From Worry to Worship

From Worry to Worship

God is not distant in the midst of what we are facing. We say statements like this, but do we really believe them? It’s scary when the facts in front of us seem to all point to outcomes we’ve truly believed God would prevent. So what do we do when worry seems to be the loudest voice in our minds?

We remember who God is.

We do not trust an absent God.

We do not follow a faithless God.

We do not serve a senseless God.

We serve a God who knows exactly what you are facing today and is not caught off guard by your circumstances. Worship isn’t just about singing … it’s about remembering. In the midst of it all, we want to offer you some practical ways to remember who God is and help you stay connected to the Truth found only in His Word.

From Worry to Worship is a seven-day devotional that will help you:

  • Find peace when you are tempted to panic.
  • Fight fear when it wages war on your heart.
  • Practice trusting God in the midst of uncertain circumstances.

Know the Truth. Live the Truth. It changes everything.


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