Suzie Eller

Suzie Eller

Suzanne (Suzie) Eller leads women in a new direction in family, feelings, and faith. She’s a Bible teacher and storyteller. Suzie draws you deeper into scripture and how to apply that in real life. She is a passionate speaker with a powerful life story who loves to connect with her audience both on and off the stage. Her teachings are based on in-depth knowledge of Scripture, but filled with laughter and tears.

Suzie has spoken to groups of all sizes in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, El Salvador, Jamaica and throughout the United States.

Suzie is a frequent guest on radio and TV programs. She has been featured on programs such as The Harvest Show, MidDay Connection, Focus on the Family, Aspiring Women, At Home Live, KLOVE, PrimeTime America, Encouragement Café, FamilyLife, 100 Huntley Street, and many others. Suzie was a co-host of the syndicated radio program, Encouragement Cafe. She ministers to thousands of women on Facebook ( and online Bible studies through her blog ( She is a Bible Gateway and blogger.

Suzie is the author of more than 1000 articles and several books. Her latest books are The Unburdened Heart: Finding the Freedom of Forgiveness and The Mended Heart: God’s Healing for Your Broken Places (Baker Publishing).

She lives in Fayetteville, AR with her husband, Richard, and when she’s not writing or speaking, she’s hiking or rafting, loving her growing family, or pulling friends around the table for fun, conversation and a home-cooked meal.

Suzie cannot wait to connect with you to discuss your event, and to partner with you to minister to the women who will attend.

Speaking Topics

God and Girlfriends
Is friendship spiritual? Suzie thinks the answer is yes!

Many women are asking God for encouragement or wisdom or for their load to be a little lighter. Maybe the answer to that prayer is a friend.

Suzie helps a woman understand why she might struggle to commit to something so life changing, and how you grow when we take a leap of faith and walk through life with a friend.

Bringing audience to both laughter and tears, and delving deep into John 15:12, Suzie will help you:

  • Nurture yourself, as well as your family and others, through girlfriend time
  • Appreciate the differences and avoid comparisons in potential friends
  • Give friendship another opportunity if you’ve been hurt by a friend
  • Reach out rather than wait for someone to come to you
  • Treasure the joy of friendship and discover how friends can love each other in a brand new way
Spiritual Spa for the Soul
We live in a busy and chaotic world. Is our faith supposed to be just as complex? What are the knots and kinks that get in the way of simple and profound faith?

Suzie invites you to take a deep breath and rest spiritually. Sure, there’s something wonderful about pampering with chocolate and massages, but let’s take that even deeper as you rest in Christ, and put aside striving so you can slow down long enough to get really still with God.

With laughter and insight, using scriptures from Matthew 6 (and others), Suzie will help you:

  • Shift the focus from your efforts to what God has already accomplished
  • Replace the greatest “kink” or “knot” of all in your faith life to truly trust and rest in God
  • Discover the power of doing what is in your power, and giving to God what is His
Dancing Shoes: {The Joy of} Turning Crossroads Into Turning Points
Maybe your crossroads is all about difficult people, or circumstances you didn’t ask for. Or you have big dreams and don’t know how to get from here to “there”, or you’ve been waiting to hear from God for a long time.

Are you excited to look at crossroads in a whole new way? Suzie leads women to invite Christ into their personal crossroads, transforming them into turning points in their lives.

With humor, but also with gentle instruction on how to discover the powerful gifts waiting in the crossroads, using scripture from Acts 9 and others Suzie will help you:

  • Recognize things that might keep you stuck so you can change course
  • Experience a deeper security in Christ when circumstances or people are unreliable
  • Find direction when you don’t know what to do
  • Discover purpose and joy in waiting, personal crossroads, and even in the hard crossroads
Maybe you’ve been a believer your whole life. Maybe you’ve just experienced this life called Christianity. Regardless of how long you’ve called yourself His, God offers so much more for each of us.

More faith. More life! More purpose. Are you ready to live an unstoppable life?

For the woman who is ready to discover what God has just for her? Using the story of a man by the pool of Bethesda (John 5:1-15), Suzie shows how we can move from a distant hope to a present-day miracle as a woman lets go of their “mat” to find all that God has just for her. Humorous, insightful and deeply based in scripture. With storytelling and Biblical application, Suzie leads women to:

  • Exchange excuses (even valid ones) for spiritual and emotional growth
  • Take the focus off of what hasn’t worked to embrace what does
  • Move forward spiritually and emotionally regardless of obstacles
  • See herself as potentially unstoppable as God leads her
  • Influence others as she lives free and s0 filled that she splashes out on those she loves and those she meets.
At His Feet
Maybe you’re the one who wants to get close to Jesus, but you wonder if you can. Maybe you’re the one who has always known Jesus, but you’ve almost forgotten the gift you’ve been given.

Using Luke 7:36-50, Suzie shares transforming lessons learned from an unnamed woman who dared to sit at Jesus’ feet.

