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Why God Keeping His Promises Matters {Week 6, Day 5}

October 23, 2020
“40 Days” by Proverbs 31 Ministries | P31 OBS Week 1 Verse

Hey, y’all!

Brandy Patton here. I feel so blessed to be with you today. Want to know something else? I’m proud of you! Girl, you’ve been digging into Scripture for almost six weeks now! That’s 30 days, give or take a couple of breaks (wink wink!). It’s one reason you wanted to do this study, remember? So let’s keep going!

All week long, we’ve walked through the latter part of Jesus’ life, and we've seen how He Himself was the fulfillment the people were longing for:

  • The Israelites wanted a king; Jesus became their King of Kings.
  • The disciples needed a Savior; Jesus died for us all.
  • A helper was needed after Jesus returned to heaven; He sent His Holy Spirit so we’d never be alone.

Jesus was sent as the ultimate answer to all of God’s promises, and do you know what that means? God keeps His promises. And why does it matter that He keeps His promises? Don’t miss this! It means God can be trusted!

Think about trust. It grows when people keep their word. While people let us down all the time, God – our Shepherd, Creator, Healer, Master, Provider, Peace, Almighty Father – has done just what He said He’d do. This week’s scriptures prove it.

Does He fulfill His promises to us in ways we expect? Not usually.

Do we avoid pain through His fulfilled promises? Not always.

But that’s okay. What counts is that God did what was necessary then to meet our deepest longings for fulfillment now. Friend, you can trust Him with what you think has not yet been fulfilled in your life. His track record proves it.

Now, before you go, if you haven't finished up this week's Study Guide work, we're wrapping it up with "the Holy Spirit is Given" in:

These readings are another powerful example of how God fulfills His promises to us.

Here’s to trusting Him more!


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