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What’s Shaping Your Expectations? {Week 6, Day 2}

October 20, 2020

Hey, guys!

Let’s chat about expectations. We all have them. And so often, disappointment follows. Because of that, I came to the conclusion that having them is bad. But in working through the first two lessons this week, I see them in a different light.

What if having expectations isn’t bad? What if it’s what’s shaping them that matters?

Take the Isrealites’ expectations, for example. As we saw in yesterday’s lesson on Jesus’ “Triumphal Entry,” shouts of their expectation erupted everywhere, “Hosanna! Hosanna!” meaning “Oh save!” They held the expectation that Jesus would be the king to rescue them from Roman oppression.

What shaped the Israelites expectation? Their own longing for rescue.
What was the result? Disappointment and their hope crushed as Jesus hung on the cross to die.

But saving the Isrealites from Roman oppression was not God’s expectation for Jesus. That was neither His promise nor plan. And Jesus knew that.

A Tip for Today’s Lesson! As you read the Study Guide and Bible passage, watch for and circle what “Jesus knew.” Take note of what He expects to happen and what He’s focused on.

Today’s Readings:

Because we know Jesus was also fully man, (Hebrews 2:14-18) we can bet He, too, experienced longings. And yet, that’s not what fills the pages of His story.

What shaped Jesus’ expectations? Truth — God’s promises, plans and purpose.
What was the result? Fulfillment of God’s promises, plans and purpose. Fulfillment of all our longings. Hope restored.

Friends, expectations shaped by our longings lead to disappointment, but expectations shaped by God’s promises and plans are met with fulfillment.

Reshaping my expectations alongside you,


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What’s shaping your expectations? What expectations do you need to reshape with God’s Truth?

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