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Asking for prayer regarding intimacy in our marriage. Thank you in advance
Prayers for my MomJody Thomas201-17-2017
My mom (Carol Skala) was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.... can you please pray for a full recovery and that she is completely cancer free?

Thank you so much

Marriage RestorationMichael T301-17-2017
I am at a lost of words. My wife of 12 years left me and The other man James is coming back next weekend to be with my wife and kids. She told me today when I was picking up my kids. She told me she is in love with him and never loved me. This hurts so much. 🙁 please pray for her salvation. please pray that God will remove him. I won't get into details to protect my wife, but she is so lost. I told her that no matter what I Will be waiting for her to come home and I love her. I know its a lot to ask, but can you please pray this week and next weekend. I thank you all so much. I am so weak from working so much to provide for two households and this crushed my spirit. Please pray for our marriage to be restored and her to give her life back to God. Please God, save my wife. Bring her back to you. Save her soul. Give her dreams and visions. In Jesus name amen
Weary from constant trialsAnonymous201-17-2017
I am a Christian and I have seen God at work in my life as he has carried me and my family through many hardships in recent years. I have been so low at times and have cried out to God for help in times of trouble as he tells us to do in scripture. My husband is at the breaking point and I feel like I am right behind him. We seem to be on a downward spiral and I am praying with all my heart that God will have mercy on our family... Please pray for my husband, that God will work in his life... I am very weary at this point and I so desire peace and love to return to our home.
Strength and encouragement for friends that are quarrelingAnonymous101-17-2017
Please be in prayer for myself and my friends. I have two acquaintances that have deep unresolved issues between them and they feel the need to come to me about the other. My prayer is that they would lovingly and in a Christ-like manner, go to each other to be reconciled. I feel caught in the middle of an issue that has nothing to do with me. I pray that our Father will give me strength and the words to say to encourage a reconciliation, not dissension. It breaks my heart to see two people that I care for be at odds with one another. Prayer for wisdom and discernment for myself so that when they come to me, I can guide them in the right direction. Pray that their hearts will be open to hearing The Truth even if it is not necessarily what they want to hear in that moment. Thank you all! God Bless!
Lord Help me to stop being a controlling Wife...Anonymous101-17-2017
I am praying that God will help me to stop trying to change my husband. I just see so much greatness in him that he doesn't see in himself. He has such low self esteem and he is new to Christ. I sometimes think if I encourage him hard enough that he will believe what God's Word says about him. My husband says that I feel like he's lost his self in our marriage and that he no longer knows who he is. Lord help me to trust you to finish the good work that you started in my husband. Help me to have faith that you will change his heart and fill him with your spirit and your boldness and all the fruit that comes along with your Spirit.
Help me be the wife who allows her husband to lead and help me be the wife that respects her husband in ways that are pleasing to you.
State appropriations for foster kidsAnonymous101-17-2017
There has been a 25% increase in the amount of foster children in NC in last 5 yrs. Can you please pray the state legislature will appropriate enough fund to care for the foster kids Thanks.
Job & financial miraclesTiong Wee Yeo101-17-2017
I got terminated from my job on 22 Dec 2016 - don't know what to do now, cos work for 25 years.Actually got backstab in work place on September 2016.
Pray for open door to job offers & financial miracles.
I need God's favour urgently & need Him to help me out.
FearJessica Will101-17-2017
I was in relationship with a boy since six yrs. He started to have physical intimacy with me many times. After six yrs, now, i came to know that he mainly used me to satisfy his lust. And moreover it's not God's will to marry this boy. So please pray he should not threaten me and my family. And also pray that he should not be in touch with me. And pray that he shouldn't hurt or harm himself for my sake. I'm very scared and frightened. I'm shaken to the core.
For My Son Anonymous201-17-2017
Lord please give the desire for my son A to start exercising, eating correctly & stop drinking alcohol. Give him the self-confidence he needs I ask In Jesus Name, Amen
My husband has extreme stress at his work and it is affecting our family and marriage, I ask that the Lord would intervene and bring peace that surpasses all understanding. Help him to feel you working in his life Lord, block any negative thoughts and feelings that the devil may be saying to him. I praise You for always hearing us and excepting us in all circumstances. Thank You for Your Love and forgiveness. Show me how I can better support my husband when he is at home with the family and show him the love he needs. These things I ask in Jesus' Name.
RestorationRyan Walker701-17-2017
Father please restore me in all areas. Lead myself, and Brandy towards your full restoration power. Help us to move towards a double portion in as many areas as possible. Please restore us in health, finances, relationships, also in past harvests, as well as in possessions. Restore us in career goals. Bring us to the point we would be at if we walked faithfully in everyday in our life. I also ask for a double portion after that. I'm asking for a miracle. Also please assign your angels to this prayer. In Jesus' Name amen!
Pray for my marriageAnonymous701-17-2017
Please pray for my marriage. Pray for my husband who is a Christian, but his faith is wavering. Thank you.
HealthRyan Walker601-17-2017
Father I have heavy levels of pain that hold me back everyday. It is pain in my brain and I'm not sure how it was caused. I really need to be released from this pain. I also need healing and renewal in my mental state. I also need to stay motivated to exercise, and eat right. As well as restoration and healing in my blood and every damaged part of my body. I ask this in Jesus' Name amen.
Please ask the Lord to bless my wife's and my time together these following weeks. We haven't seen each other in months may it be happy and last as long as it can. We will reunite in summer. Pray we see each other as much as we can in peace and love and fun. We want a kid if the Lord wills... we pray for a healthy baby in His timing and will.
Son in Law needs GodAnonymous501-17-2017
My son in law is an Army veteran who suffers from PTSD. He overdosed on heroine tonight. He survived and is home from the hospital, but he desperately needs to be in a rehab program. He said he will enroll in one, and that he would get counseling, but what he needs most is God's help to turn his life around. Pray that myself and others will say to him the things God wants us to say and that he will be successful in turning his life around.
My Beautiful DaughterAnonymous301-17-2017
Please pray for my daughter. She auditioned for dance numbers. Pray she gets cast in the dances she wants to perform. I ask In Jesus' Name, amen.
Family and salvation Kristina Harris201-17-2017
Prayer for my ex and his family also for my family. May God bless them, protect them, open their eyes and heart, for them to feel God's presence and soon break chains they are bound too. I at this time need help with lifting them up in prayer too much stress on me. I pray for comfort through this for me and my children thank you.
FamilyKristina Harris301-17-2017
Prayer for my ex and his family also for my family. May God bless them, protect them, open their eyes and heart, for them to feel God's presence and soon break chains they are bound too. I at this time need help with lifting them up in prayer too much stress on me. I pray for comfort through this for me and my children thank you.
Finances/HouseTAINA D301-17-2017
GOD Bless you and good evening, I request prayer agreement to get a house for me and my 7year old twin boys, I really want a house with a yard but its been difficult for me to get, because of my finances and I'm divorced. So GOD willing I can get one soon, Thank You.