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Secure in Christ {Week 3, Day 5}

October 2, 2020

Wow, ladies, we are wrapping up Week 3!

As you feel comfortable, I invite you to raise your hands with me in praise to our God, who is in the business of taking good care of His girls. For those struggling with longing for security, I hope reading about God’s love for and patience with His people brings you certainty He will do the same for you.

We’ve learned about a few places where our longing for security is not met:

  • Other people.
  • What we own.
  • What we do.
  • Our ideal of safety.

We’ve also learned about how our longing for security is met in Jesus. We find it by:

  • Resting in Him.
  • Surrendering our confidence in our own abilities.
  • Depending upon and trusting in Him.
  • Obeying His will.

Now, friends, this isn’t where we stop the train, hop off, and the magic wand waves away our fears. Each day of our lives is another opportunity to choose to whom or what we’ll turn to satisfy our heart’s desires and longings.

This week, we read the examples of the Israelites and King Saul. Rather than relying on God, they chose what they thought was best — trying to satisfy their longing for security by placing their trust in people and things. The outcome was pretty awful. David, on the other hand, placed his trust firmly in God’s will, despite not seeing the promise of his role as king come to pass for years. God blessed him because of it and gave him the security he longed for.

I’m so glad God sees our longings and doesn’t brush them off. He desires for all of our longings to be met in Him.

Before you go, if you haven't finished up this week's Study Guide work, no worries! We're wrapping it up with David in today’s assignment:

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Even though we know they can’t be met outside of Jesus, our misplaced longings for security don’t suddenly vanish overnight. Knowing something to be true and acting on it are very different things. How will you intentionally shift your longing for security from places and people who can’t fulfill them to our God who can?

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