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Our Identity, Our Calling {Week 7, Day 5}

October 30, 2020

Hey, friends!

As we wrap up this week’s journey on our longing for identity, I pray it has been one that has helped you come to know God more. I also hope that Whose we are has become more important than who we are.

Having a Christ-centered identity aligns our will with His, so His purpose and calling can be made more fully known in our lives. When we take on His identity, we become His witnesses. Others no longer see us; they see Him. Paul (Saul’s Roman name) and Barnabas are two examples of this. We may or may not be asked to be missionaries — but like them, we are being called to carry the gospel of Christ to a world in need.

What better way to know Whose we are and who we are than by studying what God says about us in His Word. However God chooses to use us, we can be sure He will equip us and transform our hearts as we dig deeper in His Word daily. We’ve been making deposits in our spiritual banks for seven weeks now! I’ve been filling up and growing in ways I didn’t quite expect going into our study; how about you?

Before I let you go for the weekend, don’t forget today’s “deposit”!

Today’s assignment:

God loves us so much just the way we are. We never have to pretend or posture with Him. I’m trusting in Him to meet my longing for identity and to shift my perspective about how I see myself and others. Will you join me?

I’ll be looking for you in the chat section of today’s blog to continue our discussion!

In Christ,


Let’s Chat!

Part of changing our mindset is changing the words we speak. On Monday, I asked how you have described yourself in the past to others. In light of what we have gone over this week, how will you describe yourself now? What has changed or what will change?

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