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A Lifestyle of Redemption {Week 5 Audio}

October 17, 2020

You have made it to the weekend! Celebrate!

I hope you’ve enjoyed walking through these first books of the New Testament just as much as I have. Study Leader Katrina Wylie will be back with you on Monday to pick up where we left off, but in the meantime, let’s put the finishing touches on our discussion of redemption.

Audio Teaching:
Do you ever learn something great, then wonder what it looks like put into practice? Then you’ll love today’s audio teaching by First 5 writer Lyli Dunbar. She has a 24-minute message to share with us that’ll take us from head knowledge of redemption straight into practical, real-life application. Let’s listen! (Hint! These audio teachings make for a great walking companion. Simply lace up your shoes, pop in your earbuds, and enjoy this simple way of exercising both your heart and mind!)


(Short on time, but don’t want to miss out? Download the audio transcript and give it a quick read-through for all the major moments!)

Weekly Recap:
We also have our Week 5 “cheat sheet” for you. This useful resource is great for both summing up the week AND catching any key points you may have missed along the way. Be sure to check it out, then, fully caught up or not, begin fresh with us on Monday. Deal?


Have a fabulous weekend!


P.S. As we wrap up Week 5, be sure to take a look at the “Weekend Reflections and Prayer” on pages 124-125 in our 40 Days Study Guide.

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