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Nicki Koziarz is a wife and mom to three girls plus a few barnyard babies. She lives just outside of Charlotte, NC. A best-selling author and inspirational Bible teacher with Proverbs 31 Ministries, Nicki is a woman focused on communicating the gospel effectively and powerfully. She also contributes to the First 5 app and Proverbs 31 OBS.

Across the country Nicki speaks at retreats, conferences, leadership forums and online events. Her teachings inspire you to know God’s word more and to live life with a deeper trust and hope in God.

When Nicki speaks, she inspires others to:

  • Encounter God in a powerful way
  • Believe in the power of Jesus to overcome the impossible in their lives
  • Unite the Church from generation to generation

You can connect with Nicki on social media @NickiKoziarz or on her website: www.nickikoziarz.com .

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Speaking Topics

  • {One or Two Sessions}

    When you are wrestling with doubt and fighting back hopelessness, this teaching based on Noah will help you:

    • Quiet the fear that God won’t come through by discovering the difference between wishful thinking and biblical hope.
    • Resist the urge to control the uncontrollable by finding peace in between the problem and the promise.
    • Find the familiar faithfulness of God in His Word when it feels like nothing is normal and everything is falling apart.
  • {Three Sessions}

    Nicki helps bring the Bible to life during this three-part teaching. These teachings are designed to help women of any age or life season understand the Bible, stop overcomplicating study time, and gain practical tools to help them effectively study the Bible.

    This interactive message will help your group to:

    • Understand the Bible as one big story of God
    • Learn the role of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in the Bible study process
    • Investigate the Scriptures and discover the best tools to do so
    • Learn practical ways to study, even when the motivation isn't there
  • {full conference}

    Join Nicki Koziarz and Lisa Allen as they take your women on a journey over a fun, interactive and thought-provoking weekend “The Dream You Can’t Give Up On”.  This 3 session conference or retreat will:

    • Provide a personality assessment wrapped in the fun of “What Shoe Are You?” as women learn how God has created them with strengths and weaknesses that lead to a Godly confidence about their wiring.
    • Learn the “Rhythm of a Dream and How to Dance to it” as they identify the 7 stages of a dream rhythm.  This session will plant and water the seeds of the God dream embedded within each of us and how to persevere to the finish line of our dream, trusting God to take the lead in the rhythm dance.
    • Identify the" 5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit” that will empower the dreams and callings upon each woman’s life.  This study of Ruth will challenge and inspire women to keep going in the big and small areas of their lives.
    • Identify areas your wiring help you persevere or cause you to quit so that you can follow through on your God-dream.

    Allow for Q &A with Nicki and Lisa to further personalize each woman’s application of the messages.

  • When you feel overlooked and forgotten it’s so easy to look at the woman next to you and wonder, “Why her? Why not me?” Uncover what the two most famous striving sisters in the Bible, Rachel & Leah, can teach us about not letting comparison compromise who we are.

    This teaching will help women:

    • Become settled with life but never settle for less than God’s best.
    • Recognize how comparison ruins us and become able to combat it.
    • Take a dive into the book of Genesis and discover Rachel & Leah’s story unfold.
  • You are not a quitter but you feel like quitting all.the.time. You are not alone. In fact, studies show 90% of people who feel they are supposed to do something, quit before they ever see it to completion.

    Based on the book of Ruth, Nicki shares 5 powerful habits we see lived out in the life of Ruth. Through this session you will:

    • Receive assurance you are not alone in your struggle to want to quit
    • Recognize the obstacles which make you want to quit
    • Renew your passion for the dreams, goals and plans in your heart
  • Nicki can customize any of these messages to fit your event theme and schedule.

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What Others Are Saying About Nicki

“I had the privilege of hearing Nicki Koziarz speak at a retreat I recently attended. I walked away that weekend feeling so blessed and full of God’s love. Nicki just oozes with the love of Jesus in such a contagious way. She is extremely motivating and full of biblical truths. She is truly a gifted speaker, humble servant, and teacher of God’s truths. I highly recommend Nicki as a speaker and assure you she will capture your attention as well as your heart.”
— Tonya McCoy, Attendee

“Nicki’s passion for God’s Word and truth burst out of her Spirit-filled message. She became alive and had an energy that could only be explained by the anointing of the Holy Spirit speaking through her. I wasn’t ready for her to stop talking and look forward to hearing her speak again one day!”
— Sarah Travis, Attendee

“Nicki boldly proclaims a relevant and captivating message of TRUTH and HOPE from God’s Word! Months after hearing her message, Nicki’s message is still impacting my life!”
— Stacey Mendro, Attendee

“Nicki brings a freshness and energy to her craft. Even though Nicki has a passion for Millennials, she speaks truth relevant to all generations and genders. She has a way of connecting with her audience such that you come away feeling like you’ve shared fellowship with your best girlfriend.”
— Susan McConnell, First Baptist Clover Women’s Ministry Committee

“Nicki is an influencer for the Kingdom. She doesn’t just talk about God – she knows Him. She dives deep into scripture and connects Biblical principles with everyday life while sharing passionately through stories of personal struggle and triumph. She is funny, creative, and real. Her warm, southern style and humor help her audience put down their guard quickly and invites transformation and change as she delivers her message with Godly wisdom and insight. Nicki is a wife, a mother, a friend – a woman we can all relate to.”
— Shelly Faust, Attendee

“Nicki Koziarz has the ability to speak directly into the heart of her audience with such passion and realness. You walk away from her messages challenged and ready to take your next step.”
— Holly Myers, Revolution Church’s Senior Pastor Wife, President of Unbound Ministries

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