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Our Greatest Need {Week 6 Audio}

October 24, 2020

Happy Saturday!

It’s time to close out our week on the longing for fulfillment. I’m so grateful for these weekend resources to help us do just that! There’ve been weeks they’ve helped me solidify what we’ve learned, weeks they’ve helped me go deeper, and weeks they’ve helped fill in the gaps from falling a bit behind. Whichever you find yourself needing, these resources are here to help!

Audio Teaching:
Sometimes fulfilling what we need most means walking down a tough road. First 5 writer Melissa Henley personally learned that lesson in 2011. She’s joined our audio host, Hannah, to share that piece of her story and how it parallels the parts of Christ’s story we studied this week. They walk us through events from the Triumphal Entry to the giving of the Holy Spirit to help us see the specific ways Jesus fulfills our greatest need and brings hope for the future.

This one is about 21 minutes. If you’re struggling to dedicate time to simply sit and listen, consider pressing play while completing a chore this weekend. These audios can be just the ticket to help pass the time while cooking or cleaning!


Here’s the transcript as well, if needed. Being a visual learner, downloading and printing these has been a lifesaver for me! A time-saver, too, because I don't have to keep pressing pause to take notes.

Weekly Recap:
Did I mention I LOVE bullet points? Being someone who appreciates direct communication, these cheat sheets speak my love language! Grab this one for the five key happenings that sum up this week.


It’s been another treasured week with you my friends,


P.S. Be sure to also catch the weekend reflections and prayer on pages 146-147 before we move into Week 7 on Monday!

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