Therapy & Theology: Stop the Shame Scripts Holding You Back

April 13, 2021
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All of us have facts that make up the story of who we are.

But we’re not just the sum total of these facts. There’s also the impact from these facts that live with us beyond the occurrence of the devastation, abuse or pain that happened to us. And in the middle of that impact, chances are there are some Shame Scripts holding us hostage from living in the freedom God so desires for us.

A Shame Script can simply be defined as a faulty belief or perception of self, others and/or God. Shame Scripts back us into isolation, making us prison to lies like …

“You are unwanted.”
“You are an inconvenience.”
“No one really cares about you.”
“If you’re not performing or achieving something, you don’t have value.”
“You’re just not good enough.”

In the follow-up episode to “Good Guilt vs. Destructive Shame” in the newest Therapy and Theology series, Lysa TerKeurst, Jim Cress and Joel Muddamalle dive into how Shame Scripts reveal themselves personally in their lives, but they also discuss practical tips and tools for how we can find our way out of the shame caving us in.

In this episode, you will be equipped to:

  • Live true to your most healed, healthy, whole, holy, surrendered-to-God-self and not the version of yourself that’s haunted and held back by shame.
  • Replace scripts of shame for words of life by uncovering the truth found in Genesis of how God really made us and what He made us for.

We pray this conversation blesses you, friend!

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