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Walking with God {Week 1 Audio}

September 19, 2020

Hey, guess what? You made it! I’m proud of you for seeing this week through. Whether you completed everything or not, this blog is for YOU.

Don’t forget, every Saturday we’ll provide TWO resources to help you wrap up your week well AND catch up if needed. With these, no matter how far you get in each week’s study, you’ll be able to start fresh with us on Monday.

Audio Teaching:
Co-hosts Kendra Schwarz (our P31 OBS Manager) and Hannah Schindler (from the First 5 team) are joined by one of the writers of the 40 Days study guide — our Biblical Content Specialist, Wendy Blight! If you’ve heard Wendy teach before, then you know you’re in for a treat! You’ll need about 30 minutes to listen as Wendy takes us deeper into walking with God through the story of Noah.


Need the audio transcript? We’ve got you covered!

Weekly Recap:
Didn’t get through all the bookwork or find yourself stuck in the details? Download this “cheat sheet” to check out seven key points to know and remember from Week 1!


Have an amazing weekend!


P.S. Don’t miss the Week 1 “Weekend Reflections and Prayer” on pages 24-27 in the Study Guide too! You may have already read this during Foundations Week, but now that we’ve completed Week 1, it’s great info to revisit.

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