"What If We’ve Misunderstood God’s Intent for Boundaries?" With Lysa TerKeurst

September 6, 2022
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Is it unloving, selfish or unchristian to draw boundaries? Sometimes the whole process can feel unkind or even like we’re violating Bible verses on how to treat others. But what if we’ve simply misunderstood God’s original intent in giving us this relational gift?

Lysa TerKeurst has wrestled with these hesitations. But she’s uncovered common misconceptions about boundaries and learned that boundaries are one of the most powerful, God-honoring tools we can use to protect our relationships.

In this teaching, Lysa walks through the first mention of boundaries in the Bible, three crucial words we need to embrace in order to understand God’s intent for boundaries and more. Grab a pen and paper — you’ll want to take notes on this one!

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