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Workshop Topic Options

Our team will conduct a thorough assessment interview to determine the scope of training that will meet your organization’s needs. We will assemble a custom designed leadership event to meet the needs of your staff. Below is an overview of the topics and workshops that can be presented:

  • TEAM CHEMISTRY: I’m ok, but you’re a little peculiar – Ministering to Different Personalities – Have you ever sat through a team meeting thinking “If only they would do it this way. Why don’t they get it”? We are blessed by so many unique relationships in ministry. Sometimes they are a source of great joy and others they are the source of great frustration.
  • TEAM DYNAMICS: Does your team put the “fun” in dysfunction? This fun workshop will create awareness about the 5 team skills required to function well.
  • GROUP DEVELOPMENT: In our fast-paced, social media driven world, how do we create environments where face to face authenticity can occur? This workshop will help you start a small group ministry or refuel and strengthen your group current leaders.
  • VALUES: Are your values on plaques in the hallway or are they evaluated and lived out in your organization? In our Pathway to Values workshop, we help you assess current organizational values, identify how organizational values compliment each teammate’s personal values and uncover potential areas where personal and organizational values can clash.
  • VISION: Hitting The Mark – Developing a Vision Driven Ministry – Assess team’s current vision statement and metrics associated with measuring success.
  • TEAM HEALTH: 5 Areas Your Team is Vulnerable to Injury – Learn how to guide your team toward team health.
  • TRUE CONFESSION: I’m Faking my Spiritual Leadership. Am I Burning Out? We are all capable of faking spiritual leadership. This workshop will unpack ways a leader can guard their heart, protect their time with God and identify early signs of burnout.
  • Adrift or Anchored? Alignment with your Church’s greater vision/mission? – Is your team solidly anchored to the larger vision and mission of your church or organization? This workshop will help you identify areas that you may be afloat on your own verses anchored and supporting the larger vision of your church.
  • LEAVING A LEGACY: What are the things you are passing along as a leader? Are you multiplying your leadership and working yourself out of a job?
  • The hardest part of Labor is TRANSITION: So your church is in a season of transition? How can your leadership inspire, comfort and buffer this season between what is and what will be?
  • TIME MANAGEMENT vs TIME LEADERSHIP: Take a Romans 12:2 look at your schedule, choices, decisions and voice in order to create white space and run your race well.
  • FUELING A HIGH PERFORMANCE LEADER: There are leaders and then there are LEADERS. What sets them apart is their capacity to manage more than the normal leader. And the fact that they require different fuel to stay motivated. This message helps you identify these women in your leadership team and equips you to lead them effectively.
  • Speaking to the Heart of Your Women: As a women’s ministry leader, you want to be able to cast vision, strengthen hearts and unify your group when you speak. In this workshop you will learn basic messaging skills that can help you meet these goals when it’s your turn to step up to the podium.
  • Nerves, Notes and No-No’s: When you stand to give an introduction, do your knees knock and your hands sweat? This workshop will share very practical advice to help you prepare to speak with confidence.

Training Topics for Speakers

  • Brass Tacks: Message Development Essentials
    Developing a strong message is the beginning of building a growing speaking ministry. This workshop will guide you to develop messages like a pro and learn the essential basics of a strong message along with tips we’ve learned along the way from other speakers with decades of experience.
  • Unforgettable: Creating Messages People Just Can’t Shake
    Learn the six keys supported by brain-science and research to creating unforgettable messages. Based on the book Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath, this workshop translates these innovative principles into a checklist for speakers desiring to create compelling messages.
  • What Every Beginning Speaker Needs to Know
    Do you feel called but a little clueless? Learn from experiences and collected stories from a Proverbs 31 Speaker Team member to help women discover a new confidence in their fresh calling.
  • Getting the Word Out: Marketing Your Message
    There’s nothing like the word “marketing” to make Christian speakers squirm and wrestle with doubts.
  • OTHER: Share your biggest leadership challenge and allow our team to develop a session to help you strengthen this area.
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