For the Girl Who Needs Hope: 50 Biblical Prayers for the Hard Moments

Isn’t it true that sometimes when we’re struggling the most, it also feels most challenging to pray? As Christians, shouldn’t it be the opposite?

Truthfully, there are times when you simply don’t have the words. Things feel too chaotic. Your thoughts are racing and overwhelmed. God seems far away.

We understand these struggles. And that’s why we put together this e-book to help you:

  • Escape the feeling of "never knowing what to say" with pre-written prayers that will speak to the exact situations you are facing.
  • Find comfort by bringing God into the overwhelming moments of your day through 50 prayers that are organized by category and easily accessible on your phone.
  • Stop feeling ill-equipped to walk through hard seasons with a friend who’s hurting — by providing shareable, encouraging words you can text to her today.



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