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Rescue Mission {Week 4 Audio}

October 10, 2020

Hi, friends!

What a joy it’s been learning alongside you this week! Let’s celebrate making it this far together!

Today is perfect for catching up on those questions you didn’t quite finish, or for revisiting the ones that really caused you to think. The two resources below will help you do just that!

Audio Teaching:
I hope you enjoy our audio teachings as much as I do! Today, host Hannah Schindler and guest Kayla Ferris help us make connections to the passages about our longing for rescue. You’ll need a little over 20 minutes to listen. But be sure to listen all the way to the end, because they also help us create our own rescue plan.


(Need the audio transcript? Here you go!)

Weekly Recap:
You’ll find a quick summary of this week’s key points right here in this terrific resource. It’s a great “cheat sheet” to have on hand as you finish out this week’s study.


Thanks for being here! I look forward to joining you again,


P.S. As we wrap up, be sure to check out the “weekend reflections and prayer” on pages 98-99 too.

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