When the Person Who Hurt You Got Away With It: 3 Days to Moving Forward By Lysa TerKeurst

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We don’t have to let the one who broke our trust break us. 

When others blatantly hurt us but never seem to suffer consequences for any of it, the unfairness of it all can stir up bitterness and send us spiraling. On top of that, it can increase our distrust of people or even of God as we question what He will allow next. 

If you’ve found yourself dealing with the aftermath of what someone else has done, wondering if things will eventually be made right, Lysa TerKeurst has created a free resource just for you.

Sign up to receive “When the Person Who Hurt You Got Away With It: 3 Days to Moving Forward,” and you’ll be equipped to:

  • Process the pain of unfair situations you've experienced with daily devotions and prayers that will help you fight against bitterness and resentment.
  • Release the heavy mental and emotional weight of what you think someone deserves for their actions by understanding how God’s justice will always prevail.
  • Identify hidden doubts you have about the Lord, and make progress in trusting Him through biblical truths that will never change.

Together, we’ll have a space to acknowledge our hurt, ask some hard questions, and find the healing perspectives we need. 


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