When Social Media Isn't Working for You

May 18, 2021
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It's easy to see how quickly social media can go from a fun tool we use to connect with friends, to a comparison trap we fall into without even recognizing it. So what's the trigger that trips us up and makes us fall into the comparison trap?

On this episode of the podcast, our friend Pastor Rob Singleton unpacks the key reason why we fall into the comparison trap: Our hearts are out of alignment. When we focus on what others think of us, or how we're measuring up to someone else's standard, we're not truly focusing on God.  Pastor Rob will share the signs and symptoms of a heart that's out of alignment, and what we can do to ensure we stay focused on Christ.

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Make sure you grab a copy of Rob Singleton's book, Overliked: Finding Direction, Courage, and Meaningful Relationships in a Society Crippled by Social Media.

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