Micca Campbell

Micca Campbell

Micca Campbell is an author, conference speaker with Proverbs31 Ministries, a bible-teacher, and a wife and mother of three. Micca’s passion is to empower women to fear less and live more.

She is also like you, a real woman who trusts in a real God to bring her through real life challenges. She isn’t perfect, but her God is. It’s only through His presence and power that Micca is able to encourage and equip others to live a god-inspired life that far exceeds your limits.

Micca’s messages help women…

  • Fear less and live more in the fullness of Christ
  • Stand against a world that dictates her needs and live for the One who is everything she needs
  • Move from being overpowered by life to being empowered by Christ
  • Look to Jesus who is the hope and healer of all wounds

Micca also knows what it is to hurt deeply. After a house fire claimed the life of her husband, Micca found herself alone, a new mother, and a widow at the age of 21. Having faced every woman’s greatest fear, Micca found ultimate peace by placing her cares in the care of God. Her story breaths new hope into every hurting heart.

She is the author of An Untroubled Heart: Finding A Faith Stronger Than All My Fears. Micca has also contributed to several books including Real-Life Devotional Bible for Women, Encouragement for Today, God’s Purpose For Every Woman, For the Write Reason, and The Reason We Speak. Currently, Micca is working on her next book, Empowered Woman.

Micca has also been interviewed in magazine articles, blogs, radio, and television appearances. In November of 2014, Micca appeared on the cover of Today’s Christian Living Magazine. In 2004, Parentlife Magazine named her “Mother of the Year.” An honor her children still find humorous to this day.

Micca’s topics are relevant and real. As a master storyteller, she’s convinced God uses her offbeat, crazy life to provide modern day illustrations for His timeless truths women of all ages can relate to. Her sense of humor brings down walls of resistance allowing the Word to penetrate every heart. Her evangelistic style moves hearts toward Christ and His saving grace.

Micca resides in Nashville, TN with her husband and their three children. She would love to connect with you at www.miccacampbell.com, or www.facebook.com/miccacampbell, www.twitter.com/miccacampbell.

Micca’s New Topics:

Empowered Woman (New Topic from Micca’s book)

Does your life seem the same as it was before you came to Christ? Have you discovered doing the best you can isn’t enough? Do you often wonder, “Am I missing something?” while others seem to have it all together? Then God wants to take you deeper! In this empowering message, leave forever changed as Micca equips you to…

  • Experience a closer relationship with God that finally meets your expectations
  • Plug into your Life-source that empowers you to meet daily challenges
  • Conquer your bad habits, hang-ups and hurts
  • Gain a rich, fruitful life marked by peace and power
  • Walk away wrecked by the grace of God
Finding Contentment

Life is so full of pressure that contentment often feels out of reach. Then again, what if I told you lasting contentment could by yours? What if you knew the secret to a life of satisfaction no matter your circumstances? Like Paul you would be able to say, “I have learned to be content in any situation.” In this conference, Micca teaches with insight and humor how you can

  • Cultivate a heart of contentment where you are, with what you have, and in any circumstance.
  • Recognize the secret of contentment is not in what you have but in Who you have.
  • Discover practical steps to finding God’s plan and purpose for your life.
  • Trade your junk for the real treasure of knowing Christ.
Fear Less. Live More!

What if you could have a faith stronger than all your fear? During Micca’s darkest days, she discovered God’s remedy for our deepest fears. She explores the worries of every woman’s heart from insecurities, to finances, to raising children. In this conference, Micca shares remarkable insights taken from her book. You’ll be encouraged to

  • Lay down your worries and trust in the provision of your heavenly Father.
  • Break fears grip with biblical solutions you can apply to your life today.
  • Settle your insecurities about failing, finances, marital challenges and parenting.
  • Learn to fear less and live a more abundant life.
Lead Me To The Rock

Have you ever found yourself between a rock and a hard place? I know I have. What if you could see your rock as more than solid material, more than a hard place to be? What if that rock was Christ the Solid Rock? You could go from being “between a rock” to “resting on the Rock!” Gleaning from Jacob’s story, discover how to

  • Change your perspective from bing on hard ground to holy ground
  • Transform you experience from “between a rock” to “resting on the rock”
  • Discover the Presence of God working on your behalf
  • Draw near to the Rock, higher than I, and find refuge that leads to victory and praise
Anticipating Christmas

Our visions of Christmas are enchanting. The snow. The Christmas carols. The decorations. The parties. Family. And expectations. But when our idealized pictures fall short, we feel let down—wounded even. Perhaps we haven’t set our expectations high enough. What if what we really long for something so big, so incredible, and so mysterious that Christmas becomes more than packages and traditions? Through the lives of Simeon and Anna, you will…

  • Discover That Jesus Provides What You Need; Comfort, Hope, and Freedom
  • Capture The Marvel of Christmas Again
  • Learn To Move With the Holy Spirit
  • Become Messengers for the Miracle of Christmas

What Others Are Saying…

“One minute she has you spellbound by her keen insight into God’s Word, and the next, she has you bent over with side-splitting laughter.”
— “She Speaks” Conference Participant

“Micca Campbell ‘s story is one that should be heard by all. She has faced every woman’s greatest fears, dealt with them in a real and honest way, and found the peace that can only come from a sweet relationship with Jesus. I give Micca my highest recommendation as a speaker, teacher, and leader in ministry. She is not only an amazing communicator but also a dear personal friend.”
— Lysa TerKeurst, speaker, author, and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries

“This was our 21st consecutive women’s retreat at Jacksonville Chapel and we had the most responses of any retreat for women who prayed to receive Christ. I feel that it was a combination of the women’s hearts being ripe and Micca’s sweet spirit and humility that led them to the Lord. It was an overwhelming response.”
— Janet Van Treuren, Director of Women’s Ministry

“One word describes Micca– Memorable ! Micca’s passion, for Jesus and His ability to heal hurting lives, breathes new life into every listener. She captivates the audience with her ability to weave deep truths together with humor. Micca’s message will change your life. I know she changed mine!”
— Susanne Scheppmann, Author & Speaker Las Vegas, NV

“Micca is a wonderfully gifted woman who has a passion to speak for the Lord. I am convinced that she has a call of God upon her life. She is a blessing to me and to this fellowship. However, I believe that she is an even greater blessing to the Kingdom of God.”
— Pastor James R. Moore

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