7 Morning and Evening Prayers To Get You Through This Week

7 Morning and Evening Prayers To Get You Through This Week

Prayer connects our overwhelming anxiety to God’s overcoming power.

Prayer is an invitation to sit in the quiet, even in the tension of difficult things we’re going through, and talk to God. Through the questions, the crippling anxieties, the fears. All of it.

Lysa TerKeurst discovered the secret to staying connected to the Lord by choosing to incorporate the rhythms of receiving and releasing into her daily prayers. By investing in just a few minutes of prayer, both in the morning and evening, God can help us redirect our hearts and minds away from anxious thoughts and onto truths and safe assurances found in Him.

This free resource will equip you to:

  • Know exactly what to pray over the next seven days with scripturally based words to read each morning and evening.
  • Feel confident about pouring out your heart to God by learning to come to Him with every fear, request and need you’re carrying.
  • Experience the peace God provides in the middle of discouraging or devastating circumstances by connecting with Him through daily prayer.



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