband and our marriage. I said my vows and I meant them. Pray that Christian people minister to him and bring him back to Christ. Pray for my husband's salvation and for me to show unconditional love. Pray for the restoration of our marriage.
MarriageJustine Gonzalez 403-27-2017
I'm praying that God will restore my marriage and bring my Husband back to Christ. I pray that God will bring our family back together.