What might we discover at this story at the feet of Jesus that will lead to intimacy with God? What leads us on a deeper walk with Him? This message’s surprising ending leads every woman to to view her need for a God who loves her like crazy, and how that leads us to live and love others in a whole new way. Suzie helps women to:

  • Leave one place (anything that keeps us at a distance) to find another (closer to Jesus)
  • Ignite a heart with renewed love for Jesus
  • Leave uncertainty of His sovereignty to the certainty of His divine plan just for her
  • From exterior devotion to a beautiful and deeper walk with Christ
It was found on the side of the road, but now it’s in your living room or on your front porch and you treasure it!

Beautiful old items can be beautiful or collectible, but what if they’re dusty, unused, or dinged or dented? Sometimes our faith can feel the same way.

Re-purposing invites each woman to look at her faith from a different angle — not at what she needs to do, but at three things that have already been done for her by Jesus, and how that reignites her faith all over again, leaving her rested and renewed.

Suzie will help women:

  • Replace striving with seeking
  • Open up tarnished or dusty areas to His tender restoration process
  • Stop stressing and find rest
  • Take a leap of faith instead of hanging back

{Retreats or Day Conferences}

Spa for the Soul Retreat Weekend
Theme: True rest in begins with Him

  • True Rest {15 minute devotion} — We begin the weekend by building a foundation of rest that leads a woman into the three things they DON’T have to do over the weekend. In fact, the more she doesn’t do them, the more rested she’ll be!
  • God and Girlfriends {40-45 minutes} — What does friendship have to do with rest? Suzie shares how connection and community can be an answer to the prayer you just whispered. She’s also realistic that it takes commitment, and gently and with humor explores how we work through those obstacles. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll walk away with a renewed and fresh look at the power of friendship.
  • Spa for the Soul {40 – 45 minutes} — We take a look at those tricky kinks and knots that get in our faith! This message will leave a woman spiritually refreshed with tangible tools to help her find restoration and rest in her real life when she leaves the conference.
A Mended Heart Retreat Weekend or One-Day Conference
Theme: The power of the cross is not in what we do, but what has already been done for us!

  • True Rest {15 minutes} — Maybe she arrived at the conference feeling that it’s just too big for her. She’s already tried this on her own, yet she wants everything that God has to offer. We begin the weekend by building a foundation of rest that leads a woman into the three things they DON’T have to do over the weekend. In fact, the more she doesn’t do them, the more rested she’ll be!
  • Dancing Shoes: Turning Crossroads Into Turning Points {40 – 45 minutes} — You’ve hit a crossroads and you’re not sure what to do. Whether that’s a waiting place, a personal crossroads, or a hard place, there’s joy and growth and strength to be discovered in each of these crossroads. Those discoveries turn your crossroads into turning points in your faith and your life!
  • Unstoppable! {40-45 minutes} — A woman leaves the weekend with renewed direction and hope at how God heals, overcomes, strengthens, and walks into her life with love that transforms.
Unburdened Heart Retreat Weekend or One-Day Conference
Theme: We shift our focus from what we cannot change to embrace what we can.

  • Leaving One Place to Find Another {15-minute devotion} — You’re ready for change. You’re brave through and through (or you long to be), but there are some things that just seem bigger than you. Suzie takes the pressure off of the weekend as you discover that God is getting ready to lead you to a new place in your heart, in your thoughts, in your faith and relationship with Him, and in your life.
  • Unstoppable! {40 to 45 minutes} — Restoration can be hard work, but you are in a partnership with God, and He’s bigger! What is God asking of you? Through tears and laughter, a woman discovers how God heals, overcomes, strengthens, and walks into her life with love that transforms.
  • At His Feet {40 to 45 minutes} — Forgiving is hard, whether it’s forgiving others or moving past your own choices. Yet forgiveness mattered very much to God. Why? Because every woman who enters through the doors matters to Him. Through the power of story and scripture, a woman walks away with a deep sense of who she is to God, and how forgiveness will lead from one place to discover a beautiful new path.

What Others are Saying about Suzie:

Suzie has a natural ability to connect with all different types of people. She has an open and honest style that people can quickly relate to. Whether talking in front of a group of moms in Austria or chatting one-on-one with a woman in Hungary, Suzie opens her heart to the needs of the person standing in front of her.
— Brenda Paccamonti, Speaker Coordinator, Hearts at Home Intl.

Suzie was fantastic and connected amazingly with the women. She hit it out of the park! Just loved her ministry and spending one-on-one time with her. It’s our second time to have Suzie and we will definitely have her back!
— Rhonda Roncone, Highpoint AG Church, Aurora, Colorado

Suzie is warm, transparent and genuine. Her message was on target and included so many memorable applications. Our women were soooo excited about our retreat, they overwhelmingly want to do it again next year – with the same Suzie Eller! They adored her!
— Cheri Lee, Ponte Vedra Presbyterian Church, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Suzie was a great speaker and really ministered to and connected with our ladies. Her messages were practical, biblical, and very relevant.
— Bev Heinrichs, Fairview Mennonite Brethren, Fairview, Oklahoma

Suzie absolutely connected with our audience and had such a sweet spirit that our women felt especially touched by her message. Suzie was a delight from start to finish. We continue to get comments from participants about how much she prepared and the effort that she went to in order to make the conference one that will always be remembered.
— Michelle Shirley, Shirley Grove Baptist Church, Clarksville, Atlanta

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