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The Freedom to Press Pause {Week 2, Day 4}

September 24, 2020

Hello there! Are you ready for another “thank break”?

This past summer, I spent some time hanging out with an awesome group of kids, and you know what seemed to fascinate them most? Bugs. Of every creepy, crawly, hairy variety.

Bugs are not typically my thing, but the kids’ excitement was contagious. Before I knew it, I had gone from passively observing the kids to actively observing the bugs they were finding.

I took in with wonder the way each bug moved, the way they jumped, the way they could blend into the trees and the way they could shed their coverings to emerge as something new. That wonder quickly turned to awe at a God who could make each one so perfectly unique and so perfectly suited to its environment.

Pressing pause in the busyness of life doesn’t always come naturally. But allowing myself the freedom to do that this summer was a gift. It allowed me to see the hand of God in a place I never would have looked, and I found myself thanking Him for a part of His creation I usually avoid.

You, too, have that freedom. The freedom to stop, if only for a moment, and be thankful for God’s goodness right there in front of you. Will you allow yourself that gift of freedom?

Speaking of freedom, here’s today’s bookwork to continue studying this longing.

Today, we’ll be reading:


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As we’ve seen in our Study Guide this week, Joseph was sold by his brothers (pages 34-36), the Israelites were enslaved (pages 37-38), and Moses lacked confidence (pages 39-41), yet God still made Himself known to them. When we pause to look around, we'll notice Him, too, even in something as silly as a bug. How have you noticed God as you've worked through this week of study? Give thanks to Him in the comments below!

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