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The Pinnacle of Praise {Week 6, Day 4}

October 22, 2020
“40 Days” by Proverbs 31 Ministries | P31 OBS Week 6 Quote

Hello, friends!

For five weeks now we’ve paused on Day 4 to praise our God. I hope these thank breaks are helping you gain and keep a perspective of gratitude. I hope they’re giving just the boost your soul needs to soar on to the end of each week.

For me, this week is the pinnacle of many things, but especially my praise! Studying how God fulfilled each of His long-awaited promises through Jesus — the fulfillment of restoration, redemption, blessing, provision and rescue — is awe-inspiring! And it’s made all the more wondrous because they're not just for Adam and Eve, Abraham and the Israelites. Restoration, redemption, blessing, provision and rescue are for us, too. Jesus is for us, too.

As Jesus hung on the cross, all seemed lost. But like Hannah Schindler writes on page 138 of The Answers to Your Deepest Longings:

“While the enemy may have felt victorious on that day, God knew Sunday was coming.”

Your Sunday is coming, too. Just like the resurrection was coming then for Jesus, and nothing could stop it, God has unstoppable resurrections planned for your life as well. Hold on, believing what Joel Muddamalle reminded us of at the beginning of this week:

“He is faithful even when we are faithless.” (p.128)

Watch for and celebrate the fulfillment of God’s faithfulness as you work through today’s readings on the resurrection:

Believing, too!


Let’s Chat!

What has Jesus been faithful to fulfill for you? What has He resurrected in your life? Let’s give Jesus our praise and all the glory today!

P.S. When our team discussed Week 6, contributor Brandy Patton shared a beautiful perspective! She’ll be here tomorrow to share it with you, too.

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