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Wants biblically based teaching that she can trust and relate to.

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Do the difficult circumstances going on around you ever leave you feeling like everything’s falling apart inside of you?...

Click to read a message from Proverbs 31 President and Chief Visionary Officer, Lysa TerKeurst

Oh, friend. I deeply understand.

I didn’t realize early in my walk with Christ that looking to our feelings to steady our souls instead of Truth is dangerous ground.

But I saw a vivid depiction of this several years ago when we remodeled our house. I invited a friend over and asked for his expert opinion. But when he started staring at the ceiling with a look of serious concern, I knew something was wrong. One of the major beams had been poorly repaired and wasn’t able to provide enough support — a point proven by the sagging floor upstairs.

Seeing those broken boards barely hanging on was like God giving me a glimpse of the unstable places inside of me. They were a loving admonition to stop assessing His goodness based on how my life felt at any given moment.

Why? Because feelings are fragile props. Only Truth is solid, unchanging, and stable through and through. The beliefs we hold should hold us up even when life feels like it’s falling apart.

This is why old patterns of thought must be torn out, and a new way of looking at all of life using God’s truth has to be put into place.

This is also why Proverbs 31 Ministries exists.

We long to help women replace the lies they’ve believed for far too long so they can live anchored to the truth of who God is and who He is to us.

And, that’s exactly what you do when you give to Proverbs 31. You help another woman find stability beyond what her feelings would ever allow through the Truth we share in our free resources. Your support is absolutely crucial to what we do every day here at Proverbs 31 Ministries.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Together we can help women all over the world find a more grounded faith, renovated hearts, and a strengthened trust in God like never before.


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2023 Income

Income Contributions | $4,534,396
Net Resource Sales | $1,287,767
Ministry Training | $1,068,916
Conference | $550,022
Speaking Events & Misc | $401,063

Operating Income | $7,842,164

Investments | $393,061

Total 2023 Income | $8,235,225


2023 Expenses

Program | $6,017,957
Management & General Expense | $1,219,979
Fundraising Expense | $361,318

Total 2023 Expenses | $7,599,254



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