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Financial HelpAnonymous201-21-2017
Our family has been struggling financially for the past two years since my most recent layoff. I am working very hard to provide for my family and I can see the rewards coming soon. But right now, we are simply unable to pay all of our bills and it is incredibly stressful as we wait on the Lord. We trust that he will provide. Please pray that his provision comes swiftly and in abundance and that we might have peace and joy at this time as we wait.
Retirement Anonymous101-21-2017
Please pray that I will be able to discern God's will for me to retire when that time comes.
Father, too often DJT allows urgency to dictate my schedule, and I am asking You to help me establish family priorities. Mal 4:6 And he shall turn DJT's heart to Barron, and the heart of the Barron to DJT his father. 1 Thess 5:7 For DJT who sleep, sleep in the night. Ps 3:5 DJT laid me down and slept; DJT awaked, for the Lord sustained me. Prov 3:24 when DJT liest down, DJT shalt not be afraid; yea, DJT shalt lie down, and DJT's sleep shall be sweet.
Master Jeriah BaldreyAnonymous101-21-2017
Dear Prayer Partners
Please pray for my Grand Nephew to walk and talk soon. He is aged 4 years but unable to walk or talk.
Doctors have treated on him but to no avail. Praying for a miracle.
Thank you and may God bless your Ministry.
for Daughter (miss)Anonymous001-21-2017
Dear Prayer Partners
I am happy to give praise and thanks to God for answered prayers. My daughter's PhD Thesis has been accepted and she has successfully completed her PhD. Grateful for your fervent prayers as well.
Would appreciate your continued prayers for my daughter to be issued with a Permanent Resident Visa & get a well paid job shortly.
Thanks and may God bless your ministry.
Please pray that the Lord intervenes in a current situation. Help me to remain faithful and trust God with this situation. I know we are told the He is close to the Broken Hearted....I am broken and in such need of God's help.
for healingCarolyn Parks001-21-2017
Please pray for physical healing of issues with neck, teeth & jaw. My bite developed after braces as an adult & now I see a specialist chiropractor several times a week. I'm not going to do upper jaw surgery to correct an open anterior bite because of prayer and other medical advice. I'm depending on God for healing as well as the help of my chiropractor. I would like more healing, hope & freedom from pain. Please pray for total healing of these areas & wisdom for my doctors. Thank you!.
Counseling for depressionAnonymous001-21-2017
Please pray for my husband. He is in a deep depression. Please pray that he would be open to counseling. He is scared that he is going to lose his job because of poor job performance due to depression. Thank you
Healing for my sonAnonymous001-21-2017
I ask for prayer for my 12 year old son. He recently was diagnosed with psychotic disorder on top of already having ADHD. I pray that God will heal his mind. I pray that what the enemy has meant to destroy him, God will use for good.
Employment Anonymous001-21-2017
Please pray that the Lord open up doors and windows of opportunities for my brother who has been unemployed for about 6 months- he has been searching, but to no avail- he has my nephew who needs to have his medication for seizures, but is financially pressed due to no income coming in-thank you.
Healing and made whole from cancer Anonymous001-21-2017
Please pray for healing for my uncle that has been diagnosed with cancer- pray for healing and that the Lord make him whole again- I trust in the Lord and I know all is well. Thank you.
Healing and Restoration Anonymous001-21-2017
Please pray that the Lord heal and restore my friendship with Alex and that he communicates with me soon- he is having some mental health difficulties and I just want him to know that I am here for him. Thank you.
Marriage MiracleAnonymous001-21-2017
Please pray for the restoration of my marriage. My husband is still with the other woman after many months and is leaving the country for deployment tomorrow. Things are looking pretty dismal and discouraging. Pray for the other woman's salvation and for my husband to be brought to repentance. Thank you so much!
urgent prayer neededrobert griffith001-21-2017
Mental changeAnonymous001-20-2017
Father please apply these verses to my mind, and my life in increase. 1 Corinthians 2:16, 2 Timothy 1:7, Romans 12:2, 1 Peter 1:13, 1 Corinthians 2:16, and 1corinthians 14:15. Please apply these promises to my life in the most effective way. In Jesus name amen!
My momTim O\'Connell 001-20-2017
My mom has been sick. She had surgery and got sepsis from it. She is still recovering and now found the surgery was done poorly. Now she fell and twisted her ligaments in her knee. Please pray God heals her now and that there will be no more problems for her. Thank you
Daughter Ann Davis001-20-2017
My daughter is having issues with a supervisor at work. Please pray that she will continue to have job security and that, if it is God's will, that she will find a better job with less of a commute. In the meantime, please pray for her peace and trust in Him.
God's direction, provision and favorPatrice Halls001-20-2017
Please pray that GOD will guide my husband and I during the expansion of our business and hiring our first employees. I'm believing that he's spending the right individuals and resources we need to grow and honor Him though our company. I just want others to "touch and agree" with me because I know God wants nothing but HIS best for us. I claim it now and consider it done!
Healing for relationshipChris Burr101-20-2017
Extremely Strong Humble and Desperate Prayer Request Need

I am humbly and desperately needing extremely strong prayer for Htebazile Bernardo De Guzman and her Baby (They need money, help and things) and for our Relationship to stay strong and for us to get through these struggles! And for us to meet in Real Life and be together forever! 

(Needing Extremely Strong Prayer, help, needs, etc...)
New SeasonAnonymous001-20-2017
Many new ministries were announced at our church leaders meeting last night. One of them being a new campus in San Francisco opening next year. I would like prayer that if God means for me to be there serving, that I would accept His invitation - waiting patiently for an answer and to keep serving where I am now.