14 Guided Prayers You Need as a Mama

Mama, God intentionally chose you to be your child's mother, but we know your days may feel long and full of frustrations. All the weight you carry can make it hard to believe that you can make it through this next hour, let alone enjoy this season of motherhood. Sometimes, you just need hope-filled words to hold on to as your lifeline.

When you're worn out or run down, use these 14 prayers as a guide to strengthen, encourage and remind yourself that you are a great mom already, not because of your own ability but because God has made you to be one.

  • Invite God into the messiness of your days when you are too overwhelmed to formulate words to pray.
  • Gain assurance that the Lord chose you to be your child's mama and that you can rest in scriptural truths as you trust His plan for your family.
  • Let go of the weight and guilt you feel to "do it all" as a mom, with encouraging reminders you can print and put wherever you need to see them daily.


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