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Identity Through Encounters {Week 7 Audio}

October 31, 2020

Hi, sisters!

We are at the end of our time together for Week 7. On the Friday blog back in Week 3, I mentioned the top longings listed by you, our OBSers. The longing for identity was actually ranked #2! I hope this study is truly meeting your needs and drawing you close to God!

Can we just take a moment to breathe in our gratefulness and breathe out our praise to God? Yes, right now, right where you are! There you go. Inhale, exhale. That’s it.

Audio Teaching:
This weekend’s audio teaching is dear to my heart, and I might be just a little biased. Why? Because Hannah is hosting me! When I’m not here with you, I write, speak and teach on various topics. I am so excited to share with you this week about how Peter and Paul’s identities were both changed when they had an encounter with Jesus. This is still true for us today!

You’ll only need about 16 minutes to listen. And friends, if you’d rather take a few minutes and read the transcripts instead, or even use them to take notes to go back to, that’s okay too!


The audio transcription is available for your convenience here.

Weekly Recap:
We love to provide you with resources that help make Bible study convenient and practical. This downloadable PDF “cheat sheet” is one of those resources! Check it out for an overview of what we’ve covered this week.


Being able to walk alongside you through this study has been truly a blessing!


P.S. Find yet another wonderful weekend reflection and prayer to close out our week on page 169 of the Study Guide.

Also, here are the past week’s audio teachings again, if needed:

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