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change attitude Vicki MacMillan1004-17-2015
Lord please put your favor on this day. Let my son have a change of attitude. Let him be positive about drug counseling & let him look for a job today. Let him help my elderly parents work around the house without argument.Please help.
Interecessory Prayer for Me Reeshma Sanford804-17-2015
Father God, I am so confused and feels so abandoned. The moment I declared my hope and love for you I have been tested and I am so weary and doubt has crept into every vein of my life and its existence. I have been standing for my marriage for two years and have not moved from your Word but I do not see any change in the natural. I have offered and surrendered the situation to you but now there is only silence and although I feel defeated I know I only hope in your Word to stand and allow You to fight for me (exodus 14:14). My strength is weakening with each passing day and I need you to give me encouragement and support from others who are like minded followers of you and not "the church folks "ones who have given me falsehood I known that is not in your scripture.
I am currently in my first year at my new career and it has proved to be an ultimate test to my faith, peace, and mental clarity. I find myself being quick to anger and mentally exhausted at the end of the day. Pray that I can find peace by trusting in God's plan for my life and be more christ like and understanding in my workplace.
new churchAnonymous404-17-2015
Please pray that our family will be making the right decision over the church we are to go, that God will show us a healthy and balance church for us to enjoy as a family, in Jesus name amen!
spiritual house cleansingAnonymous304-16-2015
Please pray all coak roaches will be killed Landlord sprayed and all the cockroaches came out of their hiding places. Please pray God will send the Holy Spirit to kill all bugs. My food and dishes are in my refrigerator. I have fogged the apartment twice. Please ask God for a spiritual house cleaning. Thanks.I do not know what unclean spirits keep attacking me. I have had roach infested and mice infested apartments. I take out trash and clean up after meals. Can you please ask God to remove this generational curse. My parents were immigrants and I do not know my familiar history.
relief from stressAnonymous304-16-2015
my husband and I are facing some issues with tenants and housing. We are praying that all turns out well and there are no bad feelings. I ask anyone to pray for peace in our hearts and to help us to let go and let God.
Challenging times for my DaughterAnonymous404-16-2015
Please pray for my daughter who is in a nursing program in college. She is struggling keeping up due to fear of failure, anxiety and stress. We believe this is GOD\'s plan for her. Please pray for wisdom and guidance. Thank you and God Bless all of you.
Mom hospiceAnonymous504-16-2015
My Mom has been put on hospice, battling cancer for 4 years. I ask for prayers to comfort her and give her peace.
worry and anxiety about doctor\Anonymous1304-16-2015
I tend to worry about every symptom my body. I am worrying today about an upcoming Dr. appt. on Tuesday.

I feel such despair and hopelessness. I am praying for that peace that surpasses all understanding.

God's Healing for Broken HeartAnonymous1304-16-2015
Please pray that God will continue to give me the strength to get over a broken relationship that lasted for almost nine years. This person does not have a relationship with Christ and left me feeling there was no hope for change. I know I did the right thing by walking away however, the hurt in my heart and the constant struggling with thoughts of the past consume me. Please pray that God will give me the HOPE of a brighter today and joy for the future. God Bless.
ClarityMelissa Peterson1104-16-2015
Please pray for me to find clarity in what is an overwhelmed and unfulfilled life. I know God makes no mistakes and He is working in my life. As a single mother to two boys, I find myself desiring to spend time in God's word each day - yet do not. I am a chronic over-committer, unable to say to no to the things I want to do or think I should do. I procrastinate and push myself to the brink of wanting to quit everything. I feel challenged to meet the needs of my children. I consistently neglect myself and my health. I perform work each day that is unfulfilling, unrewarding and stressful...yet necessary as I am the sole adult. I don not pray for easy - I pray for peace and clarity. I want to know that what I am doing has purpose and meaning. I want God to speak to my soul, hug my heart and tell me everything is going to be okay. There are times I cannot look beyond the next hour, let alone day or week.
Finding this website tonight is a blessing to me.
Please pray for salvation for JRM
God's Will & DirectionAnonymous1204-16-2015
In Nov. 2014 my husband left me stating he wanted a divorce. Biblically, we have no grounds but he has not contacted me & I've been forced to move on. I am struggling with fear, doubt, & uncertainty as to what the future holds. God has no doubt reassured me of His never failing goodness & love through it all. God has revealed that sometimes "losing it ALL" is actually "Gaining it ALL" when He is put First. I miss being a wife & not being with the man that I vowed my life to. I realize that chapter has closed but I firmly believe that God created me to be a wife and mother, someday, & I'm trusting God with that. Through it all, I am praying for peace & direction. There are many decisions I am going to have to make soon & I'm "freezing up" because I can be so indecisive at times. Decisions of: housing, job search, moving, etc. are the most pressing right now. My desire is to serve the Lord & be given the peace to pursue without questioning His calling. I am praying for you too!
For God's name and glory I ask for a good one and wisdom favor with k in heart and eyes and a sign these are given to glorify Him to please Him and lead others to Him.
Nevaeh and AshleyJennifer Kennedy504-15-2015
Please pray for my sweet granddaughter Nevaeh Mae and my daughter Ashley Mae... They have their final custody hearing tomorrow , April 16 , 2015 at 9:00 am.. They have been through the ringer for two years .. The enemy has tried every evil scheme he can think of to take Nevaeh away from her mommy.. She has been bounced around every two days for almost 2 years.. She will be 2 on May 23.. Our prayers are that God will find favor with Ashley to be her primary parent so she can raise her to love The Lord and acknowledge him with all of her ways so her path will be straight .. Thank you so much.. Jennifer
Special RequestAnonymous504-15-2015
Please pray that God will continue to work in my life. That He will help me to know I am NEVER alone and after nine years of constant pain from a struggling relationship I am stronger for walking away. Please pray for the one who caused this pain and that he will seek Christ whom he does not have a relationship.
Today\Carol Christnacht804-15-2015
Please lift me up to our Heavenly Father! Pray that I can stay trusting and hoping in him. I have my final interview today for a job that would allow me to use my skills that the Lord has given me, as well as, help the community . Pray for his favor upon me at 5:30 pm today.
Young manAnonymous1304-15-2015
Please pray for Tahji, a child who will undergo open heart surgery on 4/16/15. He loves to play basketball and would like to be able to play without the fear of dying on the basketball court.
Pray for RussAnonymous904-15-2015
Please pray for me.


Our home Anonymous1504-15-2015
I'm a single mom and I lost my job jan2014. I was unable to get unemployment. 2times I've requested help from the mortgage company but have been denied both times. I filling out paperwork to hopefully get help thru another program before they foreclose. I am currently working but my income decreased down to about 1/3 of what it was when I could afford the payment. I'd like to stay in our home to keep things stable for my 11 y/o daughter. Please pray for me to follow Gods will for my life concerning this situation and that His will will be clear and straight forward so I don't miss it. Thanks.