Whitney Capps

Whitney Capps

Often times people who hear Whitney speak say the same thing, “she’s just so real.” Whitney hopes that sharing her struggles and failures will point her listeners to God. Whitney responds, “My failures magnify His grace and goodness. Why hide what God uses for His glory?”

Whitney shares familiar texts with Believers in hopes that they will be challenged to think about old passages in new ways.

“I hope we look beyond what we think we know about a particular passage, and let the Spirit reveal new insights for the journey ahead.”

Similarly she hopes that Seekers who have been turned off by too much “church talk” will find her candor and honesty attractive enough to take another look at the God of Scripture. Inviting Whitney to speak at your event will be a breath of fresh air. It will be a time that Believers and Seekers alike will enjoy and be changed by.

“I don’t teach because I have a lot of answers; I teach because I have a lot of questions.”

Ask Whitney Capps why she loves to speak and that’s the answer you’ll get. No pretense. No pride. No posturing. Whitney teaches because she loves to shatter the perception that to study the Scriptures one must be a scholar or a saint.

“I’m neither. And yet in His infinite grace when I study the Word, the Author Himself condescends to explain it to me! How can I not share with others what I’ve learned?”

Whitney and Chad are raising their three boys, Cooper, Dylan and Ryder, just outside Atlanta, Georgia. Additionally, Whitney works from home consulting for the corporate office of Chick-fil-A.

Speaking Topics

Thirsty? Finding Refreshment with a Cool Glass of Living Water

This teaching focuses on spiritual dehydration and draws a parallel between the physical fatigue and strain caused by dehydration and our spiritual stamina when we are deprived of Christ’s Living Water. This talk will help women identify and long for the benefits of a regular encounter with the Living Water. The Scripture focus is on the story of the Woman at the Well.

  • Invigorate your life with a fresh and clear perspective on spiritual health.
  • Eliminate toxic behaviors to make room for meaningful encounters with God.
  • Experience balanced richer relationships as a result of a regularly refreshed spirit.
  • Enjoy freedom from shame, guilt or judgment by cleansing past emotions and hurts.
Declaration of Dependence: Helping Women Find Peace in the Heat of Battle
In this series we ask women to examine how conflict-laden our lives can be. From being over-committed and severely stressed this series challenges women to engage in the battle for their hearts and homes by surrendering control and finding biblical freedom.

  • Clarify key indicators of a peace-less life.
  • Conquer your fear of conflict by identifying its source.
  • Seize control of difficult relationships.
  • Experience the power of God by claiming the promise each Name guarantees.
  • Claim freedom from worry, stress and anxiety for good.
Friendship Project: An Experiment ot See What Happens When Women Stop Being Busy and Start Being Real
Technology is great at making things easier and faster, but does that mean those things are necessarily better? When it comes to biblical friendship “easy” and “fast” are not appropriate descriptions. Few of us invest in the lives of the girlfriends around us but wonder why our relationships are unfulfilling. This series challenges women unplug from busy schedules and plug into one another.

  • Act on the biblical model for building relationships.
  • Understand how investing in relationships is critical for healthy churches.
  • Equip women with practical ways to enhance friendships.

What Others are Saying about Whitney

“Whitney has always been comfortable in front of people. She innately connects with an audience, drawing them into a personal conversation.”
— Dr. Alan Posey, Senior Pastor, Crosspointe Church, Covington, GA

“Whitney has a freshness and youthfulness that makes you think she’s your peer. The truth is spiritually she is wise beyond her years and works faithfully to make a positive difference for the Kingdom.”
— Kelly Greer, Publisher, Gwinnett Magazine

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