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September 1, 2020
“40 Days” by Proverbs 31 Ministries | P31 OBS Study

Hi, Bible study friends!

SEPTEMBER 7 IS ALMOST HERE! Are you excited to dive into the Bible for 40 days to learn how Jesus is the ultimate fulfiller of our longings? I sure am!

I’m Katrina Wylie, one of your study leaders. While we wait for the study to start, I want to point you to THE resource to know what to expect during the study — the Study at a Glance. This FREE downloadable/printable calendar will answer your questions, such as:

  • When does the study start and end?
  • What do I read/work through in my Study Guide and Bible each day/week?
  • Will there be any videos or audio teachings, and if so, when will I receive them?
  • What other study options are there to plug into and when?

I encourage you to download and/or print your copy now, then take a moment to familiarize yourself with all that’s in store for you.


Before you go, there’s two more things I want to cover:

  1. What’s NOT listed on the Study at a Glance?
    You can expect a new study blog in your email every day, Monday through Saturday, during the study. In them, you’ll receive the weekly videos and audios, plus messages from your study leaders to help you stay on track and get more out of your study!
  2. What’s Foundations Week?
    This is something new that will take place all NEXT week! It’s all about helping you lay the foundation for a successful study. Each of us study leaders can’t wait to meet up with you to give tips and quick, daily readings to prep you for the 40 Days study.

Hope this is helpful to you!


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Now that you know what to expect, do you have any questions about the Study at a Glance? What's something helpful you like to do to get prepped before a study starts?

We have three more Study Guides to give away! All comments today will be entered for a chance to win! Winners will be randomly selected and notified tomorrow via a reply to their comment on this blog.

Your Questions Answered:
Have questions about the study and how it works? We've gathered your questions from past comments and answered them directly in this video and PDF. We hope these help!

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