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Who Are You? {Week 7, Day 3}

October 28, 2020

Happy Wednesday!

When people ask you about yourself, how do you respond? Do you tell them about your job? Relationship status? Where you live? Describing ourselves and others this way isn’t bad, but it isn’t the full picture of our real identity. We are much more than our titles, earnings, religious convictions, material possessions and culture. Our core value rests in Jesus Christ alone, not in tangible things that can be taken away from us.

Saul knew about being stripped of all these things. He held these parts of himself with high esteem. This was how he identified himself and wanted others to identify him that way too. But what happens when our longing for identity clashes with circumstances, and everything we have held close or believed to be true about ourselves is gone? What’s left? Who are we then?

Sisters, we are His. No. Matter. What.

Like Brandy reminded us yesterday, God defines us not by what we do, but Whose we are. That statement was so good, I thought we needed to hear it again! It warmed me from my head to my toes.

For our homework today, we will get a glimpse of how God helped Saul find himself. He literally had a “come to Jesus meeting” on the road to Damascus, and his longing for identity was met in Him. He chose to be defined by Someone rather than something and became a man completely sold out for Christ.

I pray that as we read the Bible and the Study Guide today, we will find ourselves drawn in. That we will begin to see ourselves in the pages of Saul’s story. That we will see ourselves in a new light, just like Saul did when his physical eyes were opened. May our spiritual eyes be open!

Until tomorrow,


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Saul thought he had a pretty good handle on who he was. He was confident in his religious/cultural group, education, and position in society. After his encounter with Jesus, he became confident in his identity in Christ. Which side do you most identify with and why?

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