Renee Swope

Renee Swope

Renee Swope is a national conference speaker, co-host of Proverbs 31 Ministries’ international radio program and author of “A Confident Heart.” Through her written and spoken words, Renee leads women to find complete confidence in Christ by showing them how to live daily in the security of God’s promises.

Seasoned with laughter and saturated with Truth, Renee’s messages are filled with powerful Biblical insights and practical life-applications that show women how to:

  • Trust the certainty of God’s promises in the uncertainty of their circumstances
  • Replace paralyzing insecurities with powerful transforming Truth
  • Overcome fear-filled thinking with faith-filled believing
  • Learn how to fail forward every time they have a setback
  • Exchange guilt-induced doubt with grace-induced confidence

In addition to her speaking and writing, for the past 16 years, Renee has served on the leadership team that grew Proverbs 31 Ministries from a small newsletter to one of the leading women’s ministries in America. She currently serves as Executive Director of Devotions, Radio and Speaking Events and is also a contributing author for our Encouragement for Today devotions as well as God’s Purpose for Every WomanLeading Women to the Heart of God and The Reason We Speak.

But most of all, Renee’s favorite titles are wife to JJ and mom to Joshua (16), Andrew (13) and Aster (2). She and her family live in Charlotte, NC. (To connect with Renee, visit or

Speaking Topics

Becoming the Woman God Created You to Be

{full conference or one-session message}

Do you ever compare yourself to other women and feel like they have more to offer? Learn how to stop comparing and competing, and start celebrating and completing the relationships you have with friends, family, co-workers and ministry teammates as you discover each others strengths and encourage one another’s gifts. This message will help you:

  • Find confidence in who you are and the unique traits God has given you.
  • Break free from the comparison trap so you can fulfill God’s purpose for your life.
  • Recognize your strengths and use them to complete the body of Christ.

Make peace with your past and see how God can use it in His plans for your future.

You've {Already} Got What It Takes

{full conference or one-session message}

Based on her best-selling and award-winning book, A Confident Heart, Renee offers the voice of a friend who candidly, and humorously, shares her struggles and victories with overcoming self-doubt. Step by step you will be equipped to identify triggers of insecurity and replace your self-confidence {or lack of} with lasting God-fidence as you:

  • Break free from people-pleasing and performance-based living.
  • Discover and develop your God-given purpose, passion and personality.
  • Exchange “against me” thoughts with scripture-based God is “for me” thoughts.

See beyond who you are to who you are becoming – in Christ.

Come to Me

{full conference or one-session message}

Ever feel exhausted, divided or depleted?  Renee Swope understands. With a two teenagers, a toddler with special needs and a thriving ministry, Renee knows how crucial it is that we accept Jesus’ invitation in Matthew 11:28, “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Through powerful biblical teaching and practical life applications, she will show you how to “come to Jesus” moment by moment and so that you can find a resting place in His presence, His plans and His promises as you:

  • Replace worries that make your weary with God’s perspective and peace.
  • Depend on the certainty of God’s promises despite the uncertainty of your circumstances.
  • Improve relationships by embracing grace-based expectations of yourself and others.

Live with a confident heart in Christ by exchanging fear-filled thinking with faith-filled believing.

Leading with Confidence

{full conference or one-session message}

Do you have a passion to help women discover their God-given gifts and purpose, so they can use them to lead others closer to the heart of God? For the past 18 years, Renee has served as a leader with Proverbs 31 Ministries, helping develop teams that are now fulfilling God’s dreams — growing it from a small newsletter to one of the leading women’s ministries in America. In this session Renee helps women:

  • Inspire and empower other women to serve with passion.
  • Instill contagious joy and commitment in their team/small group.
  • Identify and invest in women who want to invest their lives in other.

Develop lasting confidence in Christ as they lead from their strengths.

Blessed is She Who Believes

{one session message}

Just in time for Christmas, Renee’s message “Blessed is She Who Believes” brings to life the Christmas story that began in the heart of a young woman who believed God’s promises, depended on God’s power, surrendered to God’s plans and revealed God’s glory through her life. Sprinkled with humor and saturated with Truth, you will learn how to:

  • Replace insecurity and self-doubt with God-fidence and trust.
  • Rely on God’s provision as you fulfill God’s purpose for your life.
  • See beyond who you are to who you are becoming in Christ.
Unwrapping His Christmas Presence

{one session message}

When the holidays sweep across the pages of your calendar, are you swept into a flurry of obligations? Do you ever lose the joy of celebration in the midst of preparations? Make this year different! With heart-warming stories and life-changing truths, Renee shares inspiring stories and practical ideas to help women:

  • Take time to experience the hush of Christ in the rush toward Christmas.
  • Prepare a place for Jesus in your heart and home this holiday season.
  • Unwrap the gift of God’s presence each day in December and all throughout the year.

For a full list of Renee’s topics, please click here to visit her website.

What Others are Saying about Renee

This year has been like no other for us after inviting Renee to teach at our two-weekend women’s event with over 500 women from all over the Northeast region. In all the years we have held this retreat, we’ve never had such an overwhelmingly favorable response on our evaluations. Women shared things like, “I love her relationship with God.” “She is so real and such a good teacher!” “Tremendous messages: she’s lives it and can talk it well”. Words like: “inspiring, powerful, amazing, personal and uplifting” were written over and over by women whose lives had been changed. Also, Renee was so easy to work with. She took considerable time to understand more about us, and incorporated every thing we asked from her – plus more. Her gift of speaking is complimented well by her ability to connect with women. I whole-heartedly recommend Renee!
– Kristen Stuart, Camp Berea’s Retreat, Speaker Coordinator

Renee Swope invites women up close, illustrating God’s Truth through her authentic style. With warm storytelling, Renee pulls back the layers of scripture and uses personal examples to challenge and inspire others. Her transparency is full of purpose as she draws out practical applications of principles for today’s woman.Our women are still sharing stories of how their lives were changed from our retreat with Renee. Our women were forever influenced by her heart of prayer, passion, and purpose!
– Julie Sanders, Women’s Ministry Director, West Park Baptist Church, Knoxville, TN

“Renee is a passionate and gifted speaker who has the unique ability to connect with women in a way that is rare. I’m always inspired when I share the platform with Renee because after hearing her speak I know I will walk away with a new revelation from God. Besides being a very gifted teacher, Renee is one of my dearest friends. When I need spiritual advice, she’s the one I go to. She’s the real deal on and off the stage.”
– Lysa TerKeurst, Award Winning Author, Speaker and President of Proverbs 31 Ministries

“I was blown away by how we could feel God’s presence touch so many lives through Renee’s message, and then we watched 600 women walk out of the shadow of doubt and into the shadow of the Most High. Women were changed at the foot of the Cross as they laid down their doubts and found power in His truth to rise again and defeat their enemies of doubt and fear so they could live in the confidence of God’s calling on their lives!”
– Conference Attendee, She Speaks 2008