Choosing To Trust Over Taking Control

Choosing To Trust Over Taking Control: 10 Compassionate Devotions That Will Increase Your Faith While Decreasing Your Doubts

Trusting God is the hardest lesson to learn but the most crucial.

To trust God is to trust His timing. To trust God is to trust His ways.

But trust feels incredibly difficult to keep living out when hard times come and God starts to deviate from the plans we’re assuming our life should follow. How do we keep trusting Him when our hearts are broken? How do we choose trust when it seems so much easier to try to take control?

Download this FREE devotional and be equipped to:

  • Release the desire to orchestrate how things turn out by settling your soul with 10 days of scriptural reminders about God’s unfailing faithfulness.
  • Find the strength you need to face times of unexpected trouble with practical ways to purposefully seek the Lord in the midst of daily struggles.
  • Stop letting fear pull you away from trusting God as you choose to let it become the catalyst to trust Him more than ever before.

Know the Truth. Live the Truth. It changes everything.


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