Perfection Is My Enemy

August 12, 2018
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Have you ever been so tangled up in making things perfect that you just want to give up? Maybe you think to yourself, It’s not going to turn out right, so I’d rather not waste my time on it, or Someone else already does it better than I’ll ever be able do it.

Getting caught in the trap of perfectionism is exhausting, and it’s a tool the enemy uses to convince us we can somehow earn our worth. In today’s episode of the Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast, Ashley TerKeurst Hodges walks you through her own struggle with perfectionism and the freedom she’s experienced over the past year through her walk with the Lord. You’ll discover …

  • How to let go of the fear of failure and embrace your own ability to do your best.
  • That God’s love for you isn’t based on your ability to perform well.
  • There are four practical steps to overcome perfectionism you can apply to your life today.

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