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On friday night, I'm meeting my girlfriend's mother. Will you please pray for us to get along and have a good night?
prayer request for p.v.sunita, aged 46, female, living in India, from joint and heel pain.
depressionjhansi rani604-18-2017


CourtCalandra Johnson604-18-2017
Pray for ladarrius and see and Demarcus that God may send down his angels to protect them and that God may give them favor in their cases and drop all and that they may have mercy on them I pray this in Jesus name Amen Thank you Jesus for dying for our sins so we may live and I pray for them to have victory in their cases in Jesus name.

My PrayerAnonymous304-18-2017
Please pray for my sons and I pray for Demarcus that what ever hold that's over his life be released in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and I pray that the charges be drop off of him and he may have victory over his case and that he may have mercy upon him.and that my others sons may have mercy upon them in Jesus name I pray this in Jesus name Amen.
Marriage in TroubleAnonymous1104-18-2017
I need prayer for my marriage. My husband says that I do not make him happy though I try my hardest. His words are harsh always. I pray that I can become the wife he so desperately needs me to be and he becomes the husband that I so desperately need. I pray that my husband and I begin to pray together and for each other rather than me pray alone. I pray my husband and I fall in love again.
Prodigal Son Ann V.804-18-2017
Please pray God would break and humble the heart of our 22 year old son and turn him back to following Him without reservation. We ask God to break the relationship/engagement with a young lady who says she is a believer but doesn't live like it. She is a negative influence on him and has problems. They plan to live together soon before marriage 2018. Pray God severs this unequal yoke. Thank you.
My 15 yr old girl court case on the 26th for felony charges of theft and posession of stolen stuff. She claims innocence and we believe her. The people she supposedly stole from have been trashing her on social media, our jobs.She was never read her miranda rights and many other things wrong with investigation such as cop coming alone when he knew she was alone and possibly planting evidence.
Requesting prayer for restoration and healing for Maria & Juan for a second chance and restoration of their love and relationship and them to be delivered and healed.
Family & Work Anonymous204-18-2017
PraiseGod for things improving w/my daughter. I still haven't been called back to work. The insurance company still hasn't settled my flood claim. There's so much on hold. I'm trying to stay optimistic, but... it's hard. I really need the money, benefits & stability. Please pray... Thanks.
client may sueAnonymous204-18-2017
I have a client who is very angry. I overlooked something that was not obvious and even asked if there was anything I needed to know about the policy before I put him in it. The timing amounts to a double deductible and he is furous. I have gone 8 years without makeing a mistake but now, I fear he will sue. I simply do not know what to do. God please step in and guide me strongly.
Marriage restorationDenise Lawson704-18-2017
I ask for you to stand in the gap for my husband and pray for the Lord to restore

My marriage and bring my husband home and to give me patience and comfort while I wait. I pray that God will send someone in his life to confront him and hold him accountable for leaving this covenant. I pray the Lord

Will reveal any sin in my heart and restore our family.
Guidance and help for my daughtrAnonymous504-18-2017
My daughter is having a really hard time with one important class in college that she needs to pass in order to graduate. She has a learning disability that makes testing difficult. This class is graded on only tests. Please pray that the teacher will give her other options, and that my daughter Jenny doesn't think she is a failure.
Prayer for my 7 year old son Marcellius' protection over his life...prayer for me protection over my life and protection over our apartment. and financial blessings.
Finding RelativeGeorge H.104-18-2017
I had a close relationship with a cousin sister in India who stopped writing letters to me after marriage and hung up when I tried to speak to her on the phone at her dad's house. Her dad was sued by my dad over land and it is not clear whether I can enter there to see her or get her new address.
Hard time at homeAnonymous604-18-2017
Please pray for my husband and I to have our love renewed and his shoulder healed. He has been out on workmans comp over a year now. He is 7 weeks out from surgery. Pain pills don't help the tone or mood in the home along with his pain. We have a five year old who sees us disagreeing more than agreeing. I find myself allowing the enemy to have his stronghold on my mind and insecure thoughts
Help my family stay together in the face of divorceAnonymous304-18-2017
The needs of my kids four are too important for me to not have gotten them counseling. The only counseling available just happened to be family counseling at a local religious family center. I think this is an answer to my prayers because it got my wife involved in the counseling process. I am hoping for this opportunity to increase the well-being of my children and hopefully the marriage as well.
Church may be filled with love for JesusAnonymous104-17-2017
Please pray that my church and our family will be filled and overwhelmed with love for Jesus. That we may love him love ourselves and love others. Thank you. God bless you Amen. You shall overcome in Jesus name. Thank you for praying.
PRAYERS NEEDED!!!Marc Bryant204-17-2017
Please pray for my health&strength/protection from the seen&unseen enemies&evil forces!! that are around me. Please pray that (GOD) in (THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST) will (BLESS) me with nothing but (MIRACLES&BLESSINGS) in (ALL AREAS THROUGHOUT) my (LIFE),SPIRITUAL,FAITH,HEALTH,FINANCE,PROTECTION THROUGHOUT ALL AREAS OF LIFE PROBLEMS,ETC!!!. I NEED YOUR PRAYER!!. Thank you all for your prayers.
false charges by the state against DannyDanny sticka204-17-2017
Someone named Misty, is filing false police reports,and committing fraud and perjury in court,and having Danny arrested on lies and false accusations, pray for her, and me, pray for all the false charges against Danny to be dismissed.
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