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Dependable Security {Week 3, Day 4}

October 1, 2020
“40 Days” by Proverbs 31 Ministries | P31 OBS Week 3 Quote

Okay, sisters, we’re family now, right? Good! Can we talk?

The longing for security is weighing heavily on my mind today in the middle of this pandemic. I’ve lost count of the days, but my mind and body tell me time has steadily passed; my internal clock marks the sudden loss of things I thought were secure in my life.

Many of us are wondering if things will ever go back to “normal” again. The changes we’ve experienced have put us on high alert, grasping for anything stable and solid to hold on to. When it seemed I was at the end of what I thought to be a very long rope, I heard God say, “Let go. I’ve got this.

By telling me to let go, He was teaching me that security requires dependency. It didn’t sound quite right then, but it makes total sense now. I had to trust and believe He really did “have me,” and He wouldn’t leave me or turn His back on me.

We depend on so many things and place our security in so many people without thinking whether or not they are worth us doing so. Why not depend on God as the only source of real and lasting security?

Friends, as we’ve been doing every Thursday with our “thank breaks,” I want to say I’m so thankful God is more than dependable, and I am daily finding my longing for security met in Him.

Today’s homework:

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Would you take a “thank break” with me right now? How has God been more than dependable and met your longing for security? Let’s shout out our thanks to Him in the comments!

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