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What Can YOU Do in 40 Days?

August 11, 2020
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One thousand two hundred. That’s the average number of pages in a printed Bible. Even as someone known to literally walk through life with her nose in a book, that number is a little intimidating.

Hi, I’m Stacy Lowe, one of your P31 OBS study leaders, and while I recognize the value of spending time in Scripture, I’ll admit it’s sometimes a struggle to dig in. There are so many words on so many pages, it can be hard to know where to start. Plus, the Bible is such a big book. How can I possibly understand it all?

Are these thoughts you can relate to? If so, you’re going to love what comes next here at P31 — our newest study, The Answers to Your Deepest Longings: 40 Days Through the Bible.

Now, before you go into panic mode, DON’T! We will get through the Bible in just 40 days, but we’re not going to be reading every word on every page. *insert big sigh of relief here*

Instead, we’re going to go through the Bible from beginning to end, surveying all 66 books from Genesis to Revelation, and seeing how the words of Scripture relate to some of the longings we have in our lives — longings for purpose, freedom, security, rescue, redemption, fulfillment, identity and Christ’s return.

Sounds exciting, right? And even better? We’re going to be doing this together with ALL of Proverbs 31 Ministries! Can you imagine? A giant celebration of Scripture taking place all over the world! And each day of study you do puts you one day closer to creating a daily Scripture-reading habit that will last.

So what can you do in 40 days? Train your dog? Learn to cook a gourmet meal? Clean your entire house, closets and all, from top to bottom?


Or you could walk through the Bible with us, and set yourself up to know the Truth and live the Truth, which changes everything!

Invite a friend to join you, and let’s do this together! See you September 7!


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What excites you the most about going through the Bible in 40 days? Are there any questions we can answer for you about the study?

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