The 7-Day Reset: Cultivating a Habit of Gratitude Through Prayer

Even when gratitude isn’t easily felt, it can still be found.

No matter what place you’re in …

A difficult season you didn’t choose.

Long days that feel mundane and insignificant.

Periods of time when God feels far away.

The Lord is with you, and gratitude can help you see Him moving.


Through “The 7-Day Reset,” you will:

  • Stop feeling alone in your struggles by creating intentional time to talk to God three times a day.
  • Build a habit of prayer that you can rely on even in frustrating moments and fearful situations.
  • Disempower the lie that gratitude means you have to like everything about your life — instead, look for “gratitude opportunities” for a full week.



Know the Truth. Live the Truth. It changes everything.


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