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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Healing for my DadAnonymous104-20-2017
Please pray for the swelling in my Dad's mouth and nose to go down. It could be an infection but this is nothing when compared to the power of Jesus! My dad's name is Nathan.
ReconciliationRena Hacker204-20-2017
I need & want God to turn my Dad & stepmom Sherry's hearts toward me & doggie Willy. I want them to forgive me, love me, be kind to us, have us live with them, help us & we can help them, be not angry about financial mess I made. May it please be today, life is very hard without love from people. I need, want God to send us rescue, help, love in deeds today. Save them. In Jesus' name, amen.
Heart of stoneAnonymous1804-20-2017
My husband is a narcissistic person and is not a believer - I have tried just about everything to lead him to Christ but because he feels intellectually superior to me and the Bible this has been a losing battle. I am sad that my kids are so influenced by him - and I am sorry for my part in choosing him for a spouse I am afraid and only God can change his heart.
I have a neighbor who is sly and evades all government rules, he’s got a garage which he’s likely to expand. Kindly pray this garage should be stopped in JESUS name as these garages subject the neighbors to loud banging noises. Yours in Christ, Deva
Courage, peace, strength to pass a state examAnonymous1504-20-2017
Please pray for my daughter, a college senior, who must pass a state mandated exam in order to teach. She will be an amazing teacher using her God given talents -- but she must pass a state mandated exam first. Please pray that she will be calm & at peace, use her knowledge and pass the test in the coming weeks. She is soooo close!
I want to hear His voice for my callingLinda (from Pennsylvania)1004-20-2017
I know I am being called into ministry....specifically...a "licensed minister". I want to hear HIS voice each that I know what to say...and know when to be quiet. I am asking for I wait. Sometimes it is just HARD to wait. We want the answers NOW! I also know that satan likes to speak to me also. I ONLY want to hear and listen to Jesus' voice in my mind.
Waiting on a houseAnonymous704-20-2017
My fiancé and I are getting married in 5 months. We have been on the house hunt since December. We have seen a few that we liked and each one has fell through. Please pray that God would reveal the perfect house for us to start digging and planting our roots. Please pray that God would just help my anxieties and worry about not having a house. We ask that God would just reveal his plan to us.
Sons marriageAnonymous404-20-2017
My son and his wife are going through some rough times in their marriage. They both came into the marriage with children and have some challenges to work through. Please pray for wisdom, love and gentleness for them both and that they will make God honoring decisions. Thank you for your prayers!
Good/clear exam at doctor visit todayDonna Deean504-20-2017
Just wanted to ask for prayers for a good, clear result today with the doctor. I am having a skin spot examined today and am praying it is nothing serious. I am putting my trust in the great God we serve and the power of prayer. I have experienced the power of prayer and know God is moved when we raise our requests in Jesus name.
Immigration Prayer RequestVictoria Firi504-20-2017
Please pray for me and my family, that our application in the American Diversity Visa Lottery 2018 (Green Card) must be selected as a winning entrant. The results will be released on 2nd May 2017. It has been our prayer to migrate and provide our child with a better life as we are tired of suffering and surviving on the currency equivalent of $500 per month. Please pray for us that we win. Amen.
God's protection, blessings and destroy all evil on my jobMargarita Mv604-20-2017
Please pray 2 destroy/reverse evil plans & witchcraft from Jamees, Howard, Jodi, Jenya & Vadim, on my job, accounts, sales, production & success meeting my budget every month. God bless you.
Peace & EnduranceKaren L404-20-2017
I have been going through a lot for many years, including recently coming out of an abusive marriage. I am in the process of getting my house ready to sell, but I still have some things that need to be done before it's ready. I am totally frazzled out and I need strength for endurance, peace, wisdom, rest, and to keep my eyes on the Lord rather than my circumstances.
Prayer requestAnonymous104-20-2017
Praise the LORD brothers and sisters
Please pray together for all ministries
to Expand Ministry boundaries
to Strengthen the GOSPEL day to day and time to time
to Strengthen the Faith of believers day to day and time to time
for Israel
Please remember all this points in your daily prayers
May GOD bless you all

HealthJuliana Falcon304-20-2017
I would like to request prayers regarding my health. I have been having hormonal ups and downs and I feel overwhelmed even when I am not doing much. My stomach is bloating up like never before. I am concerned in regards to that. Please pray for my health also, I would like to request prayers for my daughter Jasmine and son Guillermo who are going through preteen and teen stages. thank you
Healing Cheryl Fetty604-20-2017
I have recieved bad news about my blood work. The dr. are concerned that the cancer has returned.

I am scared and yet know I need to stand on God's word.

Please can I ask you for prayer over this...healing of my body and Strenght and even wisdom.

Thank you so much
Father Intervention on my husband to come sign the renew lease Val N304-20-2017
Lord please I need your help on my husband for him to come sign the renew lease.. And to cancel the spirit of divorce.Lord I trust you cause you are a way walker ...promise keeper .. Thank you Lord
Protection Anonymous204-20-2017
Prayer for protection and grace and mercy in the coming weeks for things in the past
Health relationship and familyCameshea Hannis304-20-2017
Please help me pray to remove the hands of my enemies. To get them out of my life out and off my relationship, off my family and off my health in the name of Jesus Christ amen and amen.
HelpKyle 404-20-2017
I feel as though the enemy is taking over my mind. Please pray that the God of heaven would have mercy on me and intervene.
marriage of family membersAnonymous204-20-2017
marriage probs/Jim and Kristen/a one1/2 yr old boy. she's moving out & acting selfishly independent ...blind to her financial & parental responsibilities . Needs 2 find internal peace & joy from Jesus. She has 2 stop pointing fingers & look at her own sin. She is getting bad advice from her fam/ lawyer. both r seeing a Christian counselor. Jim's willing 2 work it out. Both r Christians.
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