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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Need healing cause of problems with cancer. I hope all who see this can take a moment to pray with me.. i really do want to recover!
Prayer for WisdomAnonymous103-21-2017
Prayer for my conversation with Brandon and for wisdom and guidance in finding a better job to make enough money so I can support myself financially and get my own apartment.
GOd's interventionAnonymous103-21-2017
I need word of wisdom or word of knowledge or GOd's intervention in employment situation.
Future HusbandAnonymous103-21-2017
I recently met a man and prayed for my future husband and the next day God took this man out of my life. So he was obviously not the one. Please pray for me and for my future husband today. I really hope I meet the one in the next couple of years!

Thank you =)

Prayers for a JobAnonymous003-21-2017
Asking God to provide a job for me, an apartment and maybe a roommate. Prayers also for hopefulness instead of old negative living situation.

Thank you
JobSue Long003-21-2017
Please pray for my daughter to get the permanent position at FNMA that she has worked so hard to get
Restore my marriageBrandi Richard003-21-2017
For my husband blaine to grow closer to God and let him in to take satan, temptations and lust away from him so that he can focus on our marriage. I pray that he is willing to work on our marriage with God first and also seeking a pastor to help us continue with a happy and Godly marriage.
Hope health solutions healingDaniel Lopez003-21-2017
Hard to go on..Prayers for Father God to open my eyes, my heart more to Him, Freedom from obsessive compulsive behavior/thoughts, help with the flesh, and walk in Hope, Peace, Joy in continuing on, to know His power and love, help with loneliness and feelings of regret/despair..healing.
Keep My JobKas Just Kas003-21-2017
My job... has gotten a tense because of some mistakes people have made. The boss threatened to fire anyone who messes up today. Please pray that I am kept from the commotion and that I do my job well. Thank you
Need a miracle Anonymous003-21-2017
I ask in Jesus name my wife calls me soon please i am starting to worry amen
Debt destruction and contractual fulfillment Anonymous1003-21-2017
I am in need of prayer. I am praying any stronghold attempting prevent the manifesting of the blessing in my life be destroyed. I am praying for the release by fulfillment of contractual obligations and debt destruction.
Depressed and nealing of marriage and selfDeanna Knapp 1003-21-2017
Health issues from MVA causing intimacy issues in marriage. Disabled with TBI & other things. Unable to handle anger. All this is taking a toll on me. Ready to give up. Fighting every day not to end my life. Husband needs a wife. I am always angry frustrated severe depression. I pray, but nothing. Healing for my mind body spiritually & husband too.
Immigration Prayer RequestVictoria Firi503-21-2017
Please help us pray that our application must be selected in the American Diversity Visa Lottery 2018. Results will be released on 2nd May, 2017. My family & I are tired of suffering and need to migrate to the USA for a better life. Please pray for us. Amen
God's Healing and GuidanceJasmine Mallonee503-21-2017
Please pray for my boyfriend and his family. His Dad has cancer and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Please also pray that God will help my boyfriend figure out his feelings and get to a better place emotionally. Thank you
Employment/financesSarah Dortch603-21-2017
Please pray for my husband Kris to find employment he has been actively seeking work. We are in need financially we need a reliable car. Please pray he will find something and be able to provide for our family. We are saved. Thank you.
New Accounting PracticeAnonymous403-21-2017
Please pray that the Lord will send suitable clients to my new accounting practice. Please stand with me in prayer for business to grow and prosper in Jesus' name. Amen
I ask for healing of my legs and spine as I have cervical myelopathy. My legs are constantly fatigued and weak. I ask this in Jesus' name. Amen.
My FamilyAnonymous403-21-2017
I have 3 foster sons I have been raising since birth. Because of the way the system enables bad behavior my children have been molested by their sex offender birth father. Our goal has now been changed to adoption but the judge still wants to give mentally ill birth mom a chance. Pray that God continues to intervene and clears our path to adoption and saving our children. Thank you!
Living in the past..Anonymous303-21-2017
Pray for me that I can leave my past in the past. I keep wanting to go back and change things or have it like it use to be. Please pray for me for this train of thought is ruining my future. Sometimes it's so real that I believe it. I can't seem to be content with anything. Thank you Lord.
Guidance for my sisterAnonymous203-21-2017
My sister is in a very unhealthy relationship. Her entire family would appreciate prayers for her to have the wisom and clarity to make the right decisions about her future.