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Amy Carroll is gathering a community of women with tender hearts and strong voices, equipping those who want to make a difference for God but fear jumping into culture’s fray. She’s blazing a path that leads you to:

  • Listen to others with love so that you can understand even when you don’t agree.
  • Feel people’s pain with a soft and strong heart, empowering you to respond with healing solutions.
  • Do good that gives credibility to your words and outshines a thousand clever memes.
  • Speak into the battle of extremes with gentle confidence and Scripture-grounded wisdom.

A consummate Southern girl, Amy loves words that shape a great story and a challenging idea. She’s the author of Exhale and Breaking Up with Perfect, a member of the Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker and writer teams, and co-host of the Grit ‘n’ Grace podcast. She has been interviewed on numerous podcasts, tv shows and radio programs including Focus on the Family.

Amy’s committed to opening up her whole life-- the good, bad and ugly—to teach what she’s learned in pursuit of applying God’s Word. She loves teaching scripture in all its unvarnished glory, while sharing God’s big truths in small, understandable bites.

Traveling the world and hearing how God works in women who attend her events makes Amy’s heart swell with joy. As founder and speaker coach of Next Step Coaching Services, providing one-on-one training for Christian speakers and writers, Amy delights in helping other speakers birth their own messages.

You can find Amy in North Carolina on any given day texting her adult kids, typing at her computer, hanging out with her hunky husband, or trying to figure out one more alternative to cooking dinner.

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Speaking Topics


    It’s so easy to get side-tracked in the pursuit of earning acceptance, creating our own perfection, and working to meet others’ expectations. Amy challenges both “Good Girls” and “Never Good Enough Girls” to:

    • Replace your best efforts with true goodness.
    • Reject wrong beliefs that lead you either to over-work or give up and embrace God’s complete acceptance.
    • Know God wants you to experience the joy of His closeness instead of the distance caused by shame.

    *When used in a retreat format, the other two messages are “Killer Comparison” and “Him-Perfected.” These topics can also be used separately as keynotes.

  • As unique as we all are, we all have one thing in common. We’ve all experienced failures and flops. They’re definitely painful, but they don’t have to be fatal to our life’s story. From the lessons learned in a difficult year of her life and the biblical account of Peter’s denials, Amy teaches you to:

    • Exhale with the relief found in embracing the truth that “you’re only human”.
    • See flops and failures as a chance to grow closer to God and others instead of disqualifiers to relationship.
    • Experience the confidence and joy of knowing two sure ways to flip your flops.
  • How do godly women speak up in godly ways? In today’s divided world, the noisy extremes make it appealing to seek comfort in silence. But God’s given each of us a place of influence where our voice is crucial. It might be your home, your neighborhood, your workplace, or even your wider community. We can combine a beautifully tender heart with a strong voice to make a difference. Using the story of Abigail from I Samuel 25, Amy will show you how to:

    • Listen for details that others might miss so that you’re a solution-creator instead of a trouble-maker.
    • Engage your feelings in a way that leads to discernment, not disaster.
    • Do good that brings peace to the problems of your corner of the world.
    • Speak into the heat of conflict with confidence and wisdom, bringing resolution and restoration.
  • Do you feel like you’re suffocating under the pressures of being all things to all people? There’s a process that can release you from that unbearable weight. Once you’re out from under it, you’ll be able to live the combination we all long for--fulling the desires of your heart, loving your people well, and bringing glory to God.

    Rather than adding more to your to-do list, in this retreat Amy will help you to:

    • Lose the ill-fitting rolls you’ve been trying to fill so that you can be lighter and freer.
    • Love your truest, God-created self with all your glorious gifts instead of trying to shove yourself into someone else’s mold.
    • Live your one and only life in a way that you know truly matters.

    * Lose Who You’re Not, Love Who You Are, and Live Your One Life well are the three retreat sessions, but each of these can also stand alone as keynotes.

  • Does God truly care about every season of a woman’s life? Amy follows Mary of Bethany and her close friendship with Jesus to display the beautiful “yes!” to this question. Come away encouraged by Jesus’ extravagant love for Mary and how their relationship teaches you to:

    • Increase your love for God and those around you by listening instead of living distracted by busyness.
    • Feel disappointment and grief without guilt, knowing that Jesus is for you no matter how you feel.
    • Connect deeply to Jesus and joy in a way that you’ve never considered (in fact, you’ve probably avoided it like the plague).

    This message can be done as a keynote or retreat. In retreat form, the three sessions follow Mary in her three interactions with Jesus that Scripture records, showing her at His feet, in a time of grief, and anointing Him before His death.

  • When you’ve lived through uncertain times, you’re left feeling shaky. What’s a woman to do when certainties are replaced with questions?

    Esther was a woman in the midst of harrowing times who walked a new path, one that helped her to see God’s hand just when He seemed to have vanished. Through stories, practical application, and the retelling of Esther 4, Amy Carroll will help you to:

    • Reframe uncertainty as an awkward friend instead of the enemy it first appears to be.
    • Hone a new pursuit that will lead you out of stagnation and into vibrant growth.
    • Develop time-tested habits that take you from confusion to clarity.
    • Improve relationships in a community that heals the hurts of division.
  • Holiday Messages:

  • Sometimes a look at life leaves you feeling like you’ve been stuck with the leftovers. This session is an encouraging look at hurt, disappointment and suffering from a new perspective. Amy will encourage you by guiding you to:

    • Realize that even hard experiences aren’t wasted.
    • Value each difficult circumstance as an opportunity for growth.
    • Recognize the power of thankfulness in overcoming disappointment.
  • What is your standard for a wonderful Christmas? For many women, perfection is the standard by which we measure our holidays, but perfectionism sets us up for disappointment and struggle. Amy encourages you to:

    • Embrace a new standard for measuring the success of the holidays.
    • Experience the pleasure of Christmas with a focus on relationships.
    • Express your true, inner self with joy and freedom instead of celebrating “like everyone else”.

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What Others Are Saying About Amy

“Whether in a small group, classroom or conference setting, Amy easily relates to those around her with charm, humor and the challenge of truth.”
— Barry Lane, Pastor

“Amy’s humorous delivery and home-run direct-blow application points are what make them so memorable and usable. There are a few memorable phrases that seem to float up at just the right time. I cannot say enough about her contagious passion for seeking God’s heart.”
— Kathy Parker, Conference Attendee

“Amy’s message is Biblically sound, relevant and powerful. Many of our ladies have said that she is their favorite speaker to date, and we so appreciated her teaching and accessibility!”
— Patty Baird, Event Coordinator, Marysville, Ohio

“Amy is an absolute JOY!! She took us on a journey leading us right to the heart of Jesus. Her passion for the Lord came through in every word she spoke. Amy came to us as a speaker; she left as a friend.”
— Dianna Corson, Event Coordinator, Murfreesboro, TN

“Amy speaks with such enthusiasm and transparency that women can’t help but be drawn in. Weeks after the conference, women are not only still talking about what they learned but also applying it to their daily lives. This is what a women’s conference is all about–changing lives for greater kingdom impact!”
— Sondie Williamson, Event Coordinator, Pinehurst, NC